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  1. sonny sunrader

    Sunrader coach

    Thanks for all the help and interest I appreciate the effort!
  2. sonny sunrader

    Sunrader coach

    Ok Thanks for checking Linda!
  3. sonny sunrader

    Sunrader coach

    Mine was manufactured (coach 08/85), Toyota truck (06/85). Still waiting to hear from Linda on door frame removal!
  4. sonny sunrader

    Sunrader coach

    Mine also has the EFI 22RE, will post pics when done, don't hold your breath though!
  5. sonny sunrader

    Sunrader coach

    It took a lot of pulling and tugging on the shag with staples in it before I discovered the self tapping screws! Some of the manufacturing under the carpet is pretty crude, mine is a 85' sounds like the same fine fabrication as your 86'. I'm determined to get the shag off of the door, even if I have to take a utility knife and cut it out! As for the shag roof piece, it looks like they glassed in a board then, I think they screwed the shag to the board. I think I'm going to find some burbur carpet that matches the headliner in color and put that in its place.
  6. sonny sunrader

    Sunrader coach

    Vinyl on the floor, have removed carpet on floor already, don't know about around door until I see what I have to work with.
  7. sonny sunrader

    Sunrader coach

    Does anyone know how to remove the door opening frame on a Sunrader so I can remove the freaking shag carpeting round it?
  8. sonny sunrader


    I've completely removed the roof rack, there was nothing connected to it. When it get light tomarrow I'll chrck for a plugged hole, thanks Linda!
  9. sonny sunrader


    I have a place to hook a tv on the inside of my Sunrader, which looks it should be for a cable or antenna. The cable runs thru the bottom of the overhead cabinet, it heads toward the rear, but can't figure out where it goes, can't find any hook up for cable on the exterior of home. Does anyone have any idea what this for on the inside of Sunrader? I'm confused!
  10. sonny sunrader

    79 Sunrader cab crack

    Shouldn't be a deal breaker, any body shop could easily fix this problem, but there should a reduction in price for this.
  11. sonny sunrader

    1985 Toyota Shasta Help

    check on e-bay I bought a cd with the manual for my 85 Sunder there for $20
  12. sonny sunrader

    air-condition other than roof-air

    Thanks for all the help Linda You've been great. If I ever get to outer space i'll look you up!
  13. sonny sunrader

    air-condition other than roof-air

    I've been thinking, (always dangerous) put unit in rv and studied the issue, I think i'm going to do exactly what Linda S did in hers. It just seems to make sense and I don't have to do anything to the Sunrader that would be expensive to repair. Thanks for all the good advice, a real thank you to Linda S
  14. sonny sunrader

    air-condition other than roof-air

    Thanks WME I appreciate all the info you have given on here, keep on RVing!
  15. sonny sunrader

    air-condition other than roof-air

    I know it's on the large size, was going to buy a smaller unit, but this was a better unit and I got it for less money . I have a 3 season room I will use it in, I may find a smaller a/c for my sunrader. I have until spring to think about it. Guess there's no big hurry! Does anyone know how big of genny it takes to run a 14,000 btu a/c unit?