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  1. We had a similar problem a year or so back. The first thing we did was come right here and get help from the many great folks here on these forums. Two suggestions stood out: 1) Make sure your coach battery is fully charged. I didn't know that the electronics in the furnace were sensitive to low voltage. 2) The thermocouple over time can develope scale on the tip. Take some sandpaper and try to sand the tip and then retry the start process. I did this a few times and like magic the furnace came to life.
  2. I've found that Krylon spray paint (either their "Fusion" or "Colormaster" brands) color "Gloss Dover White" works good for touchups on cab and coach for our Rogue motorhome. Now ours is not a Sunrader but this paint might be worth a try.
  3. So sorry for hijacking this thread. The original poster should check his axle. It appears from his pictures that he may have the infamous 5-lug axle. Am I seeing correctly?
  4. It has 3 handholds...So that means it is an '86?
  5. Yes, it has the 6-lug axle. I think it came that way from the Rogue coach factory (i.e. no paperwork axle was ever changed). So, the only way to tell is for me to try removing wheel?
  6. Ok, Thanks for the info on the replacement PD converter. It seems that the only reason to replace old unit is for better charging of coach battery? There is no "cleaner" power benefit? I was worried my old converter wasn't ideal for today's sensitive electronics (i.e. phone, laptops, TV's etc.)? In regards to battery charging my old converter seems to be working fine. I've not had any battery sulfating problems. In fact I'm just now changing out my coach battery after over 7 years use.
  7. We have an original power converter in our '85 coach. As we use computers, watch TV, charge phones, etc., when we travel we think it would be advisable to replace our converter. I know this has been discussed before but can someone advise us to what manufacturer and model # would be our best replacement?
  8. We have an '85 Rogue (not a Sunrader) but have found that the spray paint Krylon "Dover White Gloss" to be a very close color for touchups of both the cab and couch. We've used their "Fusion" or "ColorMaster" brands with equally good results. Hope this info helps!
  9. Welcome to these forums. You will find a wealth of information in the archives as well as from the many knowledgeable members. Not meaning to hijack your thread but I have a question regarding Derek's recent advice. I have an '85 Rogue. Does the lefthanded thread advice apply to our vehicle too?
  10. Hi Freestone, The company is Aalbu Brothers. They have moved to Smokey Point (near Arlington WA). Their phone number is: 425-252-9751. It seems they have sold since I was there. Cal and Larry were the old timers I dealt with but Larry has unfortunately passed away. Cal in his mid to late eighties felt it time to sell as Larry had done most of the physical work. I chose them due to their proximity to me here in Bellingham so I didn't consider any other shops. Hope that helps!
  11. Mark, Yes, the sales tax here is high but at least we don't have state income tax. 😀 The shop we went to was in Everett, WA. Established in 1906. The old timer there was absolutely sold on "cold" arching the leaf springs using a huge press versus putting them in a furnace and heat forming them like your shop did. I was skeptical of their process. I told him that I read that cold forming won't keep it's arch. His stare at me felt like daggers and he said, "We've been doing this for over 100 years. Don't you think we might know a thing or two about doing a job like this right?"
  12. Hi Mark, I remember talking with you before about our Spring Shop cost experience. The prices we both paid I think we're at the extremes. However in my defense, I also included my KYB shocks (and installation) in my $1500 cost. We also have close to a 10% sales tax here in WA that we have to deal with. Ugh!
  13. Maineah, Great tip on turning off the city water when leaving your RV at a campsite. Though I've always turned off the pump switch when I'm not using water during dry camping, I had never thought about turning off the city water when we're away from our RV. Sometimes we think we're so smart about things and then someone like you reminds us we still have allot to learn. Thank you for ALL your excellent advice on these forums.
  14. Hi Kirk, Like Mark, our 1985 Rogue was riding very low and we took to a nearly century old spring shop. They added two leafs to each side, cold arched the pack, and installed new bushings. We then had Les Schwab install KYB shocks (lifetime warranty). Our rear was lifted around 3" and the coach is nearly level all the way around. Fast forward a couple years and it sits the same. Though we spent nearly $1500 on this suspension work, it's been the biggest performance improvement to our RV. No more sway when cornering (even on tight mountain roads). The ride is also very comfortable not
  15. There's a YouTube video on the process for cleaning the tank (can't figure how to load). They use a Camping World special water spray wand that easily fits into the "washer" hole. They then turn on the water and move the wand around to remove scale. The process is augmented by also using white vinegar.
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