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  1. @moalaska, have you read this thread: I have the same rear end on my 86, went through the process of breaking and replacing all the studs with conventional RH ones. Need to remove axel and then press the old studs out. Parts are easy to find, any local auto parts store should be able to order for you.
  2. This is a great testimonial to the customer service of Airlift. I checked out the cost of this bag package, $285 shipped. I've wondered over the past couple yrs whether I should install airbags on our camper, 86 Micro Mini. No bags on it now, never have been from what I can tell. Currently there is no rear squat either. Am I pushing my luck or is the truck fine to go on with just leaf springs only? Would appreciate advice on this topic.
  3. Just replaced the bulbs with LED style. Fridge is made by Norcold, I think model NR740. It performs well but is a bit on the small side for our size family.
  4. You could lift the shower pan and reroute the drain to the gray tank, if that tank is within reasonable reach. Maybe tie it in with bath sink drain, that way you wouldn't have to mess with the actual tanks too much. Might have to raise the shower pan, lose some head room, to fit plumbing.
  5. I think you're asking about the exterior and interior sections of all added. The piece of angle metal on the roof does all the heavy work. The section of sheet metal on the interior creates a broad area to spread the pulling load and prevents the bolts from just pulling through the flimsy roof. The roof used to collect a couple inch deep puddle after rain, it doesn't do that now. There's quite a bit of force required to bring it back up. Make sure you don't undersize the metal goods on a project like this. Glad you like the work!
  6. Yes that's right, axle comes out, total PIA. Loosen the axle nuts and then tap on them with mallet, it makes dissasembly much easier. I also jacked left side up high enough so that I wouldn't loose diff oil. Upon reassembly be super careful to not damage O rings. I think it's also a good opportunity to replace all the studs with traditionally threaded ones so that future folks don't have to work with reverse threads. I had to use impact hammer to back old studs out. Check diff fluid when you're done. Oh, and you'll need to regasket upon reassembly too.
  7. Seems like single wheels would simplify all our lives - at the very least it would be less parts and allow us to pay normal vehicle fees on toll roads. These 4x4 Odysseys certainly weighed equal to the non 4x4s, not to mention the torture of 4-wheeling, so I assume the axle design is robust enough. Am I missing something here? Is there some amazing pro to having duelies on all the 2wd trucks?
  8. We have two group 27 batteries, 2 100W solar panels, and a 12V marine fridge from Dometic. Has worked flawlessly for 1.5yrs now. Camping all over New England. We also run a Maxx Air fan, range hood fan, pump, LED interior lights, and a small 12V table fan. On occasion we have the run propane heater too. A 3rd battery could be added but we've always remained >60% charge with just the two, usually above 75%. If I did it again I would purchase two 6v batteries and tie them in series - would provide more amps (for similar weight/volume) and they are more robustly built than the dual purpose marine batteries I picked up at the auto store. I found the fridge used at a marine store. The panels cost $100 each, controller was $15 (all HQST), batteries were $90 each. Wiring was minimal and I did all the work myself.
  9. We have 2 group 27 batteries and 200 watts of solar on the roof. This is enough to run all the normal stuff and our DC fridge for a few cloudy days and still stay above 50% battery level (which is the lowest one should go as I understand). The nice thing about solar is that we can run our Maxxair fan on max on hot sunny days and the battery stays at 100%. We also keep laptops, tablets, phones charged - use the H2O pump - use the heater on occasion - DC table fan - and LED lights on a regular basis. If we were in the forever sunny desert we could probably make it on a single battery, the clouds mean we need 2.
  10. My family and I were just through Penobscot a few weeks ago - to and from Deer Isle, stayed the night at the campground in Brooklin. Nice work on your camper - that's an impressive amount of work! I'll keep an eye out for ya
  11. LOL is right! I'd love to see photos of the interior!! Your model must have been the dinette/double chair with sofa on the other side. Ours only has the dinette. We did make a cot that sits on top of the drivers/passenger seat and another that sits on top of the stove and sink. That at least got everyone off the floor so ... getting the bathroom is actually possible without stepping on someone Still it takes extra time to setup and then return to a state where we can make bfast etc. It's all fun!
  12. Hi @thaiten - I'd love to know how you all slept in there, 4 kids + 2 adults... we are 3 kids + 2 and it's tight at night with people everywhere! Needless to say I am impressed, I already thought we were past the comfortable capacity but I guess not!
  13. Looks like a independent magazine review - or you think it's a paid advertisement? Either way, 19.5mpg seems magical to me even
  14. This is the 2nd time I've shared my mpg on this forum and someone has questioned my numbers. I really don't think it's all that amazing what I am getting, folks are always advertising better than that in sale flyers - obviously some of those numbers are exaggerated, but generally these rigs are renowned for efficiency. If I tried to hypermile I think I could stick to high teens all the time - but with a coach full of kids I usually try to get from pt A to B as quickly as possible!! That's not to say I am gunning it nonstop, but I certainly would drive a bit easier if it were just my wife and I. Maybe your rig has a chevy 454 under the hood and you just don't know it yet
  15. I assume that message was aimed at me. I'm guessing that our 319 is a smaller rig, and prob weighs several hundred lbs less than most others. It's only 20ft long, bumper to bumper. I keep meaning to weigh it, one of these days we will stop at a weigh station --- does one just stop at the stations along the highway? Are they public?
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