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  1. Rogue Runner

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    There's a YouTube video on the process for cleaning the tank (can't figure how to load). They use a Camping World special water spray wand that easily fits into the "washer" hole. They then turn on the water and move the wand around to remove scale. The process is augmented by also using white vinegar.
  2. Rogue Runner

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    I'm surprised to hear that some think the drain valve on hot water tank is not removable. I just got done replacing mine after our annual trip to the Oregon coast. It was a bit corroded but nothing that some WD40 can't handle. By the way we use our hot water heater all the time when we're camping. Just light the pilot and turn the burner on. It's very efficient and doesn't use much propane at all.
  3. Rogue Runner

    1985 Rogue info

    Welcome to the board! We have a 1985 Rogue with approximately 62k miles. It's a 4-speed manual with a 22RE motor. We bought it back in 2014 and have enjoyed many fun trips up and down the Pacific coast. Like you we have done several improvements (i.e. suspension, shocks, paint, etc.) with always more to do! Our layout sounds the same as yours with 3/4 bath in back; couch and swivel chairs in main; kitchen area in front next to loft. I must say I was surprised to see this post. I thought I had seen all posts here related to our seemingly rare Toyota motorhome. If you click on our name in this reply you will be able to see some pictures of our RV and the various posts we've contributed through the years. We hope you enjoy your new treasure and lifestyle.
  4. Rogue Runner

    The Best Laid plans of Mice and Men..

    Not only is your advice so valued but your story writing skills are incredible. This narrative is a great example of your wit and wisdom.
  5. Rogue Runner

    Replacing oven

    We didn't remove our oven as we frequently use the range top attached. We have just "repurposed" it to be a mini- wine cellar by removing the inside metal racks and burner. We even left the oven door on so our wine remains at a fairly constant temperature.
  6. Rogue Runner

    Replacing oven

    Our 1985 Rogue oven had never been used when we bought it three years ago. We knew we would never use it either so we removed the burner and capped off the oven propane line. We then installed a wine rack that was perfectly sized for the space. Our "oven" has turned into a mini wine cellar.
  7. Rogue Runner

    Someone tried to steal our Rogue!

    Funny thing was I didn't know I had tilt steering until I removed the balance of the broken cover. As far as power steering I know I don't have that. Funny thing about that is I don't miss it at all!
  8. Rogue Runner

    Someone tried to steal our Rogue!

    Oops...Sorry about forgetting to add that important information. It's for a 1984 Toyota Pickup, tilt steering, manual transmission, and preferred color is black. Thanks Derek for your assistance.
  9. Rogue Runner

    Someone tried to steal our Rogue!

    Installed new ignition cylinder lock. Knife blade was broken inside keyhole. This made it a bit difficult but I was able to move the key switch to AC with screwdriver. Then I squeezed smaller screwdriver into outer housing to push down release button. The old cylinder was then easily pulled out and the new one inserted. Thanks for all your help! Now I have NEW problem. Can't locate the lower plastic steering column cover that the would-be thief broke. I searched our local wrecking yard but no luck. The part number is 45287-35180. Can someone direct me to a reasonably priced source?
  10. Rogue Runner

    Someone tried to steal our Rogue!

    Fred, great idea about coil wire! We have 22RE so not sure about the fuel cut-off valve. Those things are easy to do and tough for car prowler/thieves to see much less overcome. My thoughts are also on more visible deterrents. Discouraging thieves BEFORE they break-in and do costly damage. If they SEE something that will cost them more time to be successful they just might not try in the first place. Make sense?
  11. Rogue Runner

    Someone tried to steal our Rogue!

    I appreciate the replies. We've ordered off of Amazon a new cylinder lock and wire assembly. Together they came to around $60. As we have "Prime Membership" both qualified for free 2-day shipping. Should have before weekend so I can install. This occurrence however has awaken me to the threat we all share. In an instant someone can easily steal our classic RV's. Even though I thought I was being diligent in keeping our baby in a "secure" 24-hour monitored facility, my effort wasn't enough. I'm looking at what other measures I can do to detour car theft (i.e. wheel locks, steering wheel clubs, etc.) I would love to hear what others have and/or will be doing to ensure that their beloved Toyota RV doesn't show up missing one day.
  12. We keep our RV in a secured area in out housing development. Unfortunately someone cut through the fence and broke into our RV. They went through one of our coach windows. I had left them open a crack for ventilation and thought I had them locked. They went straight to the cab and proceeded to break open the ignition cover. They also tried to use a knife in the ignition but broke their blade. They left the broken cover on floor and fortunately the sheriff was able to pull some prints. A report is filed and hopefully they'll apprehend these lowlifes. I'm left now with an ignition where I can't use my key. Can someone give me an idea how best to repair?
  13. You might want to take picture of rear wheels. Do I see 5 lugs?
  14. Rogue Runner

    What model is this?

    Note that we have a 5-lug front and 6-lug rear. Hopefully you have the same configuration.
  15. Rogue Runner

    What model is this?

    I had to look twice at your picture as it looks almost like our RV. Ours is a 1985 Rogue. It has around 62k, 22RE, and a 4-speed manual transmission. We've had it for 3 years and just LOVE it. Hope you enjoy your "new" RV.