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  1. Unfortunately I worked my butt off cleaning Grannie with Barkeepers Friend! Took Days. I made sure all residue was completely removed and applied 6 coats of Zep. That was 3 years ago. Last year I noticed the Zep was peeling of in little spots! I couldn’t re-coat with Zep due to the uneven nature of Zep pealing off. Long story short had to apply Barkeepers Friend Again over my whole rig to strip off the Zep! I now apply a good formula wax. Will never use Zep again! Others have used it with much success but I’m now concerned about Zeps longevity! Thoughts anyone?
  2. Hey laurnnn! I also have an 86. Make sure you have the full floating rear 6 lug axle! I also carry 2 spares 1 for the front with rim and 1 for the rear with its different rim. This forum taught me how to properly drive Grannie. I do use overdrive but only on long flats or downhill. I shift her regularly. When I’m in 3rd and approaching a hill when the rig Just starts to slow down I shift into 2nd. She revs loud but has power! The minute she gains speed I shift into 3rd again. I do this around town also. This actually results in better gas mileage as it keeps the engine from bogging down! It’s like shifting without a clutch it’s Fun! BTW I’m able to get a solid 15 mpgs driving this way! Welcome!
  3. Hey Toyo! I don’t have a 4x4. Just my luck I wired up the LSPV and realized the valve was stuck! Couldn’t figure out a way to loosen it up so I’m stuck LoL!
  4. I remember Rogue. I live close to Akron Ohio an old industrial town and the shop was very old with forges. The price spread for similar work in different parts of the country is Amazing. 10% sales tax Wow!
  5. That’s interesting because the owner of the old spring shop I had my work done doesn’t like or recommend air bags either! BTW your not gunna like this but all new bushings, Hot arched, 2 new heavy duty leaves on each side, new brackets $450 out the door! Rides like a dream.
  6. Yep! I’m off to buy parts in Elkhart Indiana!
  7. Hey Kirk had the same problem with Grannie. Went to an old school spring shop in Akron Ohio where they re-arched my springs in a hot forge and added 2 additional heavy duty leafs to each side. I also installed Bilstein shocks all around. I don’t have air bags. After all this was done her sagging rear end was raised 5 inches! She now sits level and No bottoming out anymore.
  8. I have Historical Plates on Grannie in Ohio. Keeps her from e checks also! Saves a ton of money.
  9. Sorry for the double pictures!
  10. I recently redid the interior of Grannie (read my post “Grannie got a Facelift” I Recommend priming the walls first before painting. I used a cream color and made the inside bright and airy. I hated the old dark paneling! I also removed the old vent over the stove and replaced it with Bright LEDs. It’s amazing what a little paint can do!
  11. I Agree! I’ve learned a lot from you Dan. Thank You! You taught me how to properly drive Grannie also. Best to You!
  12. On Grannie my range hood did not vent outside the rig. I removed the hood with it’s lousy lighting/noisy fan and installed LED lights there. I also installed a Maxxair Deluxe fan over the upper bunk to provide proper ventilation if needed for cooking. Enlarged the kitchen area with much better lighting!
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