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  1. bosshoff

    Telluride Colorado

    Were any members in Telluride on August 6th? I saw a sweet Sunrader just out of town which looked to be a 1985 4X4.
  2. My head hurts after looking at that post. How on Earth does a person find the time? When I saw the donor truck come in, then a second cab, i thought no way. That work would have taken me a year straight. Nope, next thing you know it is done. Just wow. Anyone else have a normal answer?
  3. What is involved in removing a Sunrader shell? I am being told the camper is in decent shape, but the truck is rusted beyond repair. Frame is rotten, cab is rotten (rust). Has anybody documented pulling a Sunrader off of a Toyota, and sticking it back on another Toyota? I'd love to be able to read anything on the subject. Thanks.