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  1. Thank you, still needs a few little things here and there.. I tried adding more photos but it wasn't letting me
  2. Well I finally got her home yesterday morning and I've been working on her solid for a day and a half now. I think I'm about 21 hrs invested into her now since yesterday morning. So far here's the interior pretty much completely
  3. I was originally going to do that tho it looks like someone in the past already tried remodeling it and did an absolute poor job at that, and with the water damage it has (tho is dried out, which is good) it just needs to be redone. They covered over the original paneling and added all this nonsense stuff which makes it incredibly tight in there. I will get some more pictures of the interior here today.
  4. That's exactly what I thought too.. tho in the end, I know for sure that at least one more sr2 will be back on the road instead of buried for life, unseen. By me she will get all the love that I can give her and maybe it won't be the perfect restoration but to me she will be perfect.
  5. Well I bit the bullet and purchased the vehicle. I negotiated a price with him not touching the vehicle and giving it to me as is. I am somewhat familiar with chinook styleninteror construction, far from a professional but know my way around things and quite familiar with the entire drive train assentials. So I think I have a decent foundation to start on but I know I will have questions as I go along. But already I do appreciate all the helpful knowledge on these already from everybody so far.
  6. You do have a very good point on the stripping it myself in order to learn from it. I might just talk to him and do it myself.
  7. well sense I told him I wasn't even Remotly interested in at at 2300 due to the amount of work. Thats when he told me $1500 tho I told him I would only buy it for $1500 if it was already stripped out(sense it needed to be anyways).. so he said he can do that... so we will see what the structure looks like after it's stripped. sounds weird yes I know tho after seeing himself and seeing that it looked like he really needs the money, I think after a few solid days of stripping it and then $1500 in his pocket is worth t for him
  8. Alright with that being said that kinda puts me too ease a little bit. He was pretty firm at the $2300 tho as I as I was walking away from it he said we can do $1500 and he will strip the interor completely for me sense that is the only way I would consider buying it sense I would like to see how the structure was. i really do appreciate your help. Hopefully myself and thisbowner can work sonthing out now
  9. Yes I was expecting that with with the motor and carb. I was planning on doing it anyways.. tho the interior would have to be completely torn out to the bare bones and rebuilt. He was asking $2300 for it as it sits or $1500 if he did the entire strip out of the entire interior to the bare shell. Obvious it would need new tires, new electrical. New fuel pump. Etc... it's been sitting for quite some time now. Does $1500 sound reasonable for it if he did the entire strip out of the interior and I started from scratch? I mean there's no dents on the exterior at all. Some minor rust in typical areas. A little water damage inside tho it's all old and I'm guessing once stripped them I can really see it and how it looks.