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  1. Bikemike

    Coach furniture replacement

    Thanks for this link! Very comfy foam and a great price.
  2. Bikemike

    Toyota 85 escaper sunrader dolphin - inquiry

    Yes, the 5 lug/6 lug topic is a big deal. One of the first things that you want to know about is whether it has the 6 lug (safe) axle or the 5 lug (death) axle. There is much discussion on this site about it. For example: http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/6-toyota-motorhome-axle-facts/
  3. Bikemike

    Bike rack on Dolphin

    Yes, I was in question of the bumper’s ability to bear the weight of two bikes over the bumps of the road. So I secured the hitch mounted bike rack to the spare tire also. It’s a quick connect/disconnect that dampens the bouncing of the bike rack and distributes the force between the spare and the bumper.
  4. Bikemike

    Bike rack on Dolphin

    I tried putting a spair tire mounted bike rack on our Escaper with disconcerting results. It seemed like too much torque on the back wall of the camper. I switched over to a bike rack that slides into a receiver hitch that bolts onto the square bumper. This meant that I needed to replace the rusty old bumper. It is still holding up, although I would have liked to have had a heavier gauge steel used for the 4 in bumper.
  5. I already have a wooden roof rack up there. It shouldn't be too challenging to run a tight rope above the camper between two trees and then secure some lumber wrap to it.
  6. Thanks, the frig won't be operating. No, we won't be living it. My wife and I are expecting our second child around the first of the year, so we are "nesting" in a mobile home this winter. We are both from the north and looking forward to a real winter for a change. Not migrating with the snow birds this year.
  7. Oh, I see. Blocks under two wheels so the vehicle will be slanted and the water can drain off of the roof. I thought that there was a concern for the tires or something. We are planning to overwinter in Montana and plan to set up an A-frame shaped tarp on top and yes, park the vehicle on a slant.
  8. Interesting...what is the concern about water pooling?
  9. Bikemike

    Perplexing Problem. The Dreaded Drip!

    I don't know if this relates but I had a little drip of brownish water coming in at the ac. At first I thought it was the ac seal. In the end it turned out to be from a leak on another place on the roof that migrated over and leaked out at the ac. It was before I coated the bare aluminum roof to seal up all the tiny holes that had developed.
  10. Bikemike

    I'm Nosey and Wanna See Pictures of Your Rigs!

    Here we are going up the Grand Escalante last spring.
  11. Bikemike

    '87 Escaper

    We paid $4100 for our 87 escaper year and a 1/2 ago and we are fairly well pleased. We have probably spent that much and more on repairs and improvements. $13,000 is very high even if it's been gone over with a fine toothed comb and has lots of extras (solar, new tires (7) etc., etc.). That being said, the escapers are nice for having an aluminum frame (less problems with rotten wood in the walls). With the miles that low though, you know it's been sitting around a lot the last 30 years. Have a mechanic look at the mechanicals and an rv person look at the house. My guess is that $4000 would be at the higher end for it unless there has been obvious signs of upkeep.
  12. Bikemike

    Using Zep

    It's called "wet look" floor polish or something like that. About $25 a gallon.
  13. Bikemike

    Using Zep

    I got a gallon at Home Depot and put it on with a small rag. Several thin coats (4-5 maybe). A little goes a long way. Make sure you clean the camper Really, Really well. Anything you don't get off will be sealed in!
  14. Bikemike

    Coach furniture replacement

    A cheap alternative to buying all new foam is using old couch cushions and puzzle piecing them together with contact cement. Some thrift store dumpsters are heaping with them😉. You just need to make sure you get all the same thickness and density.
  15. Bikemike

    Hydroflame blower motor questions

    So, dumping motor oil in the cotton wicking didn't last too long. It began to squeal again when the motor was cold and then would quiet down as it warmed up. I was feeling a little fussy about it so I took the furnace apart again and could see that a lot of the oil had dispersed. So this time I smeared a some grease in there...which was a big mistake. No more squealing, but it smelled horrible, like a mechanics shop caught on fire. It got too hot in there for the grease that I was using, I guess. Also, upon further research, the oillite bearings that are used in these blower motors really are designed to work w/...well...oil. 30 or 40wt is what I understand. Again, I took the motor apart and diligently cleaned out any remnants of grease w/ solvent. This time I heated up some 40wt oil in a little pan and submerged the bushings for about ten minutes. The oil was warm but not so hot as to smoke. There were bubbles coming up through the cotton wicking. Now? No squealing. even on a recent trip through Wyoming w/ bitter cold nights. The smell of the burnt grease is mostly gone. I wonder if the bushings got a little impregnated with the grease.