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  1. We've had significant rainfall here and no leaks but my rig is now sitting on a slanted drive which eliminates the water pooling around the AC.
  2. Not sure about that WME as I never had the AC running the entire trip but it's a thought. The drip did come from the middle of the unit somewhere but not around the gasket.
  3. Even 15 mpg with the 6 is Great mileage jj! I can barely get 15 with my 4! Usually get 14.5 fully overloaded LOL!
  4. For my post "Grannie got a Face Lift!" I used BEHR primer and BEHR kitchen and bath washable (Home Depot.) I highly recommend priming as it's hard for the paint to stick on the fake wood paneling. Good Luck!
  5. It's a Dometic Penguin 11k unit WME. Maineah when the AC runs it doesn't leak and water is draining out onto the roof. The little drip occurred when it downpoured and the AC was not running. Unfortunately my AC unit has a sag and water pools on one side of the unit after a rain when the rig is sitting flat. WME I checked the gasket and no evidence of a leak anywhere around the gasket....bone dry! I'm still hopeful water splashed into the base of the AC after that torrential downpour causing the minor leak. No leaks while sitting in my slanted driveway after a hard rain! Thanks for responding.
  6. Thanks All for your responses! Fred was the only poster to actually provide a name of an insurer. Even finding an Appraiser for these old rigs is next to impossible! I don't believe it is possible to get an agreed value from any insurer for a 30 year RV now after speaking to so many companies. It is what it is, your paying for liability insurance only it seems!
  7. WOW! 24 mpgs and sleeps 6 comfortably! I'll take it!
  8. Thanks Bike. No brown water. I still haven't figured it out yet!
  9. Hey swart, as OPs have stated no way will a cab air cool the coach! My cab AC is dead and too much $$ to fix it. That's why I went with the Honda. On my Dometic roof AC I'm able to adjust the air flow inside and I aim it down into the cab. Great cold breeze! But I live in Ohio not Colorado where elevation is critical. BTW what BTU is your roof AC? If it's the 13.5K forget about Honda 2000i. Not enough watts. Like WME stated you need @ least a 2500 watt genny. Unfortunately a 3000 watt generator will weigh a ton for mounting on the rear!
  10. Hey there toyo and Welcome! You can find answers to all your questions on this forum. You can use the search function or ask specific questions from the members. Have Fun!
  11. Good way to think sweetleon! I'm adjusting my attitude now. BTW, me and a couple of buds are taking our Toys (a mini caravan) to Illinois from Ohio for the Total Eclipse in August. Would rather be in Oregon but too far LOL. Have fun!
  12. That's exactly what I do swart. I have a Honda 2000i mounted on my rear carrier and I plug in my 30 amp RV cord into the generator while driving. I'm able to have my roof AC unit running while driving BUT the majority of roof AC units need a bigger genset (over 2000 watts continuous to run the roof AC!) I don't have cab AC so this set-up works for my rig. Why do you want 110 volt ac working while driving? You do have 12 volt dc available. To install a built-in generator would cost you thousands! Like Maineah stated most of us who need a genny buy a portable one and mount it securely on the back. Couldn't afford the other option! Good Luck & Welcome!
  13. Thanks Fred thats the attitude I have to take now. I'll never get my investment back until I sell her which won't happen as long as I can drive her! I was hoping I could get some type of rider policy to cover an agreed value over the purchase price like a classic car but they don't exist for 30 year old RVs! This has been a good discussion and I hope it helps others realize they not going to get the real value of their rigs from an insurance company.
  14. Thanks for the link jj and fred how do you get a commercial policy on a recreational vehicle? Contacted Good Sams again and was told again the most I could get for my rig would be the purchase price only as previously stated. Same with Progressive, Geico, Erie, etc. so I have no idea where people can get a agreed value (for much more than the purchase price) policy and nobody is responding with an Actual company that does this for a 30 year old RV. Good Sams wants $300 a year for the same coverage Erie is offering me for $99 a year. Maybe insurance companies have changed their policies for new applicants. I know now the only way to recoup my investment is a Private sale not insurance!
  15. Where do you find such a policy? I spent hours searching various RV insurance companies and None offer such! Just the stated value according to the NADA RV values listed for the manufacturer year. I would like someone to actually tell us the Insurance company that will do more than cover the NADA value Please! Unless you have some type of Expensive rider policy I don't think they exist especially for 30 year old RV's. I would like a name of a company that does that so I can buy that policy from.