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  1. RaderNed

    Sunrader cab-over replacement windows

    Yes, I reused without a problem. The seal and the locking bead we're both still really supple and the removal and reinstallation were pretty easy. The wrap-around corners took a little wrestling but the whole reinstallation, once the new window was properly trimmed, took less than an hour. The locking bead had stretched a bit so I ended up trimming off an inch or two. We're up in Seattle now (rain!), so just to be safe, I've clear silicone caulked both the inner and outer edges of both cab-over windows.
  2. FYI, I recently found a plastics shop which can fabricate replacement, wrap-around cab-over windows for the Sunraders at $175 each. Q&I Plastics, 445 Portal St #9, Cotati, CA 94931; (707) 795-0612 The owner's name is Rick. My passenger side window ('85, narrow profile) was cracked badly but intact. I dropped it off at this place and within a few hours Rick had the new window done. I took the rv back and he helped me install it. It had to be trimmed a little bit, but once in fits perfectly and looks fantastic. Rick's got my old window and could use that as a template, or if you've got an intact one you could send it to him. HOWEVER, Rick is very conscientious and would really prefer to have the rv there to make sure the finished product is perfect. If you are willing to reassure him you're happy to do any trimming yourself, he'll likely be willing to ship a finished product to you. (Rick uses a dremel mounted to a work bench to do his trimming)
  3. RaderNed

    89 Sunrader Plexi Window Replacements??

    Thanks, I'll give them a call, we'll be passing by there on our way to Seattle in a couple of months anyway. Has anyone ever tried making their own jig and fabricating a window for themselves out of a standard sheet of plexiglass?
  4. RaderNed

    89 Sunrader Plexi Window Replacements??

    Are you still offering these windows? If so, what thickness plexiglass are they using?