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  1. Got it! I had to physically bend the crimped ends of the bushings/collets to get the mechanism's faceplates apart.
  2. Yes, I'm trying to fix the lock mechanism. Getting it out of the door was easy, but I can't get at the lock mechanism without removing the handle from it, and that won't seem to come off.
  3. Unfortunately, the handle and plate don't seem to slide off for us (bc the handle is larger than the hole in the plate). I've attached some pictures and a video my friend Peter took of the door handle we're unable to remove. Hopefully someone will know the "1 simple trick" to detaching it. Thanks, Lenny WhatsApp_Video_2018-10-04_at_2_14.33_PM.mp4
  4. Thanks for the excellent write-up @Lee & Joan! I've got the lock out of my 88 Sunrader (since it was closing but not locking) and I got the collets undone so the assembly is loose but can’t figure out how to get the handle off. No set screw or otherwise. Any suggestions? Thanks, Lenny
  5. sweetleon

    road noise mitigation

    I'm about to install new speakers in my Sunrader shorty because the old ones are blown from 30+ years (and 196k miles) of use, and also because I've probably been playing my radio too loud to drown out the road noise. I'm also thinking of putting in a subwoofer so the speakers don't have to work so hard. But then I was talking to a friend about this, and he suggested that maybe I'm solving the wrong problem. Maybe I should do something about the road noise. Has anyone here done anything to mitigate road noise? I googled what folks have done for Toyota pickups, and there seems to be a lot of discussion and even an FAQ answer. Are the things folks do for pickups (e.g., Reflectix under the carpet or insulation for the hood, firewall and steering stem) sufficient? Does an RV need something else? As always, your insights are very much appreciated.
  6. sweetleon

    1982 minicruiser renovation

    Welcome to the club! I was in your situation about 2 years ago, and this forum has been an invaluable resource when I had questions. To get to those questions, you might want to take stock of the situation. Do all the appliances work in all modes? For example, does the fridge work on propane as well as AC and DC power? Which parts of the interior do you plan to replace and which parts can you salvage? Happy trails, Lenny
  7. sweetleon

    Extra long Sunrader

    https://flagstaff.craigslist.org/rvs/d/completely-restored-1985/6570661992.html is it just me or is this longer than 21’?
  8. sweetleon

    The straight poop on Macerators

    Yeah, that's the problem: I prefer it not to break down until after it's left my hands. ?
  9. sweetleon

    Condensation on ceiling

    What model RV is that? I can say that the exposed fiberglass on a Sunrader definitely "sweats" when it's rainy or otherwise humid.
  10. sweetleon

    Newbie requesting advice

    Given the low mileage and the location in Arizona, it's possible that there's no water damage. But like everyone else has pointed out, inspect closely in case it does.
  11. Well, I finally got reimbursed after Labor Day for a tow that took place just before Memorial Day. And it took quite a bit of hassle to get reimbursed, during which I was told that some regional AAA clubs won’t honor my California membership’s RV towing agreement. So I can’t endorse AAA, and am considering other options when it comes time to renew my membership next month. The one thing AAA offers in CA that I can’t replace is DMV services. If I buy an in-state vehicle, they can handle the registration for me without going to a DMV office. I was also able to pickup personalized plates at a AAA instead of going to the DMV.
  12. sweetleon

    Ever rented out your RV?

    RVshare has some questionable practices according to their yelp reviews. Outdoorsy seems much more reputable.
  13. sweetleon

    Free Tire 1987 Dolphin

    Sorry, @Style! I got confused and thought you were in San Antonio. (Tho you clearly wrote El Paso in your post.) Unfortunately, TaskRabbit doesn't have service in El Paso yet. Is there a way to get that wheel and tire to Andre Auto Salvage? I'll gladly pay them to ship it. Thanks, Lenny
  14. sweetleon

    Free Tire 1987 Dolphin

    Looks like I can get a TaskRabbit to pick it up from you in San Antonio and ship it to me in California for a total of about $100. Seems like a reasonable price to get a spare tire and wheel. @Style Please send me your address and what time you'd like them to come pick it up in a private message.
  15. sweetleon

    Free Tire 1987 Dolphin

    If you can hold onto it until October, I may be able to pick it up. Of course, of someone claims it before then then they should have it.