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  1. Rollingroadblock

    There And Back...With My Cat

    Thanks! The motorcycle rack has 3 feet of rectangular tube slid into the frame rails on both sides. I also have air bags that make ALL of the difference! Here is the long boring road home.
  2. Rollingroadblock

    There And Back...With My Cat

    Some pictures of Bryce Canyon(which I totally recommend) Driving HWY 12 through Utah. 12 has some crazy good views in the Grand Staircase. Balancing rock in Arches national park. Bunch of pictures of Fisher Towers. It seems there was a big gap between gas stations in the UT/CO border. Entering Colorado, camping in random places, the valley East of Aspen(better than Aspen), Achieving 12100 feet above sea level when a few days earlier I was at -200 feet in Death Valley. The Toys will never die! Also camping on a random forest road with a few of the Rocky Mountains. Podrick hunting. Sunset and Sunrise with Rocky Mountain view. Visiting the Rocky Mountains.
  3. Rollingroadblock

    There And Back...With My Cat

    A little of Zion with my Zion campsite. Hiking up Angels Landing in Zion. Red canyon outside Zion and Dixie nation forest camping.
  4. Rollingroadblock

    There And Back...With My Cat

    Yosemite and Bridal Veil falls. Achieving new heights with the RV. Burnt tree, more dispersed camping and some rocks. The horrible mistake that was Death Valley awaits. Morning parking lot bird stalking, river edge formations in Arizona, and the first sight of Zion National Park.
  5. Rollingroadblock

    There And Back...With My Cat

    More driving and the north entrance of Crater Lake in Oregon. One side burnt and the other green. The west rim was on fire and off limits when I went through. More driving with my bad navigator, south Oregon campsite on the edge of a forest road, giant redwoods. The ocean, He's a helluva guy, sunset, Podrick on a runner line, campsite for the next two nights, Hwy 1, I like the ocean and drank a bottle of wine. Got a bit carried away with ocean pictures. haha Night hunt. Only got video of the golden gate but here is the bay bridge...and traffic. BOO!
  6. Rollingroadblock

    There And Back...With My Cat

    Here is a but of muddy aftermath. Yellowstone Lake, old faithful, my campsite, and grand canyon of yellowstone. Yellowstone and the Tetons were hazy because of smoke from Canada. Here is the drive down to the Tetons and my campsite entrance on the Yellowstone/Teton border. The Tetons, Delta Lake with Grand Teton in the background, Podrick having fun, and a hike in the woods of south Tetons. Idaho, Podrick peeking out of the upper window, Inferno cone in craters of the moon, View of the parking lot from the top, and campsite in Sawtooth national forest.
  7. Rollingroadblock

    There And Back...With My Cat

    Hi everybody! I recently got back from a 6000 mile trip from Wisconsin to Oregon down the coast into California and back. My truck now has 73000 miles on it. The mountain passes were rough where the engine wanted to overheat on the way up and brakes wanted to overheat on the way down. But I just took a bunch of cool down breaks for both. Worst MPG was 14.8 and best was 21.1 calculated the old fashioned accurate way. Average was about 18mpg. Just going to toss a bunch of pictures out with little descriptions for your viewing pleasure. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Water pump died in the first 50 miles of my trip. haha Podrick made himself quite comfortable riding shotgun. Mount Rushmore and some Black Hills exploring. Devils Tower These are all Bighorn National Forest. I did dispersed camping on a dirt forest road. I found that type of camping was the most fun. Lots of rain that night with a muddy drive down in the morning. The motorcycle on back was my short trip vehicle.
  8. Rollingroadblock

    Hi All!

    Thanks! I'm fairly certain it started life with a dinette/bed in the back and was converted in the 90's. The box and a super old non working radio came with it. I modified the box and bought a fancy CHEAP radio from ebay. The rear view camera is way overexposed but works. http://www.ebay.com/itm/142209169168?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT The LED light strip is hardwired in with the rocker switch near the side door. It cost me a grand total of $3.50 on ebay. My only complaint was the adhesive backing didn't want to stick to the ceiling. It's just going to be me and the kitties for my first trip. Plenty of lounging space for them! I hope I don't get trapped inside by the weather but if I do I can always nap. As for the shower I was going to seal the door to keep water in however I might put the shower curtain rail back up and track down a curtain to put on there.
  9. Rollingroadblock

    Hi All!

    Updates for everyone! Tinkered all winter when it wasn't too cold. E-brake fixed Air bags installed(huge difference) Rear bearings repacked with new seals Fresh transmission and differential fluid as well as new breather valve on differential Smog equipment removed, engine bay cleaned up, carb rebuilt. New tires Scraped and painted as much of the frame as I could. Painted the interior, removed useless stuff, updated a bit. Resealed several exterior trim pieces which were iffy looking. Did a ton of other little things mostly maintenance and verifying things work. Here are the interior pics..Not done but close. Need curtains
  10. Rollingroadblock

    A2Ndopinion's Fur Babies

    This is my life goal!
  11. I hate to ask this but I could not find an answer by searching. I have a 1984 Escaper with the FF axle. If anybody can supply the link to an online service manual specific to the FF dually axle I would GREATLY appreciate it! If not... What do I torque the axle flange nuts to?? They are the ones with washers and cone washers. What weight fluid should I be using? Thanks! Tyson
  12. Rollingroadblock

    Hi All!

    Hi everybody. My name is Tyson and I just bought my first Toyota motorhome. 22r 4 speed My job requires me to work in 7 on 7 off schedules. So work a week and play a week. This also leaves the option of requesting a week off for a 3 week vacation each summer. Update: Decided on 5 weeks off. The plan is to do some traveling. I have a 1984 Escaper with the front door layout. I would've much rather had the rear door layout but pickings are slim. I just finished winterizing it and storing it at my parents farm in a machine shed. I feel the John Deeres will play nice with it. So far the list of things that need some attention are as follows. Fridge: Couldn't get it to do it's thing on electric or gas settings. Update: Fridge works on both electric and LP Heater: It blows but no flame. Cruise control: Haven't touched it. Carburetor: Needs to be cleaned/tuned. Very flat spot at half throttle. Update: Cleaned and nearly tuned Pretty much every seal should be redone as preventative maintenance as well as the roof. Tires Tires TIRES! They're dated 1992 and super dry rotted. Somehow I made the 2 hour 60mph drive home. Update: 6 new tires with two spares I'll post interior pics if your really want them but it's a touch rough. Post clean up/paint interior pics below
  13. Rollingroadblock

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    Hi I'm Tyson and I just bought a 1985 Toyota Escaper 4carb 4 speed 65k. It has a few rough edges but overall in good shape. Managed the two hour drive home (Stoughton, WI) without issues. Over the winter I plan to clean it up and button up the rough edges so I can go on a few trips in the spring. I think I'll post a thread on it this upcoming week with pictures!