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  1. So I have got everything working now on my new gauge cluster, EXCEPT for the damn tach... I ran a tach sensor wire over to the "P" pulse terminal on the back of the cluster and then over to the black wire coming out of the ignitor, which according to the webs seems to be the right one, unforunately the IGN port on my 3.4L diag port doesnt actually have any wires going to it. Did you have to add any resistors to your cluster to get the tach to work?
  2. Instrument Cluster Swap

    did you guys have to add any tach signal wire to your clusters? i just swapped in a cluster from a 94 T100 but am getting nothing from the tach, note I also swapped out my motor to a 3.4L note sure if my 92 was wired for a tach from the factory or not
  3. I am also working on swapping my gauge cluster out for the SR5 one with RPM, oil pressure, volts, etc My first attempt was a failure, got a nice guage set from a 96 T100 figuring it would match the motor perfectly... well it matched the motor fine but it the guage set used a mechanical speedo whereas my trans is actually an electronic speedo, so back it went Now I have one from a 93 T100 with a 3VZE, electronic speedo. got it plugged in but have no RPM gauge, not sure if it was wired from the factory for one or not? I am reading some articles that say I can tap into the diag port under the hood or the red/yellow wire coming off the igniter for an RPM signal and run a wire back to the gauge set to get my RPMs to work, we shall see tomorrow
  4. still need to figure out a solution for the missing trans temp sender, its my last CEL i need to defeat
  5. also got the airbox installed off the 4runner and its sound 10000% times better, no more annoying drone, fits under the hood fine, had to rig up some mounting brackets out of random bolts and zipties
  6. finally installed my Neutral Start Switch today, got my PRNDL and reverse lights back yay!! had to cut the wiring harness sheath back a ways and split out the NSS plug from the rest of it so I could strectch it over top of the trans and down to its home
  7. The straight poop on Macerators

    thanks, nothing goes down or toilet except for #1 and #2, we go mexican style and just have a trashcan in the bathroom for paper, works well for us
  8. The straight poop on Macerators

    I just ordered this badboy, a bit overpriced but seems to come with everything you need except for a garden hose. Will report back http://amzn.to/2D6dgLW
  9. The straight poop on Macerators

    I like the idea of the sewer solution but am interested in adding a macerator to my rig for remote dumping into backcountry pit toilets or the like, someplace where there would not be shore water to use to get the thing flowing
  10. does she still run with the blown HG? fire her up and take her around the block, see how she feels Definelty not good to flat tow it as the trans gets no fluid unless the truck is running, but have heard of others doing the same on accident for short distances and they came out OK, though I would love to see a 3.4 swapped RV with a 5-spd!
  11. Also finally welded in the secondary o2 bung past the cats and now have eliminated one more check engine light! My new T100 neutral start sensor just arrived that will replace the NSS on the 3vze trans, allowing me to hook up the 3.4 harness to it and restore my PRNDL indicator and reverse lights! that will be another CEL defeated Only one that will remain is the trans temp sender, still havent figured out a solution for that yet, MIke from ORS says he is working on it, so if my lazy butt lags enough maybe he will get it figured out before I do
  12. hey Ed, just ordered the 4runner airbox and hose off ebay, pricey but I called around a few junkyards and they were all just as proud as this seller of their parts... oh well hopefully it quiets her down some!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/232562200309
  13. Me thinks we should keep this thread on track focusing on the tech of actually doing the swap, we could start another one arguing horsepower and shifting techniques??