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  1. markwilliam1

    Coach Battery

    Thank you! My converter has glass fuses and no fan also.
  2. markwilliam1


    I bought a simpler thermostat that WME recommended a Honeywell basic non-programmable $20 Home Depot. It’s digital. Way better than the old analog thermostat!
  3. markwilliam1

    Maxxair install

    I mounted my MaxAir in the vent by my upper bunk. I had no light near by so my fish was around 5’. Ran the wires through my upper cabinets out to the vent. My vent enclosure is solid 2x4’s so no way to fish the wires through the ceiling.
  4. markwilliam1

    Coach Battery

    Excellent information All! Thanks!
  5. markwilliam1

    Maxxair install

    I did the same as Linda wired to my lights. Took a dremel tool and cut a grove in the ceiling to put the wires and covered the wires with an oak strip.
  6. markwilliam1

    Coach Battery

    It’s a B-W model 6332. My battery switch is on the Positive terminal but it is passive just a knob to disconnect the leads easily so I can connect a smart charger. I’m a little confused now. If I have my coach battery hooked up and I plug into shore power doesn’t the converter take the battery out of the circuit completely and is in charging mode only? So why is the battery necessary when on shore power? My LEDs are from Optronics a reputable manufacture and they work fine on just shore power. My Max Air deluxe fan and water pump also no problems on shore power only. Got rid of my stove vent fan. Thanks for your time!
  7. markwilliam1

    metal roof

    Correction the Paint I used was Snow Roof by KST!
  8. markwilliam1

    metal roof

    I used a product called Sno Seal by KST a subsidy of Sherwin Williams. Has a 12 year Warranty goes on blue and dries to a bright white! Took almost 4 gallons. Don’t know if available anymore. By resealing I meant replacing all old caulking, vents, screws etc. much work! JJ for the reasons I already listed, much cooler and quieter inside.
  9. markwilliam1

    Coach Battery

    Yup Greg the original 6300! I’m familiar with the overcharging so I have a battery switch and disconnect the battery when on shore power @ home. You confirmed what I thought that when connected to shore power the battery is now disconnected from the coach’s 12 volt system and relies on the converter only to supply the 12 volts to the coach? So do you really need a battery hooked up when your on shore power? I do use LEDs in the coach and they operate fine on shore power only. One member said I need the battery to run the furnace. Not sure why. No plans to upgrade my converter she works perfectly for my needs. Thanks!
  10. markwilliam1

    metal roof

    Welcome! I have a metal roof on Grannie also. Perfect condition no leaks. After reading other members responses about possible pin holes developing I resealed and painted my roof with Cool Seal last year. Amazing difference! Much quieter when it rains and most important was how much cooler it is inside the coach with the white roof reflecting the suns heat! Good Luck!
  11. markwilliam1

    Rain entering through Rooftop AC

    Hey staying I occasionally have the same problem. Water pools around my AC and if it rains hard enough it will splash into the AC unit resulting in a small leak. My gasket appears fine and I cannot find any evidence of leaks around the gasket from the inside nor any evidence of water damage around the wood frame. I park on an incline @ home and it doesn’t leak then or like you when there is snow on the roof. Unfortunately the only way to fix this is for me is to to raise the AC unit some to eliminate water from splashing inside. Good Luck!
  12. markwilliam1

    Coach Battery

    I appreciate the advice and info. No big trips planned this year. Am hoping to put off buying a new coach battery till next year. I do have a battery switch WME and do as you suggested.
  13. markwilliam1

    Coach Battery

    I checked my converter and it’s rated @ 32 Amps output. Wouldn’t that be sufficient power to run the furnace blower without a battery hooked up also? Excuse my ignorance.
  14. markwilliam1

    Coach Battery

    Thanks Fred! I didn’t know that. Your a wealth of info Man!
  15. markwilliam1

    Coach Battery

    Thanks! I never use the cigarette outlet in my coach. Doesn’t the converter convert 110 to 12volts? Why need a coach battery hooked up also if connected to shore?