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  1. vizualeyesit

    1984 Nissan Sunrader axle question

    Haha!! True true. I'm supposed to be getting the VIN today or tomorrow. I think that should clear it up. It needs a lot of work but the price is right. I just need to get there!! I'll keep ya posted. 😉
  2. vizualeyesit

    1984 Nissan Sunrader axle question

    Thanks for this info Linda! I have been trying to find photos of Nissan Sunraders to cross reference and saw Gail's as well. They don't look the same which made me think it wasn't an 84 but I wasn't sure if it was newer or older. Do you think the rusted through area could possibly have come from a battery leak? It's been sitting in a shop for years not running...
  3. vizualeyesit

    1984 Nissan Sunrader axle question

    I'm laughing out loud right now. Literally. I didn't notice that until you just pointed it out. You're so smart. 😁 So you think this looks like the full floater then huh?
  4. vizualeyesit

    1984 Nissan Sunrader axle question

    Lol. It's got a hubcab on it and the seller is 90 and has no interest in gathering info. I was hoping the picture would tell the story. I'll post a photo of the outside but I don't think it's going to give any more clues. Also a photo of the rusted area..
  5. vizualeyesit

    1984 Nissan Sunrader axle question

    Very funny Derek!
  6. vizualeyesit

    1984 Nissan Sunrader axle question

    Sounds good. Thank you! Not sure if getting a pic of it will be possible. I was trying to get the VIN to verify it's year because I had read that 84 was the year they started putting the full ton axle in but I haven't been able to get it yet. This rig also has a little rust under the front quarter of the cab which concerns me a little. I've read that rust is a concern on those Nissan's. Is that true?
  7. I know it's not a Toyota but I think some of you are familiar with Nissan's.. can anyone tell by looking at this photo if this has the 1 ton axle or not? I've tried to research but coming up blank and this one is 500 miles from me and owned by a 90 year old who doesn't know much about It..
  8. vizualeyesit

    '86 Sunrader 4X4

    Nice looking rig but I don't get it. Is it a 4x4 or not? What does clone mean? It "looks" like one?
  9. vizualeyesit

    Thoughts on what it would take to fix this windshield?

    Thank you Linda! I'll do that. Any idea if the 91 Dolphin came with a generator box/compartment? This one doesn't have a generator and he doesn't know if it has the box for one or not. I know I could always get an aftermarket one to power the air when boondocking but would love to get the 2800 one that came with most of these. I just can't tell from the photos if it looks like it has the box or not.
  10. vizualeyesit

    Thoughts on what it would take to fix this windshield?

    Thanks Linda. I love the floor plan. The idea of having those back windows to back up to a beach sounds amazing to me. I had already planned on changing the tires before I drove it home because I'm a worry wart when it comes to stuff like that. I'll ask him about maintenance records. He said it had the 1 ton 6 lug axle upgrade but I didn't think to ask about timing belt or valve adjustments. The engine is my biggest concern at this point. I love that it has the V6 auto but also know that those supposedly don't run as long and yes 162,000 miles is a bunch. I'll look into what an engine rebuilt might cost for that just in case. It's the owner Im talking to but he's only had it for going on two years and it's been in the campground since. The windows above the cab were taken out and that kind of makes me sad from a light perspective but what should I look for there from leaking perspective? Seems obvious that they wouldn't have been taken out if there wasn't a leak at some point. Also there is some repaired damage I can see from the bottom front drivers side corner of the coach. He says it hasn't leaked since he's owned it.
  11. vizualeyesit

    Thoughts on what it would take to fix this windshield?

    Okay thank you for that. It's not posted for sale anywhere but here are a few pics. He said the tires need to be replaced but other than the windshield it's fine. It's been sitting in a campground for a year and a half which concerns me a little but not not enough to deter me. Let me know your thoughts. It has 162k miles on the V6 automatic.
  12. vizualeyesit

    Thoughts on what it would take to fix this windshield?

    Hey Linda it's in a small town in the middle of Florida a few hours south of Orlando. I wonder if I put some heavy duty tape on it around that bottom area would it stabilize it enough to get it back to Tennessee.
  13. vizualeyesit

    Thoughts on what it would take to fix this windshield?

    What the seller said was something to the affect of it sat too long with the windshield being cracked and now more extensive work needed to be done. I'll check on the "come to you" places and see what they say. Thank you!
  14. vizualeyesit

    Thoughts on what it would take to fix this windshield?

    Thank you! It's a 1990 Dolphin with the V6. The problem is it's a 10 hour drive from me so it's not likely that I can get it into a shop. With the windshield cracked I'm not sure I'm able to drive it legally and that it might completely bust out if I hit a bump just right on the way home. Also didn't want to get in over my head if it was going to cost a lot. Thanks so much for the advice though! I really appreciate it.
  15. Hey you all. I'm looking to purchase my first Toy but it has this windshield problem. It's cracked and part of the frame looks to be rusted out. Do you all have any ideas on what it might take to fix this properly? As well as a potential cost involved?