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  1. I'm not using this to actually put flowers and water in it, as I'm sure it wouldn't hold the water, plus it's metal so it would rust. Nonetheless, I bought this half circle wall hanging vase at Target, and use it for storage (plastic bags, etc.). It looks very nice with the copper finish, plus I can take it off the wall anytime without unscrewing anything and it has a cute little handle.
  2. Thank you! We just bought a wood board from Lowes that fit the width perfectly. We cut the hole for the sink and two strips to fit around the stove. We sanded, sealed/stained everything to make it splash-proof. As far as the roof, we bought a gallon of Elastomeric Roof Coating by KST Coating on Amazon. We also bought EternaBond (awesome product) for the top side edges and any emergencies.
  3. Thanks! We painted the interior with just rollers and paint brushes, since we used different paint for the cabinets than the walls. Thank you! We cleaned and scrubbed the whole interior, then we primed and finally we used oil-based paint for the walls. The cabinet paint that we used was a Rustoleum kit for cabinets from Lowes. If there were loose parts of the original wallpaper, we took that part off and used spackle/filler to smooth the line between the cut wallpaper and the wall. The paint is holding up great. Hope this helps!
  4. @bobblefrog, Thank you so much! We love the J-shaped dinette! The place feels more open and airy. Perfect for entertaining. @Dolphinite, Thanks! It really is! It's like day and night. Bonus, it smells new! @jjrbus, thank you, lol, it's probably the perfectionist in me, and if I start something, I have to finish it soon, even if I have to lose a few hours of sleep before I have to go to work. Crazy, I know Good luck with your RV! Can't wait to see the before and afters. @Maineah, White paint is amazing! So much more light and it looks new and clean too!
  5. This Dolphin was purchased less than a year ago, in August 2015. Renovation began immediately, with complete removal and replacement of the floors, upholstery, refrigerator, toilet, kitchen countertop, swivel chair, lights (to LED), cushions, handles & hinges, curtains/blinds, and new paint throughout. It's gone from 80's style to modern in 3 months of renovations. We had it completely re-plumbed and we resealed the roof. We worked day and night to make it our own (total DIY)! Enjoy looking through the before and after pictures of our project. Let us know if you have any questions, we'd be happy to answer them!! Thanks for looking! B&B