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    Grannie, Traveling with my Mini Aussies, Camping, Photography, Fishing & Nature!

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    1986 Granville on 1985 Toyota 22RE Auto 36K miles when purchased.
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  1. markwilliam1

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    Thanks Rogue! So that is the whole valve. I do have one of those wands. Haven’t tried it yet!
  2. markwilliam1

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    I’m talking about the entire valve. I can remove that little drain valve you show but not the whole valve. Makes it difficult to try and flush the tank through that little hole! I can’t replace the entire valve with a new 1/2” valve. 32 year old heater. Or possibly that was the whole valve back in the day.....just so smalll. Derek would know!
  3. markwilliam1

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    My hot water heater in Grannie is original. I don’t use it. If I need hot water I heat some over the stove. Saves a lot of propane!
  4. markwilliam1

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    He still can’t remove the entire heater drain valve from this unit! Doesn’t come out.
  5. markwilliam1

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    I have the same type of water heater and the drain valve does not have a way to remove it. No 1/2 threaded anywhere. Just a metal washer permanently attached to the heater. You can remove the little petcock insert on the valve if you’re lucky but the entire valve is not removable!
  6. markwilliam1

    new member here

    Hey pp, the 22RE is very durable But underpowered! I don’t drive over 60. Get 15 mpg going slow. 65 mph will result in much poorer mpgs. I’ve never driven Grannie in the mountains. I’ve learned to manually down shift the auto tranny when the engine starts bog down on a hill. The 22RE loves to rev. They are fun to drive but don’t expect to get anywhere fast!
  7. markwilliam1

    Bike rack on Dolphin

    I agree! On my rig the ladder is built well compared to others I’ve seen. I replaced all the mounting screws with larger SS screws. Very secure! Unless your rear bumper is reinforced I’d be concerned about a bumper rack. There’s lots of bouncing back there when driving!
  8. markwilliam1

    Bike rack on Dolphin

    If you have a ladder I’ve had success using a ladder bike rack.
  9. markwilliam1

    Filling ASME propane tank

    Thanks again!
  10. markwilliam1

    Filling ASME propane tank

    Thanks Fellas! Had an almost empty tank but took only 8.5 gallons of propane to fill it. Is that normal?
  11. markwilliam1

    Filling ASME propane tank

    Went to fill my tank today. 1986 Granville. The only way to get propane into the tank was to open the bleeder valve if that’s what it’s called. When the valve was open it expelled lots of propane while the tank was filling up! Strong smell! Finally liquid propane came out the valve indicating a full tank? I don’t remember having the valve expell propane before when opened. Is this normal?
  12. markwilliam1

    Draining water system

    True but when I go to drain my tank I make sure the water level is low in the tank,so,the pump doesn’t run that long. As JM said I have no guts or glory. I look @all the valves and they beg me to pull them so they can start leaking after 32 years lol!
  13. markwilliam1

    Draining water system

    You guys are awful brave to touch those valves! I still recommend draining your fresh water tank using your pump only. Never have to worry about leaking valves!
  14. Pictures Please!
  15. markwilliam1

    Roadside Assistance Recommendations

    Good Sams towed me to a “mechanical garage” familial with the Toyota truck. I wouldn’t want to go to a clueless RV dealership!