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  1. AtlantaCamper

    Sensor panel for '87 Sunrader

    That panel is certainly on my 'to-do' list, but I may replace a tank or two first and so it's low in priority. I can monitor my fresh water tank very easily with a flashlight so I'm not in a rush about it. FYI, I just got my new leaf springs and shocks installed and I'm about to take a round trip to Birmingham from Atlanta to settle them out. I'll post an update under my 'blown leaf springs' thread after that.
  2. AtlantaCamper

    Sensor panel for '87 Sunrader

    It's a '88 Sunrader. Seems to be stock. Yea, it's part of the range vent hood. I'm not fond of it and the tank sensors stopped working long ago. I'd like to replace the hood with a new one but I've not been able to find one that I know would be compatible (rear vent with a light). I can move the water pump switch and then I'd just junk the whole panel. I'd get See-Level if I did want to monitor the tanks (some day in the future I'll get around to this). So it sounds like it's unlikely to be what Iflyfish is after...
  3. AtlantaCamper

    Sensor panel for '87 Sunrader

    Is this the same panel that you are looking for?:
  4. AtlantaCamper

    Removing cone washers?

    Bummer, sorry to hear that. I made an edit to my original post above to warn people about this possibility. Are your studs rusted in and that is what caused them to not turn? I have almost no rust on this camper so perhaps that's why mine came out so easily?
  5. AtlantaCamper

    Removing cone washers?

    I realize this is a very old thread, but I'd like to document an approach to the cone washers here for anyone who is searching for the solution to "How do I remove the cone washers?" I re-did my rear axle this weekend. It was at 80k miles and 30 years and it may be the first time this thing was apart. Replaced brakes and bearings, all is good. BUT I had a devil of a time with the cone washers. I tried all the tricks described in this forum but NOT ONE would come loose. BFH and all, no go. Just a dented edge to the axle end (which I cleaned up proper before putting back on). This is what worked: I put two nuts on the stud, tightened them together and then backed out the stud itself a turn or so. ALL of the cone washers came loose this way very easily. It did take a little while to go though every stud like this because then you have to tighten them back in too. Still, this was a lot less time than I wasted trying everything else.... Just thought I'd let y'all know just in case someone is able to put this trick to use one day. NOTE (edit): beware of the possibility of breaking a stud! Lee & Joan (see post below) tried this approach and broke a stud off!