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  1. hi there. i put kyb on my warrior last year. went to shockwarehouse.com price was half of the coveted bilstein. free shipping. no regrets and have more $$ for beer. joe from dover.
  2. ok, thank you again for your help. i am a little nerve wacky about this, having never attempted something like this before. will be a happy day when i post that it is done and working as expected. thanks again, i need all the help i can get, and then some. joe from dover.
  3. hello there, to be clear, i am not an expert, but the photos seem to indicate you are looking at a complete roof replacement. my 92 winnie warrior had a complete new roof in 2016 due to water damage, and the damage to my rig did not appear to be as severe as yours. my roof job was covered by insurance and done by an rv shop locally. the bill for the entire roof including new vents, and new ceiling was close to 5k. sorry if i am raining on your parade, just thought i would give you my experience for something to ponder. hope the best for your future. joe from dover.
  4. odysseybernard, i have the 6 cyl. 3.0 i guess the previous posts that indicated the added ( to make tach work ) wire was for a 4 cylinder ??? no added wire needed for the 3.0 6 cylinder ? since i am here, another question, the cluster i bought i believe, has a "low fuel" indicator light. will this light function when swap is completed without any other parts, or modifications ? sorry for my ignorance, just thought it would be great to have the low fuel light function as well. thanks in advance. joe from dover.
  5. welcome, how could you go wrong for under a grand! looks like a winner. enjoy. joe from dover.
  6. hey there and welcome. regarding a few of your questions: i removed the decals, aka graphics from my 1992 winnie warrior, using an "eraser wheel". you can purchase from auto body supply store. it mounts to a drill and will remove the graphics without damage to underlying surface paint. look for past posts on this topic in the forum, there are a few who have done this and posted info, and pics. you can purchase new graphics cut to match from most sign shops that do vinyl type work, or you can buy the vinyl in bulk and diy. your front window looks troublesome. if once the tape is removed, and there is no underlying rot , you can probably have a glass shop cut a new window to fit the frame. i have found these rigs require a lot of work to keep them in good shape. problems ignored or not corrected properly by a po, will result in much more time and money to invest. good luck. joe from dover.
  7. hey all, need some more info regarding getting the tach to function. do i understand correctly that i need to run a wire from the coil to the "p" terminal on the cluster? if so how can i identify which wire from the coil is the correct one to splice to? am i looking for a color coded wire, such as a black wire with a yellow stripe? does the schematic identify which wire from the coil to use? thanks in advance for help with this question. joe from dover.
  8. i tend to agree with most of your observations regarding our 'OLD' rigs. i have some strong opinions as well. i dispute your view as to value. these are desirable vehicles to a segment of the RV world. simple economics law of supply and demand regulate the price of anything, including these rigs. i have found most owners, in my opinion, truly are invested in keeping them road worthy and attractive. i also feel a certain passion exists because owners know that they are preserving a bit of history by maintaining and updating their rigs. When i bought my rig i was as neubie as one could be. not ever having owned a MH before. i give a ton of credit to this forum for helping with information, and answering a ton of questions from neubies . almost every inquiry from prospective buyers on this forum have had an answer that hopefully will be of benefit in directing the buyer to make an informed purchase. advertised prices are also usually negotiable. it is very true that even "mint" rigs will require upkeep, and that should be factored in when considering a purchase. that said name something with a motor and wheels that DOES NOT require upkeep. bottom line is if you feel the price is too much, don't buy it. joe from dover.
  9. HEY DEREK, thanks for the link. will call the place to get more info. maybe what i need to have the odo read correctly. thanks again. joe from dover.
  10. i ordered the oil sending unit yesterday. took the advice of Odessybernard and purchased the oem from a toyota parts company. the price was steep ($63.00 ), but it makes sense to get a part that will not need replacing in a year. thanks for providing the exact part number, made it simple to order. there was a mention of replacing the cluster lights to green or blue? wondering if you have info where to order those, and do they need switched before reinstall of cluster, or can they be switched after reinstall? asking because if i want to switch back or different color preference are the lights easily replaced by reaching up under dash once everything is reconnected? one more inquiry, ednelson posted about having the odometer reset by a "tach shop", what is a tach shop and where would i begin looking for one if i decide not to try the reset procedure myself? the description on how to do it was fairly clear, but i may be inclined to let a pro do it. thanks to all for any help with my questions, and please if anyone has anymore insight, advice or suggestions to help guide me through this swap feel free to chime in. thanks again. joe from dover.
  11. wow. that sucks big time. sorry for your loss. trying to find a positive....were you insured?? best of luck to you. joe from dover.
  12. thanks ednelson, i will print the schematic. have not begun to do the swap yet. i need to order the new oil sending unit that was mentioned in previous posts. thanks again ed. joe from dover
  13. hey there linda, you are correct. that is the web page and description of the unit i ordered. good job. joe from dover
  14. hey there jjrbus, to be clear, i did not purchase the Microair easy start. although i did research the Microair unit, the price was $299.00 and after consulting with my friend ( who is an industrial machine electrician, he does diagnostic and repair to industrial/manufacturing machines and equipment ) before i actually ordered the unit, he seemed to think the easy start unit i bought would accomplish the same as the Miroair product. i am sorry to admit i do not know how to "link" you to the site on ebay where i bought my unit. but if you google...RV A/C STARTER , you should find the ebay web page for the seller. the sellers information states the name of the seller DBA, "applianceandair". the sellers location is listed as "Buena Vista, Georgia" (yes. georgia. not CA.) the Microair product seemed very involved as far as install and set up, where as the unit i bought was very simple and uncomplicated. i read reviews for both units and watched you tube testimonies for each as well. i admit, i was a bit skeptical about the unit i bought because it was a third of the price of the Microair unit. but it seems to have the same properties as the Microair. last saturday is when the unit was installed here in Dover. since it was relatively cool last saturday. i had to set the a/c on MAX cool to determine if in fact the a/c was blowing cold while testing. the only complaint i have with the unit i bought is that the paper work that came with my unit was a bit confusing as to what i actually received. there were part numbers listed on the paper work, but no part number on the actual device i purchased. to be sure that i had the correct unit, i went to the web page which had a photo of the advertised unit, and by comparing what i was holding in my hand with the photo ,my friend and i confirmed i did indeed have the correct item. hope this helps. joe from dover.
  15. i purchased a "easy start" from ebay and installed last weekend. now my 2000i honda genny will power my roof top a/c. the unit was $107.00 shipping included. a friend that is way more skilled than i actually installed the unit. took him about an hour start to finish. we connected the honda to my shore power cord, and it worked as advertised. we started the a/c , let it run, then shut it off three times as a test. my coleman roof top is the 13,500btu model, the honda would not run the a/c before. very pleased with the unit and the results are what i had hoped for. joe from dover
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