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  1. I hates them mices to pieces.
  2. I don't understand why so many are rusted out so badly in the first place. Why would people drive them on salted roads? To go to a ski resort? Shouldn't they be winterized? I do understand that they are often neglected for long periods of disinterest.
  3. I think that picture of the rusty wheel is a long unused spare tire, tucked underneith. May indicate how much rust would be under there keeping that wheel company.
  4. Yes, I saw that one. It has a ton or east coast rust underneith. I talked to the seller who was selling it in NJ last year. Apparently this guy in PA bought it and is now reselling(at a nice profit). All the eastern examples I've seen are not very nice, but I still look here too. I'm sure there are some that have been taken care of. Thanks.
  5. Hi, the rear dinette floor plan is highly sought after, myself included. It just seems natural, as opposed to having a table that needs to be removed before climbing into the bunk. However, many people have floor plans that are other to rear dinette and say that they like them. Could folks please comment here on floor plans. I'd like to get some first hand opinions on what people like and don't like. Thanks!
  6. The mountains in GA max out at less than 6000' with gaps being 4500' avg. Climb and dive 1500' u can do it!
  7. I think it is an early Keystone, like yours. Rear door in early Toyota RVs
  8. Yeah, get your paint sprayed in Mexico. This rig in Oklahoma appears too far gone, but the pictures are dark inside. You can install an inline fuel pump external to the gas tank if carbuerated, to get it home. Blowing up the pictures I can see lots of silicone on the exterior. Probably rotted. I called the guy but he seemed alusive. Don't like that. The floor could need replacing, and if so, it needs to be gutted. I think Dolphin had a sheet metal floor underlayment.
  9. Speak of search terms... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1248491431981775/
  10. Here's one that may be like yours, but not as nice. https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/rvs/d/oklahoma-city-1978-toyota-rv-project/6896032783.html
  11. Oh, I see them. They are listed under cars and trucks for sale. My searches are under campers and RVs. Never seen a Sunrader listed that way before. Chinook, maybe. Thanks!
  12. I have a Phoenix CL search that I Saved. It includes surrounding areas too, including Tuscon. These two listings do not show up in that search, and when I went to alTuscon CL I do not see either. Still, want aluminum sided.
  13. A valve adjustment is done at the tume of headgasket replacement...so you may escape that cost, depending on the mileage.
  14. That is a Keystone, your motorhome. Looks better than I could ever imagine finding. When I use Searchtempest a lot of rigs get missed. I manually go all over using CL too. I also use FB Marketplace with a 100 mile search radius and go all over with that too. I'll try narrowing the search parameters like you suggest. Keep a lookout for me. Thanks
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