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  1. Propane leak at the gauge

    Now lookit! No leaks and now my propane tank Is pretty! Thanks Totem and every one else. John at northern energy in Missoula is great also; full of knowledge and helpful. He even purged my tank for free. Little wonder that my gauge was leaking, it was barely more than hand tight. I braced myself for the battle with a wood frame to hold the tank and a pry bar but, thankfully, it came off quite easy.
  2. Propane leak at the gauge

    Ahh, I just found totem’s thread. Excellent.
  3. Propane leak at the gauge

    Yes, permanent Manchester horizontal tank. The pictures should now be above.
  4. Propane leak at the gauge

    Has someone does this and is able to give me some pointers? *thank you [moderator] for fixing my post.
  5. Propane leak at the gauge

    I have worked on gas and water lines before and I would feel comfortable doing this if I felt like I thuroughly understood the system. I read on a post that the tank needs to be removed so the gauge can be placed upward to avoid bending the float...is that the case with this model? Also, I seem to remember something about a need to get the tank purged of air after the gauge is replaced/resealed. Of course the tank should be emptied as much as possible and I should be aware that this is very dangerous (disconnect battery, be vigilant about sparks/pilot lights, etc.). I would pay to have someone do it if I had to... but I don’t want to if possible.
  6. Propane leak at the gauge

    A propane smell coming from the tank area led me to hunt down the leak with soapy water. I found that several small patches of bubbles were coming from the threads in between the fuel gauge and the tank. Can I fix this myself by taking out the gauge, cleaning the threads and using pipe dope?
  7. I already have a wooden roof rack up there. It shouldn't be too challenging to run a tight rope above the camper between two trees and then secure some lumber wrap to it.
  8. Thanks, the frig won't be operating. No, we won't be living it. My wife and I are expecting our second child around the first of the year, so we are "nesting" in a mobile home this winter. We are both from the north and looking forward to a real winter for a change. Not migrating with the snow birds this year.
  9. Oh, I see. Blocks under two wheels so the vehicle will be slanted and the water can drain off of the roof. I thought that there was a concern for the tires or something. We are planning to overwinter in Montana and plan to set up an A-frame shaped tarp on top and yes, park the vehicle on a slant.
  10. Interesting...what is the concern about water pooling?
  11. Our camper usually just starts right up but in recent months it has developed a pause in between turning the the key and starting to crank. It usually happens when it hasn't been started for awhile but it seems to be happening more regularly. It will hesitate for up to about a second before it starts to crank and turn over. i thought maybe some corrosion somewhere? Any ideas?
  12. Perplexing Problem. The Dreaded Drip!

    I don't know if this relates but I had a little drip of brownish water coming in at the ac. At first I thought it was the ac seal. In the end it turned out to be from a leak on another place on the roof that migrated over and leaked out at the ac. It was before I coated the bare aluminum roof to seal up all the tiny holes that had developed.
  13. I'm Nosey and Wanna See Pictures of Your Rigs!

    Here we are going up the Grand Escalante last spring.
  14. Well, I don't think that mine was like that when I set it up. Air lift was really helpful when I called them w/ trouble shooting questions.