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  1. What did you do between the old graphics and applying the new? Did you go over the top of the old? They look Great. They would almost be perfect on my rig.....some name changes of course. I'm interested in being your first customer.
  2. What model is this?

    Very Sweet !!!! Happy Trails .
  3. What model is this?

    Who Cares !!!! Buy It !!! The More Toyota Motorhomes the better.
  4. Does it ever end??

    It doesn't matter if it is a tiny house on a tiny lot, a diesel pusher on a posh pad at the koa, a sailboat on a sweet hook in the keys, or a little bad a__ class c Toy, if it is mobile or cemented into the same acre for life.......that is the true order.
  5. Dropping roof need help

    Hey Joseph. Use the search features in the sections that you are having issues with. Works Great. Lots of topics on this. Good Luck
  6. I just had the pleasure(?) of replacing my fridge in my 1990 Itasca Spirit. The video says it all: Replacing The Dometic RM2401 Refrigerator
  7. Question: Is it shifting properly now? Answer: Yes. Opinionated answer based on experience: Leave it alone and keep smiling. Any deviation and you will be back here with LOTS MORE questions. Trust me.
  8. '87 Toyota Escaper... to buy or not to buy?

    I would ignore, as much as possible the entire living quarters when you walk up. Forget it. You want a solid vehicle to carry the weight and LAST for a while. Before it is even started I would check the oil and water levels, put your eyes on it. Look at the common engine stuff, belts, hoses etc. Test drive the vehicle at least 20-30 minutes. Make lots of stops and reverses etc. Longer if possible to see if it is going to overheat. An hour would be way cool. Finally take her home and park it. Let it cool a bit while your dreaming over the inside of the living area. Then pop the hood and check the fluids again. Get down under the truck and look for leaks, especially one that are really recent, like the last hour. If you get thru all that and it performs good and all else is good then dig into the body. Those issues are as big or small as you want to own. No one can help you there. Good luck and best wishes.
  9. A couple of questions here. Today, in the process of trying to find a part number for my window screen, I also found out that my refrigerator was recalled. So first of all, is there a place where I can get replacment screens for my driver side slider which is the big window on my 1990 Itasca Spirit? I would love to keep it original before I dive into DIY remedies. Second, the NHTSA administration has recalled my fridge (NHTSA campaign #02V277005) because of leaks that could cause fire, harm and death...etc. What is the proper way (the way that works) to make this recall fix,repair or replace thing work for me and my fridge?
  10. The 1990 Itasca Toyota Motorhome is a 21' rear bath motorhome. All original inside and out.........for now. See dozens more photos and technical stuff here: My Flickr Photo Sharing Site
  11. The Long Over Due Tune Up

    From the album "Red Emerald" , The 1990 Itasca Toyota Motorhome

    So.....Ive had everything in my truck for over three weeks to change the rotor, distributor cap, plugs and wires. Wasn't really in a hurry as the truck was running "fine". Key word, fine. When I say drives good I mean that it drove good. Started in a nano second every single time, never a hesitation. Steady drive, no skips. This is what amazes me about Toyota. Ever searched your library using the words Toyota? Half of the books are about management practices. The way to do business. And it works. They build a fantastic product. Ok, im done pumping them up. Man what a difference the little "Red Emerald" runs now. Heck, Im hoping for a couple more miles to the gallon. Yeah, fat chance.
  12. From the album "Red Emerald" , The 1990 Itasca Toyota Motorhome

    Hey, it was running good. LOL