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  1. That chain is for the spare tire, which I believe is standard on all Toyota pickups and RVs of that era. Thanks for letting me know! If I can get the air bags on with the sway bars, I'll make sure they replace the bushings. But at the moment I'm leaning toward removing the sway bars in favor of air bags. Not sure how to answer that question. I'd say they look fine. Here's a couple of pictures of the RV from when I bought it 2 years ago (not full water tanks, tho). Cheers, Lenny
  2. The ride IS really rough, which is why I want to add air bags. However, I don't believe the sway bars are making contact with the bump stops. That's just an optical illusion due to the angle of the photographs.
  3. I was hoping to install airbags on my Toyota Sunrader shorty, but it looks like there's a sway bar that'll prevent their installation. Has anyone solved this problem? Thanks!
  4. I was doing a little cleaning on the exterior of my Sunrader and discovered that there's a crack at the top corner of one of the wraparound berth windows. I know those are notoriously troublesome, so I'm hoping to find a way to get this remediated before it gets any worse. And, as usual, I'm hoping somebody here has ideas. As you can see in the photo, it cracked and "escaped" the gasket a bit. Would it be safe to use a bottle jack (with a wood board at either end to distribute the pressure) to pry it open a bit and get the window back inside the gasket? If I could do that, I'd put some sort of epoxy on the crack to keep it from spreading. Thanks, Lenny
  5. Got it! I had to physically bend the crimped ends of the bushings/collets to get the mechanism's faceplates apart.
  6. Yes, I'm trying to fix the lock mechanism. Getting it out of the door was easy, but I can't get at the lock mechanism without removing the handle from it, and that won't seem to come off.
  7. Unfortunately, the handle and plate don't seem to slide off for us (bc the handle is larger than the hole in the plate). I've attached some pictures and a video my friend Peter took of the door handle we're unable to remove. Hopefully someone will know the "1 simple trick" to detaching it. Thanks, Lenny WhatsApp_Video_2018-10-04_at_2_14.33_PM.mp4
  8. Thanks for the excellent write-up @Lee & Joan! I've got the lock out of my 88 Sunrader (since it was closing but not locking) and I got the collets undone so the assembly is loose but can’t figure out how to get the handle off. No set screw or otherwise. Any suggestions? Thanks, Lenny
  9. Hi @86Dolphino, I got a set of shelves at RV Doctor George last month when I passed thru Sacramento, so I'm not in the market anymore. They cost $20 plus CA sales tax and about an hour of rummaging thru the warehouse in July without air conditioning. So they're probaby "worth" $40 if I could've gotten them shipped to me instead of spending time and sweat. (The nice fellow running the place gave me a free bottle of cold water before sending me up to the warehouse to rummage, tho, which I very much appreciated.)
  10. Given the quality of the work we've seen, I'd say it's underpriced. Maybe prices in Iowa are lower than here in California, but I'd expect to pay almost twice the $8,900 asking price for a Sunrader in that condition on the west coast.
  11. @bwolfgti seems to be selling this "nicer than new" Sunrader on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/401574734053
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