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  1. A little surprised to find nothing in this discussion forum concerning a woodstove in one of these little land yachts. What? No one hear replaced their cookstove with a little wooden cook stove? Found not a word of discussion on this topic.
  2. Mister Blu

    Storage Pod; considering selling.

    If someone want to come and get this storage pod... Reckon I can part with it for three hundered, o.b.o.
  3. Mister Blu

    Storage Pod; considering selling.

    Reckon i do not want to part with it for less than 4, as it adds to resale, and is also quite useful.
  4. Mister Blu

    Storage Pod; considering selling.

    Reinforcing hitch and frame to confidently carry a 200lb scooter on the back of 21' Sunrader. The distance the receiver must jut out in order to clear the storage box does lend quite a bit of leverage being applied to hitch by bouncing scooter and carrier. Considering eliminating rear bumper, reinforcing hitch similar to what another member successfully did, and possibly to raise receiver 3" to 7". That's the idea anyway.
  5. Considering letting go of my storage pod in order to redesign back bumper and hitch. Willing to accept bids starting at 400 plus shipping costs. Thoughts?
  6. Mister Blu

    84 Sunrader door or door lock for 18'er

    Not sure if you are still looking at these forums... Or whether or not you still have that sunrader. If so though, will you mind grabbing a shot of the modification done to the jamb?
  7. Mister Blu

    Weather Stripping For Sunrader

    Linda, Have you found this door seal in Black?
  8. Mister Blu

    Old style door lock?

    Cool. Good thinking. Thanks Linda!
  9. Mister Blu

    Old style door lock?

    Well... it will run me about a hundred for the new lock... plus the work of modifying the door and jamb to accommodate. What methods do you all suggest for cutting fine controlled cuts into the fiberglass. Am considering the little square slots for the bolts to slide through.
  10. Mister Blu

    Old style door lock?

    The trimark 060-1650 may also be known as the T507. This I am not entirely certain about. p.s. If I were to offer the working old lock... what might the value be to a few fellow toyhome folk? As it happens, I also have 4 bench cushion covers in excellent condition. These are the blue ones. If one were determined, one could convince me to part with these cushion covers as well.
  11. Mister Blu

    Old style door lock?

    The Trimark 060-1650 is one option I am considering. Will this not work? Understand I will need to modify the side of door for bolt mechanism(s) along with the jamb (to receive the bolt(s)). Of course, the same is necessary when installing a house style deadbolt. The existing cut-out is smaller than the cut-out required for this new lock set. Cut out for this trimark lock is 4.94" wide by 4.85" high. The existing cut-out is something like 4.75 wide by 3.85 high? See pictures.
  12. Mister Blu

    Old style door lock?

    Looking to replace the old obsolete lock/latch on my '86 Sunrader. This is the one that does not have traditional style locking mechanism. I will like to replace with an appropriate lock that does have a traditional style bolt latch. What is the closest size replacement available? Must require cutout the same size or somewhat larger than existing cutout. The edge/side of door is approximately 5/8" from the nearest edge of existing cut-out. Trimark models I have considered appear to require that there be .88 of an inch of material remaining between edge of cut-out and the edge of door. (See picture) Also, what is the best dreamer tool to cut this the new cut-out with?
  13. Mister Blu

    Awning Install; proper seal to Sunrader.

    Yes, I did find that literature. Reckon I will get a rail for it. Thanks all.
  14. Mister Blu

    Awning Install; proper seal to Sunrader.

    The original A&E Trans-Awning 2000 did not come with an awning rail stock. Pawning rail was optional for temporary and semi-permanent installation. for permanent installation,manual says t screw box awning directly to coach. Indeed, this is how it came to me. I do not approve of how it seals, and will likely be more confident with the addition of an awning rail. What have other sunrader owners done?
  15. Mister Blu

    Awning Install; proper seal to Sunrader.

    Considering installing an 'awing rail' to coach and then afix awning to this. Thoughts?