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  1. Strong propane odor when running furnace!

    I have a normal BBQ grill propane tank laying on its side in the compartment. That article made it sound like that could be my problem. Do I need a special tank to be positioned horizontally? P.S. Just got back from my First real trip in the Dolphin - ( 3 hr drive to the Oregon Coast and 3 days of driving up and down the coast and back home). I could not be happier with how it drove and preformed! 60-70mph no problem and real easy and fun to drive!
  2. So when I use my stove and water heater absolutely no propane smell or problems. Now all of the sudden when I was using my furnace I started smelling propane inside. I went outside immediately to turn it off at the tank and the smell was really strong outside and the regulator was frosted over hardcore! I disconnected the tank and it seemed like there was an excessive amount of pressure in the line. I tried it again last night and same thing happened- used the stove with no propane smell or frost on the regulator then fired up the furnace And got a massive propane odor and a frosted up regulator. Is it a problem with the regulator or the furnace itself? Thanks so much
  3. Flushed 3 Times and went with prestone green for the refill. Still heating up a tad on climbing up hill. Its not bad, but I the needle does move a bit out of normal temp. Guess I probably should have replaced the thermostat in the process.
  4. Not meaning to stir up a coolant debate, but can I go with green?
  5. 1989 Dolphin V6 auto 64,000 What the heck is this coolant? Is it a mix of red and green? So I bought this Dolphin last fall and love it! I have taken it on a couple 3hr trips (one over mt. Hood) and a number hour or so trips and never had issues with heating up. I also remodeled it and made it my full time home=) A month ago on a extremely hot day I noticed the temp rising above normal on the hwy, but the needle never got much above halfway. It seems to be heating up more often now while climbing up hills at low speed 35-40 but the needle never quite gets to half. I haven't tried it out climbing a hill on the interstate except driving it over hood last fall and it didn't heat up at all then. I Finally went to replace the coolant today as an attempt to see if I could determine anything about my heating up issue and because I have no idea when or what is in there! So this ugly looking stuff came out and I'm quite confused on what it is and what I should do next. I read there is some controversy over coolant types ect.., Ive only seen green and didn't know they even made other colors. When I shake it froths up with bubbles that last a second, then it goes flat again with no bubbles. I have not seen bubbles in the overflow tank or anything. I have been pretty paranoid about head gaskets since I bought this rig with the V6 but it has been pretty decent to me so FAR. P.s there was a TINY bit of oil coating the pan that I drained the coolant into.
  6. I filled it back up with gear lube, bled the brakes and took it for a test drive. Everything seems to be rolling smooth and I think the little shimmy i had above 50mph is gone. The brakes are more spongy than I would like, but I'm gonna try to bleed them again as soon as I can find a helper. Huge thanks to everyone (especially WME) for your help! I had no idea what I was doing and don't know how I would have made it happen with out your help.
  7. Good thing I took the other side back apart, because the outer seal wasn't all the way in since I had it on the axle shaft instead of inside the axle tube. I packed a bunch of grease in between the bearings and everything is put back together! Now I need a refresher on bleeding brakes since I changed out the wheel cylinders. Thanks so much for your help!
  8. The area between the outer and inner bearings and races were completely packed full of grease when i pulled them off. I just need to pack the bearings with grease right, opposed to packing the whole thing with about a tube of grease?
  9. Agreed! I like the modified Allen bolts much better than those darn Phillips bolts that gave me such a battle. I will make sure to line up the bolts with the hash marks, thanks. I also may be pulling the other side back off to make sure that outer seal set properly since I had it on the axle shaft instead of inside the axle tube and checking the alignment of the hash marks and lock bolts. Much appreciated
  10. Ok got them two dang screws out finally with a cold chisle, slotted screw driver and impact wrench combo! So on this side I see the outer seal is inside the hub and on the other side I found it on the axle, so that's where I installed the new outer seal. It seems like a better idea to install the new outer seal inside the hub opposed to on the axle. I have concern that the outer seal I put on the axle may not seat properly.? Thanks again for your help everyone!
  11. I'm having major difficulty removing those same Phillips lock bolts on the other side now! Been working on those two bolts for 2hrs now and they won't budge. What the heck am I doing wrong?
  12. I filled down the tip of the bolt Napa gave me. It goes in great. Any reason why this shouldn't work?