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  1. hi fred i know they look old but they just arent! 100 percent i was right there when we did it. i got even newer ones and im gonna see what happens.. both me and my mechanic are quite baffeled. any chance you remember the brand you got? have you looked at them recently? still in good shape?
  2. my brother in law and i did it. they were definatly replaced 100 percent. only 2 months ago. all of the rubber stuff under the truck needed replacing. ( the rig came from texas) very dry down there. they do look like they have been on there a while but they have not. install was very easy too.. so odd.
  3. i know right? your not using heavy duty bushings or anything right? just factory?
  4. hey all. I replaced the rear leaf spring bushings about 2 months ago as mine were in bad shape. within 2 months time they looked like this and are junked... i used moog bushings.. all 8 where replaced and they all look like this! anyone deal with this? should i be looking for polyurethane ones?
  5. I believe it’s called repacking the wheel bearings is what I’m trying to do. My mechanic said they just had a little to much wiggle.
  6. Ok yes this is what I need to do. I do have friend helping me who has done the repacking but not on a toyo.
  7. Hey again, i believe my front wheel bearings need adjustments. I noticed when replacing the shocks they rock back and fourth if I pull on them. Not to familiar with this job. Anything I should pay close attention to? Any recommended resources? Thanks!
  8. Hey all, my shifter is tough to get in gear on cold start ups. I’m guessing that the transmission fluid needs replacing as I’ve never done it. Think that’s the case? What is your recommendation on transmission fluid for an 83 Sunrader? thanks!
  9. Hey guys I need new rear shocks for my 83 Sunrader.. am I looking for oem shocks for an 83 pickup or was something different put on the campers? Thanks!
  10. Where is your sticker located? I wonder if I have one. overall concensus is my tires are way under inflated lol.
  11. Hey guys. Can someone explain the above mention of tire psi being 40 front and 45 rear? I have all mine set at 36 as that's the recommended according to the chart on my door. 83 sunrader 6lug rear 5 lug front. These are what I have. 6ish months old https://m.tirerack.com/tires/TireDetailsServlet?tireMake=Yokohama&tireModel=Y356&partnum=8R43568