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  1. It looks like I need a new transmission. Its been acting up lately, and recently its gotten to the point where I hope I can limp it to the repair shop. Problem is - I don't know what transmission I have, and the vehicle VIN picked up a manual for some reason... I have a 4 SP auto (OD), but not sure what model was used in these trucks. Any one got some knowledge? Boz
  2. I believe it is the air flow valve. The sensor that sits on top of the air filter. In line with intake. Esit;'d. Sorry I meant air flow meter. My bad.
  3. If I wiggle the pin connector going into my AFV I can get the engine to stutter, trip an engine code, and even not start (err stay started really). I think the connector is a little wonky and id like to replace it before replacing the AFV, but I can't seem to find a part online. Should I be heading to the junkyard? I found a troubleshooting guide for the AFV, measuring resistance between pins, but I was getting weird readings, so not sure if I was doing it right. I'm going to give it another go in a bit and try to see where the intermittent issue is coming from.
  4. So I feel like an idiot, but turns out coach battery is dead. It gets a charge from alternator (tested by multimeter), but doesn't seem to hold it. I'm putting it on a trickle charger now to try and get it back up and see what happens. Some confusing info had me on a goose chase. I put the truck battery in its place and all lights and furnace functioned as intended. If the battery is bunk it'll be a good time for me to do my 2x6v battery conversion. There was a concern brought to my attention that if my solar charge controller is old, the diode in it could be failed, and I could have a voltage loss to that. I'm trying to isolate the wires coming off the coach battery terminals to figure out what goes where and what may be added aftermarket, but it's definitely a rats nest. For now I'm going to let the battery charge and see if it can hold a charge
  5. Well that is unfortunate. I will continue to do some troubleshooting and if I come up with any relevant information I'll post it. Thanks!
  6. Is there a switch or some system (that I've seen other units have) that would go between "store" and "use" mode for the coach system? My symptoms at this time I think match with me being in a "store" mode. There are two 4 amp fuses that are in these fuse holders. Hard to tell what is stock and what is aftermarket. It would be great if someone else had an 88 and could see if they have a similar wire under Te dash.
  7. Is there a battery disconnect switch in this model? And could this wire go to it? heres a pic
  8. I've had issues with my coach electrical ( lights, furnace fan, etc). They all work if the vehicle is on, (and interestingly stay on if the vehicle stalls out), but won't work otherwise. Coach battery gets good charge from alternator, tested by a multimeter. from research this seems like a battery disconnect switch issue. I started doing some digging and found a disconnected wire underneath the dash, by the steering column. It's labeled 12v access switch. The connected side goes through a fuse and then through the firewall. Where does the other side go? Thanks for your time!!