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  1. This is my life goal!
  2. I hate to ask this but I could not find an answer by searching. I have a 1984 Escaper with the FF axle. If anybody can supply the link to an online service manual specific to the FF dually axle I would GREATLY appreciate it! If not... What do I torque the axle flange nuts to?? They are the ones with washers and cone washers. What weight fluid should I be using? Thanks! Tyson
  3. Hi everybody. My name is Tyson and I just bought my first Toyota motorhome. 22r 4 speed My job requires me to work in 7 on 7 off schedules. So work a week and play a week. This also leaves the option of requesting a week off for a 3 week vacation each summer. The plan is to do some traveling. I have a 1985 Escaper with the front door layout. I would've much rather had the rear door layout but pickings are slim. I just finished winterizing it and storing it at my parents farm in a machine shed. I feel the John Deeres will play nice with it. So far the list of things that need some attention are as follows. Fridge: Couldn't get it to do it's thing on electric or gas settings. Heater: It blows but no flame. Cruise control: Haven't touched it. Carburetor: Needs to be cleaned/tuned. Very flat spot at half throttle. Pretty much every seal should be redone as preventative maintenance as well as the roof. Tires Tires TIRES! They're dated 1992 and super dry rotted. Somehow I made the 2 hour 60mph drive home. I'll post interior pics if your really want them but it's a touch rough.
  4. Hi I'm Tyson and I just bought a 1985 Toyota Escaper 4carb 4 speed 65k. It has a few rough edges but overall in good shape. Managed the two hour drive home (Stoughton, WI) without issues. Over the winter I plan to clean it up and button up the rough edges so I can go on a few trips in the spring. I think I'll post a thread on it this upcoming week with pictures!