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  1. '84 Dolphin "recently rebuilt overcab"

    Thanks, Derek-- I'd initially figured any rebuild would result from water damage, but now you've mentioned it, it could result from other causes, as well: fallen tree limb, crash impact, etc. Photos! Of course. I'm still such a Luddite, haven't yet learned to take & upload pics myself yet, so they're not on my radar...
  2. Recently found on CL an '84 Dolphin with "recently rebuilt overcab". What questions would I ask regarding this rebuild? If seller was the owner when work was done, obviously, I'd likely get a better idea of reality. The rig in question *looked* ship shape inside which, I realize, does not preclude improper work hidden beneath clean looking corner joins/fresh paint. I take my (growing) list of questions to sellers seriously. I no doubt may have to travel to see any rig & if I can eliminate a prospect on the basis of questions, all the better. Thanks, as always, folks. Scarlett
  3. snake as pet / guardian of RV?

    Just logged in & what do I find but a question about snakes! Believe it or not, I think I can help. Years ago I had a 3 foot Rosy boaconstrictor. Being cold blooded, she lived, like all pet snakes, in her lair with an electric "hot rock". Snakes generate absolutely NO body heat on their own, but also cannot tolerate too much heat. Snakes eat very infrequently, as it takes them a long long time to digest their LIVE food. Many snakes will not eat a freshly killed mouse but must strike & swallow the prey "on the hoof" so to speak. Left loose in an RV you would likely never see the snake again. They love to disappear---literally, if not figuratively. Snakes are the original escape artists. Left alone, a snake will not be visible to anyone, thus no deterrent value. And without reliable artificial heat a snake quickly die. What you contemplate shows great imagination! But it is NOT a workable idea. I once traveled for a month with my boyfriend in a camper, but kept my snake with me always. At night she slept in a knotted pillowcase at the bottom of my down sleeping bag. Keep thinking, surely you will conceive a better solution. But thanks for the chuckle & trip down memory lane. Scarlett
  4. What kind of MPG can I expect?

    Now you've gone & done it, Linda----I've choked on my chicken fajita. Now my keyboard's a mess. Scarlett
  5. '76 Toyota Chinook Pop Top

    This Chinook is still on CL, but asking price now reduced from $17K to $9K. I have no interest, but maybe someone does... https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/rvs/d/1976-toyota-chinook/6250247259.html
  6. Perhaps later on, when I've tackled simpler puzzles, this fix won't appear so intimidating. Ingenious! But what less could be expected from a man who speaks in tongues. Scarlett
  7. Rubber Roofs

    I have learned *so much* in the past 24 hours! What a lovely group of knowledgeable & generous human beings. Each & every one of you have so much to share. I am truly amazed. And I am beginning to get to know some of you, which makes it fun. *Thanks to all* for the roofing info. Scarlett
  8. Rubber Roofs

    Mark, I assume it must dry between coats? Would a day between coats be likely? Was 4 coats the recommended application, or were you adding an extra measure of protection?
  9. Rubber Roofs

    Thanks. So that makes the EPDM roof about 60 + lbs of added weight. Hmmm. For lots of reasons, especially fact of rooftop AC housing removal--too heavy for me to deal with---I hope I will not have to go with EPDM roof. Sure looks like a good roof, tho.
  10. Rubber Roofs

    Mark, your plywood suggestion might be easier, & less trouble, than a jerry rigged scaffold. As long as it's safe, I always go for *easier*. As to the Maxx fan, I am fully convinced they are tops. Doubt I would opt, tho, for features such as remote control. I like to keep things simple & besides, these days, "remote control" has an ominous ring to it, ha ha.
  11. Rubber Roofs

    Yikes! Given these reaches, & given my 5'2" height, I suppose I will just have to carefully get up there a time or two initially. At only 120 lbs, I can probably get away with it & not do much damage. Other option, but would involve some bother, would be to rig a temporary scaffold, just a couple orchard ladders on either side of rig with a sturdy plank across, just clearing rooftop. Where's there's a will, there's a way! Scarlett
  12. Rubber Roofs

    Thanks, Mark. That's quite a warranty? How many coats are applied? Does it dry fast?
  13. Rubber Roofs

    The plot thickens. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. As to matter of "walking on roof"-----I hadn't yet given this thought. I would *prefer* not to, based on common sense & your feedback. I am well accustomed to traveling light, having done extended travel in my Westfalia. Tho I am stepping up to a Toy rig, I intend keeping content/weight to a minimum. (I am likely to replace bathroom door with a curtain, for example.) As to the roof: my plan is for a roof with one or two Maxx fans as well as 2-400 watts of solar panels, the least I can manage with & still have the solar power required for extended boondocking. Can installation of vents, for example, be successfully done from a step ladder without stepping on roof top? And later, is it possible to replace vent covers or re-caulk from a ladder. I can see that washing solar panels would be easy from a ladder. I do not intend to use top of rig as storage rack. Not sure what you are getting at with regard to roof coating. Are you saying rubber sheeting is weighty? Please clarify. Cheers, Scarlett
  14. Rubber Roofs

    Thanks! Good to know. Now, what do you mean by "lasts for quite a long time"? Obviously, mileage may vary. Just rough ball park. Also, what are the signs a roof coating needs redone? And what about pinholes?
  15. Hello Brian, Enjoyed this post, pics, ideas. I'm currently using at home a nice big bamboo cutting board also bought at Ross! I paid $8 for it & have plans to eventually use it in a Toy when time comes. The flip-up board is both attractive & useful. Little details can make a big difference in comfort. Your between seats wire bin looks made to order. Nice going!