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  1. Sorry, but I don't like Sunraders. Give me something without rust, that holds together with only a bit of rot, and I will take care of the rest.
  2. I see Grandvilles for sale all the time. Most all of them seem to show up on the east coast though. Try Www.searchtempest.com to find them...
  3. Tires are useful for about 7 years and must be replaced after ten years. Check the date of manufacturer on the tires. There is an area on one side of each tire with the date. It is in code. There will be a spot that says DOT and then 4 numbers. 2716 would mean the 26th week of 2016. Good luck. When people buy new tires online the tires are usually less than 6 months old.
  4. Post some pictures here of your Mini-Mirage. Sounds nice, and I always like looking at how people have worked on them.
  5. The siding on the Mini-mirage might be unique. Like you say, difficult yo seal. Never thought of that, but lots of them are still around and looking good. There is one for sale in Bakersfield CA, but the inside is strange. Looks low mileage and a good price. I call him when it was 1000 higher. He cant seem to sell it.
  6. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/rvs/d/compton-1980-toyota-dolphin/6883001765.html Hi, same with me. Couldn't get ahold of him. Seems to now be sold. Looks good, but the underside is probably toast. However, I've seen them with surface rust on the sheetmetal and the underside still ok. That's what I was hoping here. Dolphin is a good model. Here is one, but there may be too much rust underneith. Can't get this guy to return my call.
  7. Check your tire pressures very closely. Also, dump in the tank a can of seafoam. Fuel injectors get dirty and the spray pattern is affected. This makes a big difference in that reguard. A roof rack will visably knock down your mpg because of wind resostance. Tailwinds always help. Always drive with the wind and go downhill coming and going to where ever you camp.
  8. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/rvs/d/compton-1980-toyota-dolphin/6883001765.html Here is one, but there may be too much rust underneith. Can't get this guy to return my call.
  9. The early hilux has a frame that is 3 inches narrower than '79 and later. The spring perches need to be repositioned.Also shock mounts need welding work. That axle is 300 pounds. Not many go through the cost and expense upgrading that axle and none think their rig should be priced less without it. I wouldn't trust that old axle too far. I see the foolies going strong on 21 ft rigs. I know of several that snapped off. One was on a Sunrader that I've seen in pictures on this site. It was 2 years ago in Mexico. The woman who owned it was going 45 mph. Dodged a bullet. They just put in a new axle shaft and then she drove it home to Alaska. That's the last I heard of it.
  10. Not sure on that. I've seen them both ways. They say if you have to run the foolies to use 5 psi less air pressure in the outer tires. Most of the aluminum sided models are '78s. Only seen a few with later body style. Either is ok. I'll read your links. Thanks!
  11. I have to say $65 is a good price. Get them before the Chinese tariffs raise the price. Do they seem as sturdy as OEM?
  12. Yes, this is all true. I've already been searching for a very long time. That's why I'm trying this approach. Most times if I find something it sells immediately and before I can respond to the ad. This way there may be a better chance, but still I have to find one.
  13. Hi everyone, this is a really cool and active forum, neatly hidden away off the paths most traveled. I especially like the way this site is set-up, and that it is not on FB for once. I' m looking to buy an early Toyota motorhome, and the problem is that what I want has been difficult to find. I like the very early aluminum sided 18' "shorty" Dolphin type rig (Dolphin name used here as an example only). The Sunraders and Chinook type are nice too, but my focus is away from fiberglass. These units came from many different manufacturers back then, few of which made it very far into the 80s. They are usually the 1978 cab style because shortly (not a pun) after that most companies that survived went to the 21' variety with the later body style. Difficult to find, but so worth it to find a nice one, many would agree. I live on the East coast and will travel, no problem. I do not have a driveway, so I have no place to tear one apart to restore. I need one in, for the most part, decent ready to go shape. However, being rather weak in this area, the right one that appeals to me may not need to be in that great a shape. I do need to be able to somehow get it home though. I daily use Marketplace and Searchtempest but come up short( I swear using that word again was an accident) or a day late. I can find Toyota motorhomes on these services myself. What I thought I might find here is someone who has one they would like to sell, or someone who knows where one is stashed that I may be able to pry away from its current owner. Any leads are appreciated, and I hope something shows up. Included here is an image something like I'm looking for. Thanks for reading.
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