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  1. Replacing roof vents with studor vents?

    Totally agree Maineah! I put one of those on my black tank vent and nary a smell in Grannie!
  2. Order of roof sealant (what is on what?)

    Hey RG resealing and painting my roof was the hardest thing I’ve done to Grannie but we’ll worth it! For the paint I used a product called Snow Seal. Goes on blue but dries to bright white. I didn’t remove the channel around the edges. Be very careful if you do because the channel can easily kink and bend! I took off the old vinyl insert replaced all the screws in the channel with larger stainless steel screws then put a new insert back into the channel. Also replaced all the screws on the roof with the larger SS screws. I covered all the screws with additional lap sealent. I removed all the old lap sealant and reapplied the sealent. Why’ll I was up there I also replaced the roof vent cover for the BR with a Max Fan vent cover and installed a Max Fan Deluxe unit where the coach vent was. Awesome unit. I painted over the new lap sealent. Quite a job but I don’t think you can “overkill” roof repairs! Good Luck to you.
  3. Order of roof sealant (what is on what?)

    Fortunately for me (like jj) my aluminum roof is not pitted and doesn’t leak. I decided to reseal and paint it anyway. The big differences I noticed was the temperature inside the coach was much cooler with the sun reflecting off the white paint and the sound of the rain was more muffled.
  4. Oxidation of fiberglass on Sunrader

    Very true Derek! Surface preparation is the key! Bar Keepers Friend (I used the powder version) will remove almost all stains but it leaves residue behind! The residue need to be completely rinsed off and the rig needs to be dry before applying the Zep.
  5. Dealing with a bit of rot in the cabover bunk base.

    Even though Dan is way more knowledgeable than me I would never use silicone on my RV. Next to impossible to completely remove! I used Pro Flex around my clearance lights.
  6. Oxidation of fiberglass on Sunrader

    Thanks Joe! Ifly if you read my post “The Magic of Zep” it details the process with pictures. Your rader doesn’t look too bad and it will shine up to the point it looks new! Highly recommended!
  7. Painting the outside

    Why paint? Like WME suggested clean the rig with Bar Keepers Friend but I would avoid painting. I’d Zep it instead! My rig looked like s..t until I Zepped it. Check out my post: “The Magic of Zep” Nice rig.....Good Luck!
  8. Solar

    Great ideas! Nice rig Maineah! If I were ever to go solar it would be a portable setup. I can’t imagine parking my rig in the hot sun so the roof top panels will charge. How do you keep your rig cool while sitting in the sun?
  9. Screened Entry Room

    All the screen houses I’ve seen are not straight up but have a slant to them. You can still set them up so close to the coach door that there is no gap. Never seen one perfectly square. Good Luck and have Fun!
  10. 19 gallon fuel tank?

    That’s Perfect G! I use the plastic 5 gallon container (less weight) on the rear and had a friend make a spare 6 lug tire carrier that also carries my 5 lug spare all welded to the frame similar to yours. Nice setup Man!
  11. Screened Entry Room

    I bought a Coleman Screen House from Walmart. It’s 10X10. Easy one person setup. Light enough to move while set up so you can move the camper if needed. Set it next to the camper door and can walk right into the screen house. Has big zippers on both sides. Perfect!
  12. 19 gallon fuel tank?

    Yep, that’s what I meant about factory installed hitch. Installed by the RV maker not Toyota. Also Joe’s Winnie does bottom out sometimes with the cargo carrier attached but ya sure can carry a lot of stuff on it!
  13. 19 gallon fuel tank?

    Try what Linda suggested. My buddy Hunkaman has a 92 Winnie with a factory installed hitch and he uses the Harbor Freight carrier to carry spare gas and such. My Granville has a factory extension on the rear and I also carry a 5 gallon gas container along with my Honda 2000i. Would Hate to run out of gas with no cell coverage!
  14. I agree with Bob! He basically taught me how to drive the 22RE.....shift a lot. I can easily cruise @ 65 on flat ground!