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  1. thanks for the quick reply everyone. the clearance lights are pretty dirty but the [tail/brake+flasher+reverse] lights looks clean. but i'll give it some cleaning and check the wiring. question: so if the same light bulb is activated by both brake and taillight, but brake gives it more light output, then should i expect there to be two wires (one from brake, another from tail light) going into the light housing?
  2. hi everyone, i drive my nissan sunrader daily so having broken tail light is a major problem right now. please help! here's the situation: -just one tail light was working few weeks ago, then now both are out. -when i brake, lights work. (tail light is same as brake light??) -rear/front flashers work -rear license plate lights work -these clearance light don't have light/bulb: rear-top-right, and driver's side-left-back. the "housing" for the bulb was completely corroded and so it's been taken out so here are some questions... -does my tail-light issues have anything to do with some of the clearance lights not working? do all my clearance need to be working in order for tail light to work? -if brake light and tail light are really the same thing, and my brake light works, could it be some other issue? -i'm looking to also get ALL lights redone with LED... i read other people's posts on it, and especially like andrew's (flatspin's) setup. but i know nothing of lights/electrical, except just testing for current. i'd love to be able to do this myself but if tail-light problem is due to clearance lights, i may need to take to a shop because i need tail-light to be working ASAP~ i'm around oakland/berkeley/hayward area. is there a good shop i can take this in for expert hands? -or does this seem like a easy fix? is there a fuse for taillight that's not with the main fuse box? thanks~!! immediate response is super appreciated! since clearance lights do work i think driving at night is safe and if pulled over, i'll likely get a fix ticket, but i really won't be able to drive at night after the first ticket.. -cc