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  1. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Thanks Joe Finally settled the claim today,insurance company ended up raising the settlement offer after i sent them receipt for tires,picked up check today for 10300 but I'm pretty sure they screwed up and didnt take the 500 deductible off that check,I'm sure they will be wanting me to pay that back but I'm not complaining,I'm satisfied with the 9800. I did find out what salvage yard they are supposed to tow it too,they havent picked it up yet,I will call them in a couple days and see what the process is if they are going to auction it or what.
  2. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Oh yeah they are! Wish I knew what salvage yard they're going to tow it to and how I could reacquire it because I don't think they're going to be wanting 2500 for it . Last picture of it before it goes
  3. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Just got off the phone with the insurance company, they would not come off wanting 2500 for it so I'm going to let it go. I asked them about where they would send it for auction and I was told it will not be auctioned off it will go to a salvage yard for the parts to be sold and they think the parts are worth 2500 . I told them it had brand new tires on it and they need the receipt, going to look for receipts tonight and hopefully get some more money for that and then finalize the settlement
  4. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Thanks for advice everyone but let me reiterate things I have already said: I was out of town when flood happened and I could not get it home anyway if I was in town, it has been closed up since the flood with no fans on inside. Motor has been started by my daughter two days after flood when I was out of town but will not start now, no signs of water in oil or transmission fluid.Just a click when you turn key. Floor is already soft in back half of motorhome where the worst damage was
  5. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Well I might take the money and run but it won't be spent on another motor home, unfortunately the flood also destroyed my work and it will probably be 2 to 3 months to get us up and running again so need to save my money
  6. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Thanks for advice.I want to take a chance on it,wife doesnt.Thing that scares me is it wont start now,but it did start before after it was flooded.Front end was on incline so most water only got in rear of mh,I dont think much water reached the engine but something is causing it not to start.I was out of town when it was started,my daughter started it and said it blew water out the tailpipe.It just makes 1 click sound when you turn key,wont jump off so I dont think it's battery,plus first time I tried to start it and it wouldnt start all dash lights and radio came on,there was no sign battery was dead.Maybe water got to starter or something? Theres no sign of water in oil or transmission when I pull the dipsticks out
  7. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Well they don't have possession,I do.Its still at storage lot where I am paying the rent,so I don't really have any negotiating power. I have no ideal where the auction would be at
  8. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Well I got the offer from insurance company and it was a lot better than I expected so I didn't even fight them on it , I thought they would come in very low but they offered 9773.00 minus 500 for deductible If I want to buy back it will cost me 2500 which was more than I thought the buyback would be , I haven't made up my mind what I want to do yet. I might buy it and try to make it a flatbed or a toy hauler, I don't know yet
  9. No time to fix our Rig!

    Just saw this on Houston craigslist today,OP had it listed beginning of August for 3500 with the rig not working correctly,now dealer has it for sale for 10,000 https://houston.craigslist.org/rvs/d/1992-toyota-winnebago-warrior/6303361035.html I guess they got it fixed,hopefully this will help me get more money from adjuster for my total loss rig
  10. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Like Linda said,this was from rain,no salt water,and I'm pretty certain it didnt get in dash.
  11. Well the flood that hit Houston damaged my motor home,it was declared a total loss by Geico,just waiting to see what their offer is going to be on it.It got about 3' of water,you can see the water line in the pictures.I want to try and buy it back from them unless what they want is too high.I'd like to bring it home and try and air it out and put some fans in it but needs to be towed and it's probably too late to do anything about it anyway.I left the state Friday before the hurricane hit,rv was flooded Monday and I didnt get back to State till following Monday,so it had already been sitting a week before I got a chance to take a look at it. I suspect Irma's going to take out a few more Toyhomes with it also,praying for those in Fla.
  12. No,dont know when timing belt has been done.Spent about 3 grand on it since buying in dec and taken 2 trips in it,tired of screwing with it.Toyota motorhome = moneypit.