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  1. Hey Linda! I totally was! I have a Lady moving in with me and although she thinks Grannie is Adorable it’s too small for us and 3 dogs 😔! I totally enjoyed Grannie with just me and 2 dogs. I’m going to post Grannie on Craigslist when I return home. Is it hard to post a link to that ad on this site? BTW Joe has his girlfriend to camp with he don’t need me Lol!
  2. Hi Mark,

    Just saw that you are selling your motorhome. My wife and I are interested in more info.

    Floor plan, how old are the tires?, any leaks now or in the past, any new parts on the suspension?, transmission service?, engine maintenance, tune up, plugs cap & rotor plug wires, does the refrigerator, stove, furnace, water heater, water pump all work?.   I've been around these motorhomes since 2007 and over 100,000 miles. 

    We would like pictures e-mailed to us.

    Thanks Darrel

    1. markwilliam1


      I have many pictures of Grannie on my previous post if you can access them. I’m presently camping in her so no access to a computer but will be home Friday. Extensive mechanical work has been done. She’s turn key. best to call me 3309284116 to much info to list 

  3. I’m located in NE Ohio and will post on Craigslist this week with pictures. I’m presently camping in her on Lake Erie. She has 40369 original miles! I’ve spent the last 3 years restoring her. She’s a Looker! Custom Built! Asking $8000 OBO. She has Never leaked and has no water damage! Includes my practically new Honda 2000i generator which runs the rooftop Dometic AC unit for boondocking! PM me for more information if interested at markwilliam1@yahoo.com or call 330-928-4116. She has the Full Float Rear Axle! Tons of extras included! Too much to list! Asking $8000 OBO. Serious inquires Only!
  4. No link. The cover I bought was little larger then original I just made the hatch hole a bit larger. It’s easily twice as thick as the one I got on eBay!
  5. Correct Derek. What would be the difference in a full float axel for an 85 vs 86? And why have a left hand thread only on the 86?
  6. Thank You Linda! I didn’t think I would ever find a replacement for my original Bargman Grab Bar light. Your Awesome! I also found on eBay old stock Bargman rear light assemblies so Grannie is good to go!
  7. Excellent work Chris! I did the same thing to Grannie. Nice cream interior. Makes it Much brighter and more modern. I also removed the noisy hood fan with poor lighting and installed Led lighting above the stove. My hood fan just vented inside the rig. I installed a Max Fan Deluxe unit over the bunk to vent while cooking.
  8. I bought one of the cheap ones like are on eBay. They are junk. Very flimsy. Went to an RV place and bought a new heavy duty electrical outlet cover. Took out the cheap one and installed the better one. The little door won’t blow off now and latches securely.
  9. That’s interesting! Mine is an 86. The axle was replaced to full float and the wheels are 3 hand hole and no left hand lugs on the drivers side. Guess I got Lucky
  10. I agree! When you turn on your water pump does it stop completely or occasionally turns off and on? If it cycles even a little while turned on you have a water leak somewhere. On Grannie the fresh water tank has lines running under my fridge which is next to the fresh water tank. No way a fridge can produce that much water to soak your floor!
  11. The decals on Grannie are spray painted on. Why not have the body shop paint on you decals and match the colors?
  12. Well my Granville is close to mint and she’s old. That’s why I call her Grannie! You are correct Scott. No matter the condition of these rigs extra work will be required at some point. But I disagree with you regarding price. Have you looked at new RV’s close to the same size as our rigs? And if you have a Toyota RV in good condition appreciation is a Major factor! I can sell Grannie for much more than I paid for her. Try that with a new RV as soon as you drive it off the lot!
  13. Thanks Linda! Didn’t know that. Your always a wealth of knowledge Miss!
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