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  1. I’ve got a 1988 Nissan V6 a/t Sunrader 18’.
  2. Newbie requesting advice

    Given the low mileage and the location in Arizona, it's possible that there's no water damage. But like everyone else has pointed out, inspect closely in case it does.
  3. Replacing the walls and ceiling?

    I think this is the post @linda s is talking about.
  4. Well, I finally got reimbursed after Labor Day for a tow that took place just before Memorial Day. And it took quite a bit of hassle to get reimbursed, during which I was told that some regional AAA clubs won’t honor my California membership’s RV towing agreement. So I can’t endorse AAA, and am considering other options when it comes time to renew my membership next month. The one thing AAA offers in CA that I can’t replace is DMV services. If I buy an in-state vehicle, they can handle the registration for me without going to a DMV office. I was also able to pickup personalized plates at a AAA instead of going to the DMV.
  5. Does anyone use a Black & Decker cooler as an armrest? Those are still sold and easy to get. 12-can/2.3-gallon 8-can/1.6-gallon
  6. One of those is available near San Diego. https://us.letgo.com/en/i/car-snack-box-by-sharper-image_41626c6d-fd13-40be-81b2-9a14498fc17c
  7. Ever rented out your RV?

    RVshare has some questionable practices according to their yelp reviews. Outdoorsy seems much more reputable.
  8. Free Tire 1987 dolphin

    Sorry, @Style! I got confused and thought you were in San Antonio. (Tho you clearly wrote El Paso in your post.) Unfortunately, TaskRabbit doesn't have service in El Paso yet. Is there a way to get that wheel and tire to Andre Auto Salvage? I'll gladly pay them to ship it. Thanks, Lenny
  9. Free Tire 1987 dolphin

    Looks like I can get a TaskRabbit to pick it up from you in San Antonio and ship it to me in California for a total of about $100. Seems like a reasonable price to get a spare tire and wheel. @Style Please send me your address and what time you'd like them to come pick it up in a private message.
  10. Free Tire 1987 dolphin

    If you can hold onto it until October, I may be able to pick it up. Of course, of someone claims it before then then they should have it.
  11. Nice work! Perhaps plastic toilet shims could help. Alternatively, you might be able to get a "custom" angle with putty.
  12. -4℉ seems unnecessarily cold, no? Water freezes at 32℉
  13. Fresh water connection

    I often have my Sunrader connected to city water thru such an inlet, but I always use a pressure regulator. Bc when I didn't it blew out the old shower head. 🙃
  14. Most wifi cameras that I've encountered tend to work by sending their video feed up to a server in "the cloud." So unless the camera you're considering operates differently, you'll need a way for it to connect to the internet. (Also, your Kindle will need to connect.) You can make your phone a wifi hotspot for that, but that can be costly unless you have an unlimited-data phone plan. And it'll introduce a fair bit of latency while the video goes from the camera to the server and then from the server back to your Kindle.
  15. Given how cheap off-the-shelf solutions are, why? Are you interested in the DIY aspects?