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  1. Badgerbear

    Just bought my first ToyHome! 89' Dolphin!

    Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Thank you for the words of encouragement. I ordered some eternabond tape and dicor lap sealant for the roof. I am trying to fix a bunch of small stuff right now. Really need to focus on getting something to happen with the furnace while I wait for roofing supplies. Bob, you absolutely nailed it! I noticed some soft/rot spots where the wall meets the ceiling above the sink and stove before I bought it, and have since found the back corner in the shower and right above the hot water heater are rotted out! What does it take to fix this? : Pull everything out, strip off the paneling/insulation, fix any rotten studs/framing, reinsulate, then new paneling? I just noticed the air bag suspension will need to be replaced also. I drove from Redmond to Hood River with the right airbag collapsed. That explains the shake I was feeling. It had been like that for quite sometime and the bracket that holds them to the leaf springs was bent up and not sitting right. I pulled it off straightened it back up and got the airbag inflated to 60 psi. Went for a drive and it was so much better=). But it's is leaking pretty bad and weather cracked so... I'm looking at $270 to get a set of 3T's. P.S. Wish I could park here for the winter! But at least I have access to the shop to work on it..
  2. Badgerbear

    1985 Toyota Shasta Help

    Sweet! Congrats on the Shasta man! I can't help much as I just got my first Rv too (89 Dolphin) and am trying to figure it all out. I think I checked out that 85 Shasta that you bought on like Division St and 60th?? If so, it looked pretty solid and functional! Cheers I'm in the Hood River area..
  3. Badgerbear

    Just bought my first ToyHome! 89' Dolphin!

    Wow, thanks Linda, that gives me a good place to start! I'm stoked on finally owning a Toyota motorhome! Maybe someday I'll learn enough to contribute some answers, instead of just asking questions..
  4. So after looking at quite a few Toyota and a few Nissan motorhomes I ended up with an 89 Dolphin V6 with 60k miles for $4500. I was not planning on a V6 or an automatic, but it looked better, was newer, and had less miles than anything else I looked at, so I figured I'd risk it with the V6 ! It is definitely is going to need a lot of work but I feel pretty good about it so far! It is somewhat overwhelming thinking of everything to do to be able to start living in it in a few weeks. It appears to be in great mechanical shape and pretty decent shape in the coach too( better than anything else I looked in my price range). I didn't see any oil or fluid leaks at all, it had a timing belt replaced @53k and just had a tune up. I drove it from Redmond, Oregon over Mt. Hood and across the Hood River( Columbia River) bridge to where I'm currently staying in Underwood, WA with hardly any issues! The engine stayed nice and cool and had "plenty"of power for climbing up hill. It did have a moderate shake/shimmy on the hwy and I noticed when I got home that there are some mismatched tires on the rear, so new tires are a priority for sure. The gas gauge is not working. It smelled slightly like a belt was slipping when I got home and sure enough the power steering fan belt was loose, but the tensioner maxxed out and the AC belt was broke and laying on the skid plate deal. I replaced the belts and now have a cold blowing AC in the cab! There is a bit of a sag in the roof, and some leaking along the edge of drivers side wall above the stove/sink and a couple cracked roof vents with tape over them. I have got all the lights, outlets,stove,oven, and fans working. The seller said the propane line to the fridge is cut and capped off ( which I can see) and that it may not work at all and I think that is the case. I have not heard a peep out of the hydroflame furnace, but am not sure I'm even taking the right steps to fire it up. The plumbing was winterized but the seller said the hot water heater does work. I drained the black and gray tanks and a few gallons of something came out. I hooked back up the plumbing to the water heater and need to connect the water pump to the fresh tank and light the pilot light to see what's working or not. I don't plan on using the plumbing in the camper this winter to avoid freezing issues, at least until I learn more about living in a Rv. Priority list Sealing up the roof to stop leaking at the edges for now. (Fix the sagging and do a proper roof job this summer) Make sure there aren't any propane leaks Get tires Figure out the furnace situation and maybe buy a mr heater. Find out if the water heater and plumbing work, then probably re-winterize. Figure out if the coach battery is good and if it is charging off the alternator and shore power like it should. Priority Questions What product should I use to seal up the edges and other problem areas temporarily until I can do a proper job? What is the best method to be sure there aren't any propane leaks? Does the pilot light in the water heater compartment have anything to do with the furnace not doing anything at all? What are the steps to starting the furnace while hooked up to shore power? Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  5. Badgerbear

    Newbie looking for buying advice

    Well the 18' sunrader was crazy rusty, running like crap, rotten floor, all sorts of leaks Ect... Just horrible. Made another hour trip to Portland again this morning to look at a 85 Toyota shasta. Seemed pretty good mechanically just lots of water damage, rotten cab, and generally dingy. There is a 87 larger sunrader 3 hrs from me in Eugene for $6000 that seems well cared for. I may be willing to spend that much if it is actually pretty nice. New head gasket,exhaust manifold, timing belt, shocks,tires,rear frame rebuild, toilet. It is an automatic tho, which concerns me a bit. http://eugene.craigslist.org/rvs/5872543817.html appreciate your help!
  6. Badgerbear

    Newbie looking for buying advice

    Update:. I decided to try to find one closer. Had a deal on a short bus fall through... Think I'm going to look at a 84 Nissan/Datsun 18'sunrader in Portland $5000 Obo. A little over budget, but a sunrader would be great
  7. Badgerbear

    Newbie looking for buying advice

    Who hoo! Think I'm gonna make the drive. I've never had an engine with a carburetor before, is there anything o should be aware of?
  8. Badgerbear

    Newbie looking for buying advice

    More photos of the ceiling... Mini cruiser. thanks it is a 5 hrs drive for me to check it out so I appreciate you expert options!
  9. Badgerbear

    Newbie looking for buying advice

    Thanks very much for checking it out for me. This one is an option too.. http://wenatchee.craigslist.org/rvs/5842585650.html
  10. Badgerbear

    Newbie looking for buying advice

    I did a decent amount of learning about these rigs last year on (I guess) the yahoo Toyota motorhome page. I test drove an 82 dolphin that had way to much water damage/rotten walls and a 89 or 90 mini Winnie that overheated on me and had tons of issues. I now see that it will be hard to find something that I can afford that doesn't have issues. But I need a home=\
  11. Badgerbear

    Newbie looking for buying advice

    Sorry about that! Hopefully this works http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/rvs/5861384363.html
  12. Hello, I'm ready to buy a motorhome and have been attracted to these toyota's. I don't need to pull anything and don't mind going slow just as long as I get there reliably. I've never owned a motorhome or anything like one. Don't really wanna go over $4000 on the initial purchase.. Any thoughts on this one? bj4sh-5861384363@sale.craigslist.org