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  1. So, my last Hail Mary here, I know I said I’d let it go Derek but I photographed my axel, and measured its circumference at it’s narrowest point near wheel (over 8”, maybe even 8.5”) before I sell it for peanuts, is there any chance this 5 lug foolie axle is beefier than usual? Thanks...
  2. Yes, Linda S has given me a lot of hope, I’m currently scouring online and having almost no luck on a dually axle
  3. Ok, that’s my start, so if duallys then obviously true ff axle how hard is that going to be? How rare? if possible, what axles will work? (Year and model if possible) (6 bolts right?) (one ton?) any and all particulars and absolutes will be very helpful in my search, I am VERY grateful for everyone and I know nobody owes me answers, I am just at the end of the line where I will have to sell this for much less than I paid because I will be morally obligated to disclose the axle danger (which I would have wanted the chance to know before I bought it)...
  4. Ok, I’m so happy to get all this advice, but I am just getting more confused as each post turns a corner into a different result and that’s likely me just being a noob, I’m not getting a clear understanding of the final solution... the tacoma idea seems to be squashed by Linda because of rear diff and gearing the axle in the link In Wisconsin looks good but the last post from Linda seems to say that now I need to go to ff true duallys can I get a final solution explained with slightly noobie phrasing? im so sorry, thanks
  5. Ok, yes, Wisconsin is easy, Linda Are my rims a match for this item above or am I going to change them and if so, to what size?
  6. I’ve spent hours calling even contacted someone in Ohio (I’m in Iowa) I have no problem with - few hundred miles.. thanks
  7. Ok, stay with me here L, this gives me hope, are you saying find a Tacoma Axle, install it using my existing rims and get 4 tires total per your link? (2 in front, 2 in back)? If yes, what year Taxoma axle will fit my MH and rims? What particulars do I need to worry about? (Do they need to be FF)? thanks
  8. Yes, how do I get out of this mess? 1. I can’t have duallys unless I find an impossible to find true ff dually axle (thanks Derek for your link but it’s too far and they said someone is already coming) 2. i cant use singles for reasons just explained by you all even if I found a longer axle 3. I can’t use the existing axle because it’s recalled AND has foolies making it worse 4. Can someone please answer this: is there a way to measure and KNOW if my current axle is the beefier capable one? I know the 5 bolts is a telling indicator but as Linda s says; there is an 8” one that might be installed that might be strong enough, if this is true do I measure the girth of my existing axle? what would you experienced people do in my position? Thank you!!
  9. These are 3 ply tires, from what I know I should at least go to 8 ply but my main concern is the advice to go to a wider tire which my rims won’t do and from what I told, no wider rims can be found that will fit...thanks
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