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  1. Why rust issues in Vermont? I'm from Florida and I'm anxious about rust issues in RVs from Florida because of the salt water/air. With it being so short, I don't think the axle is an issue especially since the take the fake dually tire off. Am I wrong?
  2. I'm really interested in this one. http://blacksburg.craigslist.org/rvs/5270858803.html I've called them and it says it's 21 ft - it sure doesn't look like it. Has one piece bathroom, no generator, all appliances work. It has not AC in the coach - not that it's not working, it never had one in it.
  3. I'm in Southern Alabama/Northern Florida - think Panama City. I don't mind making the trip, but I didn't see much in my price range in the Carolinas except for one and that was one of those really small ones. It couldn't have been more than 18 feet.
  4. Me too now that I'm over my disappointment. I feel like I dodged a bullet too. I'm sure I will. It's just now that I've found my model, I want it sooner rather than later. But you're right, I should keep my impatience in check.
  5. The only way to contact them is through the craig's list email. They haven't responded yet. If you're trying to sell something it'd behoove you to put your number on the ad, right? I certainly would.
  6. Yes, it's back to the drawing board for me. I've made up my mind that it has to be a Toyota, though. I wish there were more listed.
  7. I just told him I'm no longer interested. I feel bad...
  8. LOL, I emailed them about 15 minutes ago. Thanks for the heads up, though. And it'd be an alright drive since my daughter is in college in Mobile.
  9. I'm possibly backing out of my deal, but I'm still very much interested in a Toyota Motorhome. By any chance do you have the number of the guy selling the one down the road from you?
  10. We'll see if we even get that far now. Like is just said above, I don't know if I'm going to go through with the deal now. I was supposed to pick up tomorrow but now he says the fuel pump is out.
  11. I plan to semi-live in it. I feel like the much lighter futon would compensate the weight of the generator? Anyway, I'm considering backing out of the deal. Money was supposed to change hands tomorrow and picking up the rig then. But now he says the fuel pump has gone out.
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