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  1. Thanks, good info. We have been looking at this. Do you have solar?
  2. Good stuff!! Thanks WME! As a fisherman I recommend you keep your tip up! Iflyfishconmitoyfriends
  3. Outstanding! Great info. Do you know if this can be used with two six volt batteries? Really appreciate your thinking on this. Iflyguy
  4. I have installed an Inteli-charger in my '87 Sunrader. The inteli-charger pulses 14 amps to the batteries, which keeps them from sulfating the batteries during storage. I lost two Trojan Batteries in my Winnebago View before I installed an inteli-charger. My question is this: If I install solar on my Sunrader will the solar input into the system be pulsed by the inteli-charger or does the solar go directly to the battery without going thru the Inteli-charger? Thanks, Iflyfishelectrified
  5. Best of luck with your project! Lots of good help available here. Linda is an encyclopedia of Toyo MH info! You came to the right place!
  6. Thanks Mainea, Will go the whole route then if I do replace the gauge. Much appreciated. Iflyfishconmitoyamigos
  7. The sensors are working. May just do the panel install. Thanks. Iflyfish
  8. Thanks Derek. Appreciate the info. Iflyfishguagingmytanks
  9. Thanks Derek. It looks like it would fit. Any info on ease of install? Iflyfishguaged
  10. Thanks, mine is stand alone and not attached to the stove hood.
  11. Looking for a replacement for the sensor panel for my '87 Sunrader. Current buttons are damaged but work. Thanks Iflyfishguages
  12. Thanks, just got one on ebay! Love this group. Iflyfishconmitoyoamigos
  13. Outstanding Linda! I got the first one you listed. You are amazing! Iflyfishwithmytoyobuddies
  14. My exterior door holder is old and cracked. Any idea what this is called and where I might find one? Thanks. Iflyfishfullstop
  15. I found them on ebay. Search terms: Front and back Sunrader decals
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