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    Grannie, Traveling with my Mini Aussies, Camping, Photography, Fishing & Nature!

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    1986 Granville on 1985 Toyota 22RE Auto 36K miles when purchased.
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  1. markwilliam1

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    I applied the Eternabond tape to the rear seam also! The rest of the roof is one piece aluminum.
  2. markwilliam1

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    I have a metal roof also. I bought a 50’ roll of 4 in width Eternabond tape on eBay for a song!
  3. markwilliam1

    Has anyone just blapped solar on the front of their cabover / overcab?

    If I were to ever go solar I’d get portable units so I wouldn’t have to park my rig in the sun to get the panels to charge fully!
  4. markwilliam1

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    I agree Eternabond tape for your front seam is the way to go. When I resealed Grannies roof I cleaned the whole seam area scraping off any old sealent and applied 4” wide Eternabond tape over the seal. Perfect!
  5. markwilliam1

    Front roof Vent parts

    Nice Work All Around!
  6. So after many hours of prepping and applying 6 coats of Zep last year Grannie looked beautiful But this year the black streaks and spots reappeared again Go Figure! I thought the Zep would protect my finish but it Doesn’t! The streaks are imbedded in the Zep so when you apply a cleaner the Zep gets washed off. So it’s back to the Barkeepers Friend and scrubbing Grannie Again. Am just going to apply a quality wax and forget the Zep. What do y’all do to avoid streaks and black spots? My rig is parked in full sun no trees.
  7. markwilliam1

    Black streaks

    Oh Man not Again!
  8. markwilliam1

    Black streaks

    Grannie has many black streaks developing and I want to clean her for storage. Regular car wash doesn’t do Anything. Stubborn stuf! What do y’all use to clean the streaks? I’ve heard of simple green. What causes these streaks? Can you prevent them? My rig is parked in my driveway under no trees out in the open. Thanks BTW I zepped my rig last year and thought that would eliminate streaking.
  9. markwilliam1

    Storage options.....

    Hey bbc, in Ohio we can put RVs inside barns on all County Fair Grounds! Cost me $200 for 6 months for inside storage! Check it out in your state! Best Price available that I found,
  10. markwilliam1

    Roof Questions for a 1987 Escaper

    Hey Matt on my Granville I had the original bare metal roof and the seams looked like yours. I decided last year to reseal and paint. It was by far the hardest project I’ve done on Grannie! I removed the rear metal piece that covers the rear seem and completely cleaned the area. I put eternabond tape over the seam are reattach the metal strip with much larger SS screws. Put dicor lap sealer over the new screws and replaced the rubber inset with new. Then covered all the edges with lap sealant. Did this all around the roof line. Also cleaned and reapplied lap sealent around all vents. Completely prepped the bare roof and applied a product called Snow Seal. 3 coats. I then applied more eternabond tape to the front seam. Proper prepping is the key!! The big differences I noticed was how much cooler the inside is now how much quieter it is when it rains! Highly Recommended and Good Luck!
  11. markwilliam1

    4x4 Conversion on Ebay

    Man I want that!! Great price!
  12. markwilliam1

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    Thanks Rogue! So that is the whole valve. I do have one of those wands. Haven’t tried it yet!
  13. markwilliam1

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    I’m talking about the entire valve. I can remove that little drain valve you show but not the whole valve. Makes it difficult to try and flush the tank through that little hole! I can’t replace the entire valve with a new 1/2” valve. 32 year old heater. Or possibly that was the whole valve back in the day.....just so smalll. Derek would know!
  14. markwilliam1

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    My hot water heater in Grannie is original. I don’t use it. If I need hot water I heat some over the stove. Saves a lot of propane!
  15. markwilliam1

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    He still can’t remove the entire heater drain valve from this unit! Doesn’t come out.