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  1. jhjeff

    The Magic of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish

    Hey Mark, your rig looks great! I'm in the process of cleaning up an 18ft Sunrader that was pretty dirty (loads of black residue, vehicle sat outside). I've done the 1st round of scrubbing with BKF and a nylon hand brush and have had dramatic results/improvement. If I use TSP for getting BKF residue off you think using nylon brush again is fine or did you do differently? I'm going to have to wait to get into the sanding/zep finish, is it bad to leave the BKF residue or to clean with TSP and then wait to apply Zep? For pre-zep sanding, (I unfortunately don't have access to air tools), I can just do a 600 wet sand by hand, but did you then also do a dry sand too? Zep: The results look great, I'll be plan on multiple coats. Was there just one "Wet Look" Zep product or multiple ones? Many thanks! Jeff
  2. jhjeff

    Sunrader interior wall structure

    Thank you for this information. I'm looking at a 21 ft Sunrader remodel project where the entire rear interior has been removed, walls are completely stripped down to fiberglass and floor down to wood. Not sure if ceiling SIPS are intact or not, there was some water damage at rear roof vent, but still looks like there might be wood present, so perhaps panels have not been removed. In looking at rebuilding in the rear do you have any thoughts on installing a lightweight but strong interior frame? Would it be worth the extra weight for the support? Not looking to overbuild/overload the vehicle as I'm aware of them already being heavy. If ceiling panels have been removed would putting SIPS back in be the best way to go, or is there a better way if starting from scratch? Have looked at some insulation options for walls (blue board panels, reflective air filled panels, spray foam), any feedback/thoughts? Thanks, Jeff