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  1. Securing solar panels on a Sunrader

    I can never understand why someone would want to permanently mount solar panels to their roof requiring their rigs to sit in the hot sun! I've seen many rigs where they are sitting in the nice shade and their solar panels are moved around to capture the best sunlight. Just in Ohio if Grannie is sitting in the direct sun it gets to well over 90 degrees inside. I don't get it! Are people using their mounted solar panels to charge their batteries so they can run a fan while sitting in the direct sun? I'd use Maineah solution in a minute!
  2. I did the same thing Ctg. Bought a basic Honeywell recommended by WME. Much better and more accurate than the old analog unit. Has no bells and whistles like Maineah's though. Highly recommended!

    I highly Recommend our members here consider joining the Moose. It's a charitable organization. For $40 a year membership you can "camp" for free @ their many lodges located around the USA! It's Perfect!
  4. There And Back...With My Cat

    Awesome trip and pictures Man. Thanks! I can't believe your hauling that big motorcycle on the back. Nice setup!
  5. Linda is the parts source Queen! I bought my starter from Metro Toyota in Michigan. $70.00 core charge included. The parts manager stated the starters for the 22RE are no longer made. He said Toyota still sells them but they are all rebuilt by Toyota. They are essentially brand new using only the old case and core with new windings. Toyota even repaints the case! Mine looks brand new. Maybe 4X4's are different? I'm just going by what the parts manager told me.
  6. Hey Toyo I was concerned about my starter also. Got the dreaded click and no start a couple of times. Just needed to clean all contacts and grounds. I also didn't want to replace it with an aftermarket unit. Wanted Toyota OEM. Got a rebuilt Toyota starter from a Toyota dealer and carry it in Grannie now just in case. Cost me $70 without a core exchange. I'd get a rebuilt Toyota starter. PS they didn't make them new anymore.
  7. Just measure it from your rear bumper. That's usually the area where it will drag going up an incline. If you talking ruts on flat roads measure your lowest point under your rig. Make sure your fully loaded when measuring. There's not much clearance underneath especially where your tanks drain valve hangs down. I'd be Very careful. If you damaged your holding tanks or drains your in for a world of hurt! There's no standard clearance on our Toys due to age and many other variables.
  8. Mechanic recs for 75 Chinook - Cross-country Roadtrip

    I Totally agree with Fred about RV coverage! When I bought Grannie a couple of years ago she broke down on the way home requiring a long tow. I just bought Good Sams RV coverage 3 days before I picked Grannie up and they paid the entire tow bill. I'm a fan of Good Sams! Welcome and Have Fun👍
  9. Solar eclipse rally

    We just returned from a 1200 mile round trip to Murphysboro Illinois 5 miles north of Carbondale. As a Moose member we got to stay @ the lodge there for Free! Out in the county. No traffic. We had excellent clear sky's and I got great pictures. It just so happened that a cloud bank moved over Carbondale just as the eclipse happened so all those thousands of people didn't see it. We were Very Lucky and Blessed! I agree with John a life changing event🌝, BTW, if any of you campers are interested if you become a Moose member you can camp for free in their many lodges parking lots! Costs $40 a year. Well worth it!
  10. Very nice work Don, I chose the Bilsteins for Granny. I also had to have my leaf springs re-arched and 2 new heavy duty leafs added to each side due to excessive sagging. Nice box in the back. Do you have much ground clearance with your box loaded? Good Luck on your trip, Where ya goin"?
  11. drain valve on water system

    I'm just going to use my pump to drain the tank.....No leaks that way👍
  12. I agree mainaeh. My Honda is mounted on the rear. Running the AC while boondocking the Honda is loud! Has to be running "full smoke!" Noticeable inside Granniy but not too bad. Do you know how loud the kolers or onens were when mounted inside the generator box? I can't imagine sitting in the coach with those gennys running full tilt!
  13. drain valve on water system

    I Don't like to fix leaks LOL!
  14. Coleman TSR Rooftop AC issue

    Get another opinion! Capacitors are not too expensive. Replace both the run and start capacitors like rv said first.