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  1. Thank you for your very thoughtful and helpful post! I have also spent a couple of years in my Winnebago View following a similar path to tip of Florida, British Columbia, and to the tip of Baja twice. I plan on taking "Casper" down to Baja in March. I found an amazing bargain that I want to share with you and this group. I found 1,000 Trails and talked them into a 1 year contract including BC, Washington, Oregon and California for $500. Blew my mind. I had calculated on the outside spending $30/night which amounts to a whopping $900/month. Not for everyone I am sure, but with how we will use our RV this is a great find. I appreciate the boondocking and fuel sites, will use them also. The Agency Senior Pass is a must have. Thank you so much! First one is on me!! Iflyfishconmitoyotamigos
  2. Thanks, I have now used the Sewer Solution and it works great!! There is a bit more work than with my old one that was hardwired in the sewer compartment, but it seems to work as well and WAY CHEAPER. Iflyfihswithcleandumptanks
  3. Ouch!! Will need to lay off the fiber! Fortunately mine doesn't smell.....:) Iflyfishdownwindfrommyself
  4. I appreciate all the good thinking here. Thank you for your time and consideration. I have purchased replacement LED bulbs for all lights, save for the florescent bulbs, not sure what to do with those. I did that in my previous motor home and could not believe how much it effected battery power usage! I have also purchased a Yamaha EF1000iS, 900 Running Watts/1000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter, CARB Compliant. It fits perfectly in my factory carrying box on the back. Simply padded the front and back for security. The Yamaha starts on the first pull and is much quieter than I had anticipated. Iflyelectrified!
  5. Thanks, I found the info I was looking for. I have posted the list of parts above and if anyone wants pics I can provide them. Iflyfishconmiamigoneubie
  6. Thanks, I found the replacement info. These require a different mounting grommet. I need to do replacement for two reasons. Back up lights out, lots of excess sealant on rear taillights, and need to install a rear view camera and this will provide access to wiring, with new screws etc. IflyfishcomWME
  7. Great stuff!!! I have purchased the bezels and here is the list of required hardware. Rear LED Taillight Replacement Sunrader RV LED TAIL LIGHT conversion BEZELS - Replaces BARGMAN 1400. BRIGHT ( 391663445166 ) 2 Rectangle LED truck and trailer lights- 5" LED Brake/Turn/Tail Lights w/24 High Flux LEDs - 3pin connector amber. Super Bright LEDS Part Number: RTA24 UPC:847781017687 $16.95 Each = $34 2 Rectangle LED truck and trailer lights- 5" LED Brake/Turn/Tail Lights w/24 High Flux LEDs - 3pin connector red. Super Bright LEDS Part Number: RTA24 UPC:847781017670 $16.95 Each = $34 2 Rectangle LED truck and trailer lights- 5" LED Brake/Turn/Tail Lights w/24 High Flux LEDs - 3pin connector clear. Super Bright LEDS Part Number: RTA24 UPC:847781017694 $16.95 Each = $56 6 Rectangle 5.3” Mounting Grommet for RT Series Trailer Lights and Truck Lights. Super Bright LEDS Part Number:GR-53 UPC:847781017700 $1.49 Each = $9 6 Right Angle 3-Pin Plug for Trailer and Truck Lights. Super Bright LEDS Part Number:PL-3R UPC:847781017786 $1.49 Each = $9 AR Clear, black or white silicone adhesive and dispenser $3 12 Screw, Window Painted Black ACE Hardware $0.44 each #8 x ¾ Stainless Steel with Black Painted Head $5 Total Cost: $210 including $60 for Precision Laser Cut Black Acrylic Tail Light surround bezels Iflyfishsignalingmyturns
  8. Thanks Linda, I got it!!! Found the directions under a pile of paper......will share if anyone wants this. I have the complete instructions including install images. Iflfishwithlindas
  9. I want to convert my '87 Sunrader tail lights to LED. I purchased these bezels to convert to LED. Anyone done this? I need to know what fixtures/lights I need to buy. Thanks, Iflyfishwithmyflasherson
  10. Thanks, good call. Iflyfishelectronicaly
  11. We will be up on Hood Canal Aug 21st. Interested in meeting others from this group. Iflyfishconmitoyotamigos
  12. Thanks for weighing in on this. It's complicated. Looks like I need to do what Linda and WME said about calculating use ergo need. And then calculate based upon that. It may be that a small generator or relying on the truck alternator may be a good way to go and forgo the need for solar....still a work in progress for me. Iflyfishconmitoyotaamigos
  13. Thanks for your very informative and helpful response. I appreciate your thinking about this. I purchased a Yamaha EF1000iS, 900 Running Watts/1000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter and thought this might be a good way of dealing with battery drain using cpap during the night. I have been thinking about how long it would take the truck's alternator to rebuild batteries during the day, so far it sounds like 2-3 hours of truck running to charge the 12 volt deep cycle house battery. I have also been considering the relative value of solar to accomplish this and it looks like from your post that it would take about 5 hours of sun exposure to accomplish this via solar. Any idea how long it would take the generator, Yamaha EF1000iS, 900 Running Watts/1000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter to accomplish the task. I feel rather out of my depth with issues like this so I really appreciate the input. My graduate degree is in Social Work, a 50 year career in the field, and I never took a class on this! Thanks again for your very thoughtful response. Iflyfishinhumilitywithmytoyotafriends
  14. Outstanding!!! Thank you!!! Great questions! I like your way of framing this. I will check these questions out. I use 12 volt for the cpap when not plugged into 110 volt shore power. Iflyfishandthefirstoneisonme
  15. Good and essential question. I use a cpap at night and want to be able to boondock. I am not certain how much power I need or if I need to add 2 deep cycle batteries or if a smaller solar unit would charge this up doing the day when I have used the cpap all night. Thanks for your interest. I just ran into this on amazon, incredibly cheap!! 100 watt system. Is there more that I would need to have this installed? Would it charge my single 12volt house battery if it ran dry over night using my cpap? Iflyfifshwithsolarflies