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  1. More "Local"

    Nice pics WME! Made the same trip 4 years ago but not in my toy. BTW I sure wish Grannie had the panaramic front windows like in your rig!
  2. How to change lightbulb?

    I agree Donnie but they sure did melt my lenses! Not sure what the wattage was on the LEDs. I’ve replaced the 3 fixtures that melted with self contained LEDs fixtures but the rest of My reflect-o-lites fixtures will keep the original bulbs and their soft warm light!
  3. How to change lightbulb?

    I couldn’t find a replacement cover anywhere that had that nice dimpled cover like the original. I also like the soft warm look of the original bulbs. To each his own!
  4. How to change lightbulb?

    I have the same fixtures in Grannie. I made the mistake of replacing the original bulbs with leds. After one light was awhile I noticed a melting area on the cover. Turns out the led melted the light cover which is impossible to replace as they don’t make them anymore. I had to buy new light fixtures which aren’t as well made and don’t have the cool retro look! I put back the original type bulb in all my other reflect-o-lite fixtures. Live and learn.
  5. The perfect time is now.

    Your wife will be with you in Spirit D! Go! Bless You and Enjoy your travels!
  6. Choice of 87 or 89.

    I have the 22RE in my Granville. It exactly like J says. I never drive over 60. She handles that speed well but usually cruze @ 57. I normally down shift when approaching a hill to keep the engine from boggging down before it shifts itself. Fun to drive it this way. Like a stick shift. Very durable engine that loves to rev! Another consideration is the MPG’s. My buddy’s 6 gets 13. Grannie gets 15. Not much difference but on a long trip the 4 would save you $$. I live in Ohio. Has many hills but not much altitude. A couple of times I had to be in 1st gear to climb! The 4 will climb anything just not as fast. $2100 seem way to cheap to me but if true you could have the roof repaired and enjoy your rig for very little $$ if that’s all that’s wrong with it! I agree with MN highly doubtful coming down that much from 10K. Good Luck and let us know what you decide!
  7. draining water system

    Good description buf. I have a bypass installed around my hot water tank and a bypass @ my fresh water tank that avoids adding that antifreeze to my fresh water tank (I don’t trust drinking that stuff so never want it in my fresh water tank) I just run the hose in the gallon of antifreeze and pump it throughout my system. Uses 1.5 gallons of antifreeze and eliminates needing to blow out you system with air.
  8. IMG_1093.JPG

    Damn ToyoGuy your rig is Awesome Man! How many were made and how’d you get it? Also how do you get inside Lol? Any inside pictures possible?
  9. Portable generator question

    Good Luck with your Honda. You’re gunna Love it! The only time you need to have the eco switch off is when running the AC. My Honda runs everything in my rig on eco mode even the microwave. Much quieter with eco on!
  10. Portable generator question

    Again WME is correct. When running my Dometic 11K using my Honda 2000i I have the eco switch turned Off. It’s less strain on the Honda due to the genny reving higher during the initial AC surge. My little Honda isn’t that quiet running full bore!
  11. Sprinter Rv Cover Fits A Sunrader Well

    Its sad that we’re now talking about covering and storing our rigs. Winter is coming🌬!
  12. Portable generator question

    You are correct Greg!
  13. Portable generator question

    Thinking the heater element is around 1500 watts. I have one and it’s great! Never use it with the Honda though as I camp @ parks with hookups mostly. My furnace works well but is very loud! If it’s cold I usually turn on the furnace for awhile then use the AC to keep things warm the rest of the day. I would think the Honda could run the heater element perfectly as there is no voltage surge. You can’t go wrong with the Honda! Fantastic it’s the unit everyone else is trying to clone.
  14. draining water system

    Remember to add RV antifreeze and properly winterize your rig! If you don’t have a by pass on your hot water heater you need around 8 gallons of the stuff.
  15. Portable generator question

    If your positive that it is an 11k it could work for you But (there’s always a but) I had to replace my starting capacitor and running capacitor to get my Honda to run it without problems. Also altitude is important! I live in Ohio....not much elevation as the higher you go the less efficient to generator becomes! My Penguin is a 2000 year unit so it was replaced also thankfully. Before spending the big bucks on the Honda see if they will let you try it. Replacing the caps is not hard and for quality capacitors (I bought the Dometic brand) I spent around $100.