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  1. How to remove old paint from Sunrader

    Ditto with the mono-brow. I ordered the wheel with the most positive reviews on Amazon. I watched a YouTube video of the wheel in use and it looks like a no brainer. I will post pics. I hope others will chime in too. Thanks Iflyfishsanderinhand
  2. How to remove old paint from Sunrader

    Thank you again for your very helpful posts. You guys are a goddess send! I really appreciate the input. I had no idea this was a decal! I have not seen this on other Sunraders. I looked and found some more of the decals are also cracking. There are a number of these stripping wheels on the amazon site. Is there a specific one you would recommend? Again, thank you very much for the help. Thank you too WME.
  3. I am making progress on the Barkeeper/Zep upgrade to the exterior of Casper, my '87 Sunrader. I want to remove the crackled, aged paint between the two front windows. Any suggestions? Thanks, Iflyfishwithmytoyotabuddies
  4. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Great idea Derek! Thanks
  5. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Thanks, it is not finished yet but making good progress. I have been using another silicone remover but think that with the method of using strips of terrycloth towels, soaked in remover and taped to the old silicone is working. Whew!! I will post more images as we proceed.
  6. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Update on Silicone project. The silicone was very thick and incredibly hard. I came up with an alternative. Cut strips of towel, saturate with silicone remover and let set for many hours and it comes off!! Here are some pics. The project is not done yet but wanted to share the hack I came up with. See original images above to compare.
  7. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Thanks Linda, good info. I appreciate your consistently helpful posts.
  8. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Great stuff you guys! Thanks Iflyfish
  9. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Again great input from you guys!! Thank you for your thoughtful posts. I will post pics as this project emerges. Iflyfishwithmytoyfriends
  10. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Thanks, I had read that they were available. Any more info on source for windows and seals?
  11. A previous post on how to remove oxidation on fiberglass showed me how to refinish Casper, my '87 Sunrader. I am posting pre pics and will add to this as the project is finished. As a note of interest I tried WD40 and a plastic ice scraper to remove some of the silicone overage around the windows and it worked! I have ordered another product specific to this purpose ReMov Silicone Adhesive Polyurethane & Gum https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_0?ie=UTF8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=ReMov+Silicone+Adhesive+Polyurethane+%26+Gum I'll let you know how it works. I also ordered plastic scraper for the job https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HLWB0BM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Here are the "pre" pics. The 5th picture down shows where I removed silicone overage with WD40 on the lower corner of the window.
  12. Checking back to see if anyone has found a new resource for front coach curved windows for 87 Sunrader? I assume all Sunraders use the same plastic windows? Iflyfishthruaglassdarkly
  13. I started another thread on macerators and it has evolved into a discussion of toilet paper. I once did the experiment you will see below using different toilet paper, including "rv" toilet paper. The best in my experiment was Angel Soft, the cheapest paper readily available. Here are the results of someone else's experiment. Enjoy! Iflyfishwithangelsoft
  14. 87 Sunrader Backup Camera

    Great idea! I have been looking at inexpensive wireless license plate camera/rear view mirror systems. I wonder how I might attach a camera to the INSIDE of my rear window. Any ideas? Iflyfishbackingup