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  1. Just installed the thermostat you recommend WME! Simple and Sweet! 2 wire hookup. Got it for $17.43 @ HD.
  2. Thanks for your service WME! Your lucky, my dogs snoring wakes me up:-)!
  3. Any ideas on how much power the heater motor consumes? If boondocking wouldn't it eat up the battery real fast? When hooked to shore power I use the heater in the roof AC or a ceramic heater. Much quieter but not as much BTU's. Don't know how anyone could sleep with the furnace cycling on and off!
  4. I did Lee WOW! Nice fabrication! I got the old Reflect-O-Lights tail lights which aren't made anymore. If they ever fail I could try and copy your setup unless you have a Patent LOL! Thanks again for the pictures. I now know what to do!
  5. Thanks so much everyone! Will purchase the Honeywell. HD has them for $18.
  6. Man Thanks so much Lee! That's what I needed to see. On Grannie it looks like the valve is @ its lowest position. Will adjust it now! Did you get a digital camera LOL?
  7. Thanks WME! Not sure about the wiring. Any suggestions or is it a straight swap?
  8. Fired up my furnace today. Works well but the furnace wouldn't shut off no matter what the temperature was set for. I think my old original Suburban thermostat is failing. The only way to turn off the furnace is to use the off switch on the thermostat. Any recommendations on a replacement? Would like a LCD display if possible. I assume an RV thermostat runs on 12 volts. Don't know if I can get one @ Wally world or Lowe's. Not sure of the voltage requirements of a home unit. Thanks!
  9. WOW Bob, an Epic trip indeed! Be Blessed and Safe! Perhaps you could post occasional trip reports. You guys are quite the travelers! Best, Mark
  10. Thanks Dan, yea I hide my genny under the rear platform if raining and I'm boondocking. I'm wondering about running it while driving in the rain?
  11. Yea jj I've admired your cool box but I don't have a box:-)!
  12. Oh No! I know my manual says not to run the genny in the rain but I've read many posts of Honda generators running in the rain. I want to run the Honda while driving and would hate to turn off the generator if it starts to rain due to no AC!
  13. Thanks Lee & Joan! Your excellent pictures from page 4 helps but I assume it is before you did the adjustment. I'll crawl under my rig and look if it ever stops raining!
  14. Planning some trips. I have my Honda 2000i mounted on my rear platform and was wondering if it's OK to run it while it's raining. I know many members have a generator mounted on the rear of their rigs. What do you guys do when it starts to rain?