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  1. Finding A Replacement Fuel Tank

    Shoot! Sorry, but I already had the tank replaced before I read this. If it happens again (which I REALLY hope it doesn't!), I'll make sure to do this. Thanks!
  2. Finding A Replacement Fuel Tank

    It hasn't ever felt like it was stalling, though at times it was hard to start. I went ahead & got the gas tank replaced, and put on a new gas cap too that says it will release excess pressure both ways. We'll see how this works!
  3. Finding A Replacement Fuel Tank

    I know! It seems really odd to me, too... But I did hear a loud "bonk" noise coming from under my vehicle when it was just sitting there at a campsite, and I heard it on multiple occasions. The theory is that the gas tank expanding & contracting like that to the point where it "bonked" (suddenly changed shape creating this noise), weakened it in certain key spots, which then started small leaks. The link I posted above is where I got the new tank in October, that is already leaking now. However, it's not the first time there's a problem. The last owner had a leaking gas tank #1, that he replaced with #2. I'm not sure where either of those came from. Then I replaced with #3 in October, and now I need to get #4! I think I need to get the underlying problem fixed, not just keeping changing tanks!
  4. Finding A Replacement Fuel Tank

    Here's a new tank that I got, going for $75. I have to add a caveat that the one I bought in October already needs to be replaced due to developing leaks. But, that seems to be due to expansion/contraction problems due to gas venting issue, not just a defective gas tank. http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/sku/Replacement/Fuel_Tank/REPT670105.html Hope you have better luck with yours! - Deanna.
  5. Vented gas cap?

    The mechanic is the one who suggested that it might be that I don't have the right gas cap, but he wasn't sure if this vehicle needed a vented cap or not. Also, he said my current configuration doesn't quite match what he's seen in his online vehicle repair info. I have no idea what one of the previous owners may have done... it could easily be that somebody changed something, and/or bought an incorrect cap. Based on what I found during lengthy roofing repairs, it seems that previous owners had very different skill sets! Anyway, that's when I decided to ask on the forum about the gas caps -- and very quickly Linda provided the answer! If there is a solution this simple, I will be a very happy camper!
  6. Vented gas cap?

    Hi Mark - My problem is a bit different... I haven't had any gas leaking out of the gas cap. Instead, mind seems like it's not letting air into the gas tank. What I noticed on mine was 2 problems. First, it's on the 3rd gas tank in 2 years. I put in a brand new gas tank just 4 months ago, and it's already leaking. The previous owner had similar problems, so it seems there's some other problem behind it... Second, sometimes when I'm just sitting outside around a campsite, reading a book, I would hear a loud "bonk" noise come from my vehicle. It took me awhile to realize what it was, because the first times I heard it, I assumed it was somebody else's camper causing the noise, since mine was just sitting there. But sometimes there were no other vehicles around. So, doing some research, it seemed to be the gas tank repeatedly contracting with changing temperature and inadequate venting that was causing both the noise, and the stressing to the gas tank that has led to repeated leak problems. Since I usually hear the noise in the late afternoon after I've stopped driving for the day, and things are cooling off outside, it seems like not allowing air IN could be the problem. My mechanic has just replaced the gas tank AGAIN for me with a brand new one, but he wasn't sure about the venting issue. If it's as simple as a gas cap, that would be a wonderful thing!! Thanks, and good luck with your problem! - Deanna.
  7. Vented gas cap?

    Thanks, Linda! That is EXACTLY what I needed to know! Thank you, thank you!
  8. Flex solar panels on metal roof?

    Thanks, Linda! It was easier than I expected! (Unlike pretty much everything else!)
  9. Vented gas cap?

    Hi there - Does anybody know whether these Toyotas are supposed to have a vented gas cap or not? I'm having issues with gas tank venting, and wonder if perhaps I have the wrong type of gas cap. Also, I'm thinking of buying a locking gas cap before traveling south of the border, and want to make sure I've got the right kind. My toy home is an 86. Thanks! - Deanna.
  10. Flex solar panels on metal roof?

    Exactly like that! Funny, that even looks like my picture...
  11. Flex solar panels on metal roof?

    I ended up attaching the semi-flexible panels to the metal roof using 3M VHB tape. From what I've read, it's super strong, and more than capable of securing my panels. Then I put Eternabond roofing tape around the edges to keep water and wind from getting under the panels. Time will tell how this works, but I'm happy with it so far!
  12. Solar ~ Maximum Power Point Tracking controllers

    I just installed an MPPT controller yesterday, along with 200W of semi-flexible solar panels. This morning, it was taking 40V from the panels and converting it to the recommended 14.5 to deliver to the battery. I've got high hopes, but will have to watch it over time to see how it really performs.
  13. Flex solar panels on metal roof?

    The ones I'm looking at are Suoaki flexible 100W for $180. Weighs 4.8 lbs. https://www.amazon.com/SunPower-Flexible-Connector-Charging-Compatibility/dp/B01DXYNGA0/ There's a pretty wide range to compare it to, but Renogy rigid monocrystalline like I used to have are 100W for $139. Weighs 16.5 lbs. https://www.amazon.com/Renogy-Watts-Volts-Monocrystalline-Solar/dp/B009Z6CW7O/
  14. Flex solar panels on metal roof?

    The velcro idea looks nice in that it's possible to detach the panels if I need to remove or replace them for some reason. If they're glued directly ot the roof, that could be a bear. But on a metal roof, it seems like the velcro would allow water to get under the panels. I was hoping to keep that dry. Is there some way to use velcro and still keep the water out that I'm not picturing? Thanks!
  15. Flex solar panels on metal roof?

    Thanks, everybody! That's a pretty interesting idea about the velcro - I wouldn't have thought of that!