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  1. Hi Derek, thank you very much for your help. It is strange indeed that they don’t supply a wiring diagram. I will get back to you. We did use a multimeter to figure is out, but when connecting the side marker light to the taillight, things went wrong, so that might be the culprit?
  2. thank you Derek, but it is not the same. I bought the units on Amazon.com I also looked on the bargman site and the 48-84-009 type is listed there. (a bit further tonthe bottom of the page)
  3. Hello fellow members, I have purchased two Bargman 48-84-009 rear light units, but I’m having difficulty connecting them. In the old setup, the outer light was for tail + stop light, the middle for signaling and the inner light for reversing. I think the new units have both outer and middle LED’s illuminating simultaneously for tail, signal and stop, is that correct? Problem we are facing is the side marker light, which seems to work like tail+stop light where is should only remain as tail/running light. What are we doing wrong? Thanks in advance Machiel
  4. Try rvwheels.com or wheelsimulators.com I bought a set about a year ago. It took me 2 years though to get a set. I would suggest to get in touch with them and see when they have a new batch made. Good luck Machiel
  5. Hello Doreen and Adam, Very inpressive blog, I really like it. You’ve done a lot of work on the RV in a rather short period of time. I’m doing a big refurbishment on our 1990 Toyo Winnebago Itasca. Completed the new flooring, took out lot of excess weight such as the stove, the spare bed etc. Currently working on removing remaining glue after pulling off the decals.... Greetings from the Netherlands, Machiel & Anet
  6. Hello Mr Burger, You and your wife did a fantastic job. Our 1990 Toyota motorhome is being refurbished and I took all the striping off, with help of a hairdryer. Unfortunately I have not bee able to remove the decals from the motorhood and doors of the toyota. Did you have any difficulty with that too? Thanks and regards from the Netherlands, Machiel & Anet
  7. Hi Kevin, Nice job, looks really great. Do you have pic of the shower area project. I have started on my Toy Winnebago Itasca Spirit, taking basically all interior out. The shower area is rotten and I'm pretty sure the front bed bunk same as yours. The floor is also soft in kitchen area..... regards Machiel (Alkmaar, Netherlands)
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