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  1. I found this charging wizard online, mentioned above in a reply to this post. It looks like I will not need to replace the charger to get the power surges I need to prevent sulfur from forming on the battery plates while charging over the winter........what is your experience with this? http://www.progressivedyn.com/prod_details/charge_wizard_9105.html Iflyfishfullycharged
  2. Thanks Linda, I ordered a new one for the 030. I found the number on the bracket itself. I will let you know if this works. Thanks Iflyfishwithlightshedfrommytoyotabuddies
  3. Thanks Bill. The ones I see online are model 030 and the handle on my mh is a 020. I wonder if your model has the lower "lip" like mine in pic #4 above. The 030's I have seen seem flat. Is this the one you got? https://www.amazon.com/74-32-030-Bargman-Assist-Replacement-Lens/dp/B004R35HEA If that works then it is a good deal indeed!!! Thanks, Iflyfishwithagoodhandleonit.
  4. Thanks, another lead to explore. I appreciate your taking the time to explore this. Iflyfihswithoutahandle
  5. Thank you for your help with this. Unfortunately the lens covers you and I both found are the 030 model, not the 020 that is currently on the unit. I may just have to replace the whole thing with a new 030 handle/light. Iflyfishwithoutahandle
  6. My '87 Sunrader has a handle to assist in entering the motor home. It has a light bulb in it. I need to get a new cover for it or buy a new fixture. Part # 70-32-020 Any ideas? I also need to replace the rubber holder for the door jam. Click on images to enlarge. Thanks, Iflyfishinthedark
  7. thanks Iflyfishintotalignoranceattimes
  8. Ok, ok, I know, pretty lame question but I cannot locate my fresh water pump in my '87 Sunrader. I want to add bypasses for adding antifreeze without contaminating my fresh water tank. Thanks, Iflyfishwithmyhatinmyhandaskingstupidquestion
  9. Again, excellent post and I thank you! Iflyfishtoastingmytoyofriends
  10. Outstanding!!! Thank you very much! This will save a ton of effort. Well done! Iflyfishwithfreshwaterglassinhand
  11. It looks like we will be boondocking in our '87 Sunrader for a while and I am looking to buy a small, portable generator to charge batteries for my cpap etc. Any ideas? What is your experience. Weight is of course a serious consideration. I know that there are lots on the market, I just wanted to check with you guys. Thanks, Iflyfishjuiceless
  12. Excellent!! I appreciate your thoughtful response. I am sure this is how my View water system was configured as this is how I used to winterize. I will follow up with your great idea! Thank you. Iflyfishintaintedfreshwater
  13. Thank you! I will be doing this and then upgrade water system as outlined below. It is RV anti-freeze in the fresh water tank. Great input! Iflyfishwithcleanwatertank
  14. My '87 Sunrader has anti-freeze in the fresh water tank. I used to winterize my Winnebago View by putting anti-freeze directly in the system via the water pump, bypassing the fresh water holding tank. Two questions. 1. How do I clean the tank/system of anti-freeze, the color is nice for a cocktail with an umbrella in it but I'll pass on it. 2. How do I add anti-freeze to my 87 Sunrader water system without putting it in the fresh water tank. Thanks, Iflyfishwithanti-freezecocktailinhand
  15. At $50 it's a bargain, just what I was looking for. Thank you and all those who posted on this topic. Iflyfishwhenchargingonmycreditcard