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  1. Ooh, I like the idea of adding an outlet or two for charging phones etc. My rig has wiring for a CB radio in the glove box, wonder if I can reroute it to the box for that purpose. Maybe with some sort of quick release plug so the box can be removed when needed. I’m not sure how well the fabric on the armrest will hold up, but that’s an easy thing to remedy when the time comes.
  2. I finally found a center console to support my bum shoulder and keep my husband from sliding into my lap when he dozed off while I’m driving. Dog likes it too, because she can put her paws on it and see out the front window like she does in our Honda CRV. It fits perfectly between the seats and doesn’t block the seatbelts. I want to put small blocks under it so air can flow over transmission hump - don’t want to contribute to overheating.
  3. Used vinyl letters to put Mosey's name on her spare tire cover as a warning to anyone who charges up behind us at 90 mph.
  4. I like that the armrest doesn't cover the transmission hump. My mechanic advised letting the hump "breathe" to help keep the hard working tranny cool.
  5. Looking for a Sunrader

    May I ask why specifically a Sunrader? Yes, the fiberglass clamshell looks more modern and helps prevent some leaks. But the windows can still be a problem, and I gather the floor can be a point of vulnerability in Sunraders. I will admit that my unicorn Toy was a rear dinette sunrader with a manual 4-cylinder transmission. But in the end, I decided to buy local where I could get help with the initial evaluation and repairs from a friend who restores old cars and trucks. Ended up with a 1987 Mini-Cruiser that belonged to a friend of his, and that he had been helping to maintain, so it had a somewhat known mechanical history. Wasn't sure about the rear kitchen and bath layout at first, but it's working well for us, and the automatic tranny hasn't been a problem, tho we did install a tranny cooler as part of our initial repairs/upgrades. No matter which model you buy, you will need to budget a chunk for repairs and such. These are 25-30 year old rigs, and will need a certain amount of TLC no matter what. I've been very happy that I took the plunge, bought "Mosey" and got out on the road. And down the line if a "unicorn" should come my way, I'll know how to evaluate it. But Sunraders command a premium at the moment because they're fashionable. Any reasonably well maintained Toy home will give you a lot of pleasure.
  6. The dreaded sensor panel

    Thanks for all the great info! That may be my next challenge . I just spent the morning on the roof replacing the Ventline fan. Went smoothly, and I'm glad to have a chance to get familiar with butyl, caulk etc before tackling windows and other big stuff.
  7. I added a hard-wired combo propane/CO detector. Put it in the same place as Dan's - on the face of the sofa near the power converter. Rig came with an extinguisher, and I will be installing a smoke detector this weekend. These safety features may not have been required when Mosey was new, but I can't imagine spending a night in her without them.
  8. The dreaded sensor panel

    I just got myself a 12v/120v multimeter and a circuit tester. Looks like I'll get to play with my new toys this weekend!
  9. Argh, I seem to have a dead sensor panel. The water pump switch works (phew), but I can't get status readout on the black, grey and fresh water tanks or the coach battery. I know the wastewater sensors can be problematic, and I have no problem peering down the potty or under the rig to check the tanks visually. But it would be nice to know how much is in the fresh water tank, and even nicer to know how the battery is doing. Can these be repaired or replaced? Will a multimeter or something similar tell me how the battery is doing? Suggestions welcome.
  10. I'm Nosey and Wanna See Pictures of Your Rigs!

    Mosey! Mechanical work done, ready for a good cleaning and some interior upgrades.
  11. Fresh water tank hatch cover

    Thanks for the great info! Will definitely follow up.
  12. Derek is right, it was our maiden spin...first little trip. And I wifll definitely check out coach-net.com. Due diligence is clearly needed.
  13. Took Mosey out for a maide spin from our home in NW New Jersey aiming for the Cabellas near Kutztown, PA. (About 1 1/2 hr trip). Loaded black and grey tanks with cleaner, and planned on using C's pump station to clean them out and reload with Happy Camper so they'd be ready for a real trip. Stopped to buy lunch, no problems. But when I stopped for gas, she wouldn't start. Turned key and' lick', even tho electrical all worked. Dead starter (and here we thought we'd taken care of all the weak points). Called AAA because I have Plus, which I believed covered any vehicle I was driving. They dispatched a man quickly. He told me that Plus didn't cover RV's, needed specific policy for that. Nevertheless, he was very nice. Even got a bar and tried the "whack the starter trick", and showed me where to feel cause he thought it might come back to life when things had cooled down. Then called my insurance company, Liberty Mutual, gave them the RV policy number and specifically told them I was driving a small class C. Two hours later, nothing. Called again, much embarrassment. My call had been lost in the system, and my vehicle misclassified as a passenger car. Tow promised. Waited an hour, called again, said I was getting worried because I needed to get disabled hubby home for meds. Apparently they were having trouble finding a company that had the proper towing capacity and could cross state lines. Waited, but was in communication with the friend who helped restore the truck part to see if it could be towed to his place. Destination confirmed, and he said he'd come get us rather than meet us, since the tow truck prob wouldn't have room for hubby, me and dog in the cab. Then two calls from a supervisor, my problem had been upgraded. Second one said a tow was coming from Allentown, and gave me the name of the company. When my friend arrived, we chatted a bit, and then he called the tow company. Was told they didn't have a driver and we were out of their area. While I called Liberty to update them, he decided to see if he could start the rig with a jump from his big SUV (by this time earlier tries had tired out the battery). Success! I told Liberty to cancel the call, and he followed us back to his shop and then took us home (that's what I call a FRIEND!). Whole adventure lasted from 5:30 pm to 2:00 am, and Mosey now has a new battery and starter. So, is there a consensus on which assistance service is best for our rigs? I'm sure there are horror stories about all of them (I've certainly had my share with AAA, especially back in the days when I had a 120 mile RT commute and was driving disposable Honda Civics and a 4WD Toyota Tercel wagon). But given the size of a Toy home, what do folks recommend? Must say this was the most comfortable breakdown of my life. Got takeout from the diner next door the the gas station where we were stuck, walked the dog, used our nice clean loo, and hung out in the breeze of out Maxxaire in the coach!
  14. Im still learning the mechanical stuff, but my exhaust snakes from the drivers side by the rear wheels, around the black and grey tanks to the rear bumper on the passenger side.
  15. Another newbie question. The exterior cover for my fresh water tank is pretty chewed up, and I'm not sure how it opens. Before I start prying with a screwdriver and possibly damage it irreparably, can someone tell me how it opens. I have a feeling it will need to be replaced.