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  1. Yota Master

    Hitch Mount Cargo Rack loadout

    That's pretty slick Linda! Right now I just have a fuel tank and my Action Packer to hold tools on it right now.
  2. Yota Master

    1986 TravelMaster Escape Hatch replacement!

    Cool! Nice to meet you. Would like to see some pictures of yours. I plan to post a build thread of mine shortly. Our was in the family, so we got it for free because they didn't want it anymore. We've been re-building it from the ground up. I went to the factory website and looked up the part number for just the lid, so you may be able to order directly from them. Here's the part number 90129-C1 Lid - Heng's 22" X 22" Fits escape hatch 66621 http://www.hengsindustries.com/replacement-parts-list/ http://www.hengsindustries.com/distributors/
  3. Just purchased this Aluminum Hitch cargo mount from Harbor Freight to carry item like extra fuel, emergency road equipment and portable generator for dry camping (more pics to come). Was wondering what everyone else carries on their hitch to compare notes? https://www.harborfreight.com/500-lb-capacity-aluminum-cargo-carrier-92655.html
  4. Yota Master

    1986 TravelMaster Escape Hatch replacement!

    Hey Amaia! Fellow 1986 Travelmaster here as well. We need to compare notes :) Just replaced the same hatch, along with the A/C and bath room vent with a fantastic fan. Found this Escape hatch on Amazon. Fit and function seem to perform well. Hope this helps https://www.amazon.com/Hengs-66621-C2-Escape-Hatch-Aluminum/dp/B002NKZZ4G/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1531273975&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=heng-s+66621-c2
  5. Yota Master

    Mirror Upgrade

    Plan on installing a new Nav stereo upgrade with a backup camera, but still can't see much while driving out of the rinky dink factory mirrors. Any recommended aftermarket updates or has anyone done mods?
  6. Yota Master


    Hey Kathy, congrats on the Toyota Escaper. Some of the more common items can be found on places like Amazon and Ebay. We found our A/C, vents, lights etc on those. Some of the more unique items will have to be search for in junk yards and craigslist. I recommend utilizing the search engine here to find what others have done on specific items and google everything you can on Toyota campers. Some stuff can be hard to find. Good luck in your search.
  7. Yota Master

    Rain gutters?

    Yep re-doing all the seams and caulking with dicor lap sealant, then topping with Eterabond roof sealant tape. Decided to divert the flow of the A/C runoff with some L-angle aluminum flashing. Have small corner gutter on the used on the trailer trailer that would probably help too, but the water has to make it there first.
  8. Yota Master

    Rain gutters?

    In the process of re-sealing the roof and replacing the A/C and all the vents. Have water from the A/C and rain that's pooling around the seam above the cab over which has warranted some interior repairs inside. Are there any aftermarket items or mods that can be done to divert this water off the roof?
  9. Ran into GVWR issues when I was considering a truck camper for my F-250. Its a Crew Cab 4x4 long bed Diesel. Was thinking I had all the truck I could ever want, but was severely limited as to what I could carry in the bed (1900lbs). A short bed dually is almost triple that. A far as production numbers I was talking all makes and models of the Toyota motor home. Believe I read somewhere that only around 1500 Savannah Travel Masters were produced, so it will be rare to see another. Although it appears to be a cousin to the Huntsman (Den floorplan) Classic car enthusiasts is a good analogy. Not many 80's vehicles left on the road nowadays. Let alone motorhomes
  10. Yota Master

    Painting over decals

    Definitely don't want to just paint over the decals. As hunkaman mentions they will just bleed through. They did go sticker/decals crazy in the 80's didn't they. Mine were cracking as well and I've been using a few of these ABR rubber eraser wheels to remove them first. They work great! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018WG2XYE/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1
  11. After a long hiatus due to a slow shade tree mechanic, I've finally got the 86 Savannah Travel Master back to road worthy condition. (Although we are doing a major interior overhaul - more to come on that) Question, how many production numbers were on all models and how many can I expect to pass on the road to the next camp ground? Have seen too many examples of them being butchered for parts or sent to the boneyard. Know the trend today seem to be purchasing high dollar 5th wheels (and we have still have a travel trailer) but there's just something special about restoring these unique rolling mini land yachts to original form. Still can't figure our for the life of me why they aren't put on some form of new Toyota platform. Any info is appreciated YM
  12. Yota Master

    New 1986 Toyota TravelMaster Owner

    Some pics of getting her home Loaded up and ready to hit the road. It was under a shelter with flat tires, a locked column and no keys. Luckily it winched up straight Driving down the interstate. Got a lot of one finger waves
  13. Yota Master

    In case you missed this cool setup.

    What the statistical chance of seeing one of those on the road? Any idea of the actual production numbers?
  14. Inherited a new (to me anyway) 1986 Toyota Travel Master that was on its last appeal and headed to the scrapyard because the family didn't want it anymore. The best part was I got it for the grand total FREE minus the fuel cost of driving over another state to haul it back home and getting running again. Just couldn't stand the thought of not seeing it on the road again. Excited to find this forum and look forward to learning more from the other members. Current condition: Fuel tank is out and the drive train is disconnected. It only has just over 23,000 original miles Will be adding more photos and updating progress as the project continues Here's what it looked like when we finally got it home