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  1. What Happened To My Old Account?

    I tried signing out of "John Jamieson" and signing in as "Dolphinite" and then requesting a new password. When I got the new password, I tried signing in as "Dolphinite" using the new password and the site said I had the incorrect password. I'm confused... John
  2. Help! My old account is gone! I used to be "Dolphintie" and now I'm "John Jamieson", a newbie. I know I didn't delete the old account nor did I start the new one. What gives?
  3. Water heater caulked in, how to loosen?

    Whether or not the water heater will come loose by hitting it from behind depends on the caulk that was used. Some of the polysulfide caulks have a very tenacious hold and you could easily damage the siding by forcing the water heater out that way,. I would recommend carefully cutting the caulk from the outside with a SHARP knife or box cutter. Go slow and pry gently. Its fussy work but you'll get there. John
  4. Sag issue

    What is this a picture of?