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  1. Iflyfish

    wiring a multi-pronged reverse camera

    I just had a backup camera installed in my Sunrader, wanted to use it as a rear view mirror as you do. Hooked it up to the running lights, so turn on running lights, now all LED, so I turn on the running lights when I start the vehicle and turn off the lights before I take out the key. Works great. Only glitch is I MUST remember to turn off running lights. Iflyfishlookingbackward
  2. Iflyfish

    Accessories for your Toy

    WME turned me on to this site for hard to find accessories. I have purchased a new water and electric cord door. Very reasonable prices. Thanks WME https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/electrical-plumbing-lp-gas/rv-electrical-systems-and-accessories/cable-hatches
  3. Iflyfish

    Freon for 87 A/C

    Thank you! I appreciate the help! Iflyfishchillingout
  4. Iflyfish

    Freon for 87 A/C

    Thanks Dan. Mine uses r12 and think I will see if I can find someone to add to it. It runs cool, just not cold enough. I was quoted over $1,000 to replace the entire system. I occupy the cheap seats. Iflyfishfromthecheepseats
  5. We are currently in Florence, on the Southern Coast of Oregon. I have been pondering the idea of organizing a rally for next summer. Someone suggested I invite you to meet this summer and plan for next years event. The Oregon Coast is the #1 RV destination in the US. I am a member of Thousand Trails, a membership group. I paid $500 for a year membership including campgrounds in Oregon, Washington, California and one campground in British Columbia. Ten nights of stays at a $50 resort pays for the entire year of membership. I have already done so this year. Future stays are gravy. One can stay up to 21 days in any of their campgrounds, check them out. You do not have to be a member to stay at the campgrounds, just pay a typical space rent. The Thousand Trails Campground we are in is in the woods, pool, good wifi, minutes from town with it's quint Oregon coast downtown, great restaurants, and my bank, Three Rivers Casino! Anyone interested in joining us at one of the many Thousand Trails campgrounds on the Oregon Coast, preferably Florence, to discuss hosting a rally next summer? Iflyfishconmitoyamigos
  6. Iflyfish

    Summer Rally

    Good idea!! I am a member of Thousand Trails, currently in Florence, Oregon. Quint coastal town, great campground with pool, good wifi, minutes from town with great restaurants and my bank, Three Rivers Casino. Anyone interested in meeting here? There are Thousand Trail Campgrounds up and down the coast. This is our go to due to the proximity of amenities we enjoy. I purchased a Thousand Trails membership good in Oregon, Washington, California and one campground in British Columbia. I paid $500 for this. Ten nights in their campground and the annual membership is paid for! I have already used 10 nights so far so the rest of my stays are already paid for! You can stay up to 21 days in an individual park before you need to move on. You do not have to be a Thousand Trails member to use the park, just need to pay the nightly fee. Iflyfishtheoregoncoastincasper
  7. Iflyfish

    Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Thanks, labor of love! Work in progress. Well worth the effort.
  8. Iflyfish

    Freon for 87 A/C

  9. Iflyfish

    Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Not done yet but had to get out of Dodge, Florence Oregon, Oregon Coast. Iflyfishproudlyinmytoy
  10. Iflyfish

    Summer Rally

    I'll look into this. The rally I hosted was on the Oregon Coast at a State Park. Too busy this summer but will look at this for next summer. I found the Rally section under Search. Thanks
  11. Iflyfish

    Summer Rally

    I wonder if this group hold or support any rallies? Summer is here and it would be fun to meet folks from this group. When I had my Winnebago View I hosted a rally of 52 of those rigs on the Oregon Coast. We had a great time and learned a lot from each other. I don't know the traditions of this group re rallies. Iflyfishconmiamigos
  12. Iflyfish

    Freon for 87 A/C

    Fly-fishing Yellowstone! Outstanding. Ditto advice on A/C refill. You consistently provide great input and ideas and I appreciate that. Iflyfishingratitudeformytoyofriends
  13. Iflyfish

    Freon for 87 A/C

    Sorry! Roof air works great! It's the A/C in the truck that is not as cold as I would like it. Fly-fishing Yellowstone! Whoa! Now that sounds like a great road trip! Thanks, Iflyfishtheyellowstoneinmydreams!
  14. Iflyfish

    Freon for 87 A/C

    I have an '87 Toyota Sunrader. A/C low on Freon. Anyone recharged their A/C at home? What product, where did you get it. Thanks, Iflyfishchillingwithmytoyofriends
  15. Iflyfish

    Need lid for electricity input

    Thanks Linda. I was able to both repair the one you see in the photo and purchased a replacement if needed. Thanks for the heads up. Iflyfishwithmytoyfriends