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  1. 79 Sunrader cab crack

    Shouldn't be a deal breaker, any body shop could easily fix this problem, but there should a reduction in price for this.
  2. Any idea on how to get rid of or hide water stains on the headliner on 85 Sunrader? Can it be painted, if so with what kind of paint? Also whats a replacement for the god awful ugly shag carpet around the door and round the back of the cab? Is vinyl flooring better than laminate for the replacement of the shag on the floor?
  3. Ok I think I have the info I need, Thanks to everyone for all the help! Sonny Sunrader
  4. What about filter, is there one, and if so how do you change it?
  5. Does anyone know how to change trans fluid in a A43D transmission, and fluid amounts less torque converter, fluid type and how to add the fluid?
  6. Thanks for the response, that's what I thought, installing cruise control, it said connect to the speed sensor, I'll need to connect to coil instead.
  7. not the subject your talking about, but does this trans have a speed sensor, and if so where is it located in 1985 a43d?
  8. Doing a valve job on an engine often causes it to burn oil, I'd at the lease have the rings replaced and as long as you have it apart may as well replace main and rod bearings and oil pump.
  9. Solar eclipse rally

    Checkout state parks for so. Illinois there are a lot of them and some can be reserved. Cave in rock, sounds really good they have everything for lazy camping.
  10. Solar eclipse rally

    I was doing some research on camping in So. Illinois, There is a national forest there with dispersed camping. It is called Shawnee National Forest, Dispersed camping (boon docking) is free up to 14 days, the center of the eclipse almost passes right over it. There is a fare amount of camping space at Tower Rock Campground, which is on the Ohio river, GPS (37degrees 27' 28.56" N and 88 degrees 13' 45.42" W) there are toilets but thats about it. But it looks like it would accommodate 10 to 15 units its first come first served. Just saying its an option if we can't find anything else.
  11. Solar eclipse rally

    Is anyone planning a midwest Aug. 21 Toy rally for the total solar eclipse?

    The walmart campground is always open and free.
  13. 12 volt and CPAP

    I've seen commercials on TV for new small cpaps made for camping, they have there own rechargeable batteries. I don't remember the brand but you maybe able to find it on line. hope this helps
  14. Generator noise levels.

    You said that you run your computer on house battery, Does the house battery have an inverter to run 110ac?
  15. I have a 85 Sunrader and its has the diaper on it, I think it was standard equipment on the 85 Toyota. It may have rotted and fell apart at some point.