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  1. quasi-moto

    Another Toy MH - 1991 Winnebago

    Found a good discussion on a Toyota boards about this. Lots of folks replace the pigtail k.s. wire assembly and it does not solve the problem. It really can be so many things or a combination of several. https://www.yotatech.com/f116/3vze-code-52-knock-sensor-184480/
  2. quasi-moto

    Another Toy MH - 1991 Winnebago

    Knock sensor was on when it was not overheated. This 91 year does not put the truck in limp home mode. It drives normally and goes through all appropriate gears. Unfortunately, previous owner did not surrender any receipts for repairs. The mechanics shop was a Ford Dealership, which is all that's available in that area. He told me the mechanic checked it out, and found no knocking. I presume the sensor harness failed after the rebuild warranty expired and was cost prohibitive to repair. I have that limp-home problem with my 2000 Volvo V70. It has a quirky problem in the gear shift that gets sticky in hot weather and trips a check engine/limp home mode putting me in perpetual 3rd gear. Luckily there is a tricky fix I found on a Volvo boards.
  3. quasi-moto

    Another Toy MH - 1991 Winnebago

    Good suggestion about throttle pos sensor. I own a code book and plug in that a mechanic used while I counted the number of flashes. That is how we knew Knock Sensor.
  4. quasi-moto

    Another Toy MH - 1991 Winnebago

    Took it for a look-see with a Toy mechanic. He felt there was no problem with the engine and that the cost to replace is not worth the sensor reset. I had to unplug/replug the check engine sensor in the parking lot of the smog check station to reset. Luckily, the rig passed and the check engine light did not come back on until I drove home, with my CA smog cert passing score. With my cert in hand, I registered vehicle. The overheating was likely situational, as many other cars were overheating on the I-5 outside of Vegas. Around town it is functioning just fine, except for a new problem. :\ Twice my Toy failed to start in the Disneyland parking lot, after a few hours in the park. It never failed to start on the trip back from Montana, even when it was really hot from hours of driving or close to freezing. Eventually, after about an hour of waiting, praying, and trying the ignition, it restarted. Called AAA for a tow and twice cancelled. This happened in the same row of the lot and at night, but not when I parked in other rows. Hmmmmm... Beware! Bad JuJu in the Disneyland Pinnochio Lot, in the row right next to the parking structure. LOL!
  5. Recently purchased a Micro Minnie Winnie. I used to own an 1986 Dolphin that was awful, as had been lived in by some goofball so it was in need of rehab. My new 1991 has a beautiful house area, and a rebuilt v6 with about 20,000 miles. Drove the rig back from Montana to So. Cal after purchase and was surprised at how utterly gutless it was over all the many mountain passes. It performed about as badly as my 86 4 cyl, when it was loaded with 4 people and all suppl for two week trip to Wash and back to So. Calif. I expected that an empty six cyl. would do better. The check engine light indicator is on and it shows knock sensor alert. Mechanic said it was fine and the sensor is an expensive fix. Any input?
  6. quasi-moto

    86 Dolphin Rear Wall Damage

    Hey fellow Toy hobbyists, I have this 86 Dolphin that we bought a year ago (luckily we only paid $1250 for it). It will be my long term project to rehab and then to sell. We already bought another Ford MH, since my husband kept hitting his head on the ceiling in the Toy and it caused much marital discord. We took a 3 week trip from L.A. to Seattle. At 5'3", I was very comfy, but hubby made everybody uncomfortable with his kvetching. The rear panel is rotted where the spare used to hand on practically nuttin'. I want to tear out the corrugated fiberglass siding, replace the wood panels with some good ply, and put new filon siding on it. Got a good deal on a piece from an RV store closure sale. Is there any problem with a mixed materials side? Not aethetic, just from a waterproof and safety and durability point of view. Also I'm gonna need a lot of help as I am handy, but I am a novice with carpentry and power tools. But I am stubborn, pig-headed and only pay $69/year in registration for this thing so I figure I got lotsa time to make a mess of things. I also want to replace the old vanity with a new teak marine table reclaimed from a local boat guy. It seems to be comparable in weight and real purdy. Anyone see any problems with this mod on the same rear wall? Thanks, Kim the Kooragious (or Krazy or Kantankerous)
  7. quasi-moto

    need info on cutting the upper bed foam

    Hi Becca, fellow newbie! "Lastly, we really need a manual for all the appliances etc. Know where you can come by these???" I was able to find a Dometic Installation and operating Instructions online. It covers the RM2300 RM2400 RM2500 RM2600 and RM2800. I don't know where I found it, but I'm sure I googled the model #. I can't find the saved file on my computer, but if you need it I can look further. I also found info on the Parallax Converter and an upgrade kit for the model in my Dolphin. It's from the www.parallaxpower.com site. I contacted National RV in Calif. and they sent me this PDF File of the owner's manual. If you can't download it, then contact: jhowland@nationalrv.com . Jennifer sent me one really quickly and they are very nice people. National Makes the current Dolphin and Seabreeze rvs and has some info about the old Toyotas. We got our little messy beast in the spring and are full bore on its refurbishment. Ours too was a good price, but a lot of sweat equity required for the "dream" to be realized. Good luck. Kim 1986_87ClassCDolph_Owners_Manual.pdf
  8. quasi-moto

    Odyssey repair

    Good luck on your Odd Duck. May the weather not be duck favoring, but cooperate fully with your plans. We are repairing/rehabbing our "new" 86 dolphin. We too have repairs in the rear of the vehicle. Water damage seemed to come from leak in bathroom and from the underside from corner collision damage. We are going to live with some make do's for the summer trip to Oregon, and really do plywood sub floor and rear panel replacement when we get back. I was planning on using the spray foam insulation for the rear repair. Maybe some one might have some good advice for or against it. I have a some lightweight marine plywood picked out and am locating some filon. I also want to know if I could safely remove the fiberglass panels in the rear and do the wall repairs and rebond it to the new wall? If not, should I just put new filon sheets on the new marine ply with contact adhesive? It would be the only non- corrugated face of the vehicle, but smooth if I can pull it off. My husband thinks I'm crazy to take this on, but a gal's gotta do what she otta do. He's the mechanic/electrician/plumber and I'm the upholsterer and wanna be carpenter and miscellaneous custom designer/dreamer. Keep posting your progress! Kim Quasi-moto's keeper, otherwise known as the Beast Tamer
  9. quasi-moto

    1986 Toyota Dolphin

    1986_87ClassCDolph_Owners_Manual.pdf Hey there fellow newbie! I contacted National RV in Calif. and they sent me a PDF File of the owner's manual. I can try and send it to you, but if I am unsuccessful, then contact: jhowland@nationalrv.com . Jennifer sent me one really quickly and they are very nice people. National Makes the current Dolphin and Seabreeze rvs and has some info about the old Toyotas. My email is mogadishukim@msn.com. Good luck with your journey. Kim