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  1. sweetleon

    1982 minicruiser renovation

    Welcome to the club! I was in your situation about 2 years ago, and this forum has been an invaluable resource when I had questions. To get to those questions, you might want to take stock of the situation. Do all the appliances work in all modes? For example, does the fridge work on propane as well as AC and DC power? Which parts of the interior do you plan to replace and which parts can you salvage? Happy trails, Lenny
  2. The rest of the vehicle isn't very shiny, so I think it'd look out of place if the hood was shinier than the rest. Here's a photo of the hood and the vehicle overall. As you can see, it's not very shiny.
  3. FWIW, my 1984 Toyota Sunrader is a match for 033. But my question is what clear coat do I need? I'm pretty sure that "gloss" wouldn't match, but do I need "flat" or "satin" or what? Thanks in advance, Lenny
  4. sweetleon

    Extra long Sunrader

    https://flagstaff.craigslist.org/rvs/d/completely-restored-1985/6570661992.html is it just me or is this longer than 21’?
  5. sweetleon

    Reverse light tap for backup camera

    I was thinking of setting up a backup camera that would be on whenever the rig is running, since the mirror it shows on is otherwise useless (unless you're trying to supervise whoever's in the cabin while driving; speaking of which, do y'all have passengers in the cabin while driving?) Any suggestions on how (not) to do that? As always, thanks in advance!
  6. For posterity in case anyone else runs into this issue again someday, that one turned out to be a fit.
  7. Thanks! How about this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Toyota-Hilux-Pickup-Truck-4Runner-EGR-VALVE-MODULATOR-no-BRACKET-22R-81-88-P-Q-R/352284510485?hash=item5205cb0915:g:d-MAAOSwHUhZ~rBB:sc:USPSFirstClass!94610!US!-1&vxp=mtr
  8. Hey gang, I went for a smog test and they said that my RV is missing the "back pressure modulator" which I've come to learn is also called the "vacuum modulator." I had the shop that did the test do the repairs, which I'm not sure was a great idea. They said they ordered the part but what they got doesn't fit bc they need something like the part pictured but with only 2 ports (1 on each side) rather than the 2+1 in the picture. But they can't seem to find one like that. What little I've found online suggests that the right part is a 2+1 like in the picture. For example, this one on eBay which claims to fit "22R 81-88," or this other one on eBay which says it fits "81 to 83 Toyota Hilux Pickup." Is the shop wrong? Or am I missing something? As always, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lenny
  9. sweetleon

    The straight poop on Macerators

    Yeah, that's the problem: I prefer it not to break down until after it's left my hands. 🙃
  10. sweetleon

    Condensation on ceiling

    What model RV is that? I can say that the exposed fiberglass on a Sunrader definitely "sweats" when it's rainy or otherwise humid.
  11. sweetleon


    Please post a link, @Totem
  12. sweetleon

    Snake as pet / guardian of RV?

    Cameras need electricity and internet, and I expect the RV to be parked long-term without shore power or internet.
  13. sweetleon

    18' Sunrader dimensions

    Thanks, Derek. We've gotten so much help on this forum, it feels like the least we could do to repay everyone's generous knowledge sharing.
  14. sweetleon

    18' Sunrader dimensions

    PS We chose not to remove the bathroom for exactly the reason @linda s stated. We managed to salvage the closet/fridge frame, and the kitchen area as well. Despite that, I think the photos show that what we've done qualifies as gutting.
  15. sweetleon

    18' Sunrader dimensions

    As it happens, @ACGreen, my friends and I are pretty far along on gutting and renovating a 1984 Sundrader 18'. Hopefully some of these images (including the drawings we made) will help you. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMi59HzdIeVLRcygvSaM4V3SWvOVLQ5-WDxbrx5lqYLLq7pVSCfEEewuci-3IQvfQ?key=MFdYNkhEdEViZk44NTJETTlCOUthVXVkbWVucXBn