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  1. Vova

    Sunrader 4x4 Turbo 5 Speed

    It's been for sale for a while now.
  2. Vova

    EPDM or TPO

    Most of it was good so I left it alone. I did add a unistrut in the second to last rafter because of sagging from the ac. I also added a 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 rafter support on the very with three helpers to prevent future sagging in the back of the cab.
  3. Vova

    EPDM or TPO

    I removed the tin roof and replaced the plywood so it's ready to go. Just not sure what rubber roof to use. leaning towards EPDM since it's been around so long. The install kits for the roofs come with a transition strip. I would just put the rubber roof over a small section of the tin roof and secure to the wooden cross member.
  4. Vova

    EPDM or TPO

    Who has installed a rubber roof on their rig? Any feedback on what option you went with? im finishing up a roof replacement and dry rot repair on my 87' Sea Breeze and need to order materials. thanks in advance.
  5. Looks like I'll be replacing the tin roof on my 1987 Sea breeze with a rubber roof. The roof area in the middle of the coach where the AC is mounted is sagging. Are there any tricks to getting the sag out without ripping off the whole roof? Anyone ever add some aluminum cross pieces to support it?
  6. Vova

    Another Sunrader 4x4

    I would guess they put the coach on a 4wd surf.
  7. Vova

    Another Sunrader 4x4

    That's beautiful! What modifications need to be made to fit the coach on the surf? Is it a long bed?
  8. Vova

    18' Sunrader

    Post some pics of your 4x4.
  9. Vova

    18' Sunrader

    I didn't see any 18' ers.
  10. Vova

    18' Sunrader

    I'm using just the toyota 4x4 frame and swap the cab and coach over so I want the toyota cab. Unless I can get a new toyota with a 3.4l then I'll just swap the coach. Post some pics of his conversation when you see it and good lunch with the move. Eureka is beautiful.
  11. Vova

    18' Sunrader

    Thanks. Yes I check Craigslist on a regular basis. I'm looking for one $5k and under since I will be changing out the frame and drivetrain. where about in the Bay Area are you? the Nissan one looks nice and the guy actually emailed me about it. Would be perfect but I want the Toyota.
  12. Vova

    18' Sunrader

    These things are hard to find. Anyone have a recommendation of an sites to search?
  13. Vova

    4wd Sunrader conversion

    Would also be cool to use the Toyota extra cab like my crawler.