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  1. Wood replacment

    Starting to work on the bunk floor . Didn't do anything yesterday . Blood pressure was to high , all day at the doctors office.
  2. Wood replacment

    Have the walls braced . Time to remove the bunk floor. Need to clean it off first. Lol
  3. Wood replacment

    After a weekend trip to Nashville and all day rain on Tuesday back to work.
  4. Wood replacment

    Finally figured this out. Well my wife did. Lol
  5. Wood replacment

    That was easy ! Nice and strong just with one screw . So with that and some wood glue a definite strong hold .
  6. Wood replacment

    Just bought the kreg jig and some screws at Home Depot for 44 bucks. Going to do some practice drilling on some scrap wood first. Thanks for the info
  7. Wood replacment

    Would a corrugated fastener work better than plates and screws ?
  8. Wood replacment

    Naw. Have some metal brackets and screws.
  9. Wood replacment

    Old wood is out . Time to install the new .
  10. Wood replacment

    Going to do it the right way and just replace with some new
  11. I seen a guy use some higher weight oil like 80w 90 gear oil to quite down some internal engine noises because of worn rod and main bearings. I hope that an't the case with yours .
  12. Not at all . The only thing you have to be careful with is the lines to the master cylinder. Sometimes the metal line gets seized in the fitting . But by now you probably have it fixed.
  13. Did you close the bleeder valve before she let off the pedal ? If she lifted the pedal and then you closed the bleeder valve then you sucked air in
  14. If your brakes where working well when you left California and then started to fail. To me it would be the brake master cylinder . I have a 84 toyota mrv and my master cylinder was leaking into my brake booster but I was able to stop . When I found out my master cylinder was leaking and how old my rig was I decided to replace the master cylinder the brake booster all 3 rubber brake hoses and rear wheel cylinders , shoes and pads. Someone on here may have had the problem you have and will offer some advice.