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  1. I would be interested in the amount of your estimate, and what the shop includes for that price. could you please follow up with your estimate? I had to have my entire roof replaced at an rv shop. the total material and labor was nearly $5,000.00. luckily the insurance policy covered it. good luck to you. joe from dover.
  2. Oxidation of fiberglass on Sunrader

    repeating WME, to get the shine, or wet look, you need several coats of zep. the bar keeper product I used was the regular dry. not sure about the liquid or spray versions. markwilliam, helped me do my Winnie last summer. after seeing the spectacular results on his Granville, I was sold. mark's method included a rise of water and TSP, after the barkeepers friend and before applying the zep. with his help and guidance, the Winnie now looks amazing. joe from dover.
  3. Going to check this out next week....

    hey there, I have a 92 warrior. very similar rigs. in my opinion, you would want to check out the condition of the appliances. also date codes on tires, batteries, (coach-engine), electrical system,(lights work, etc. ), and the mechanical systems, brakes, engine, etc. I had a trusted mechanic give my rig an inspection prior to purchase. also something that is crucial is the roof condition. look for signs of water damage not only from leaky roof, but windows and door. documentation of repairs or other work on the rig from PO is a big help. from the pics, the price seems very reasonable. but, pics NEVER tell the whole story. and always keep in mind that you will be spending money on the rig after purchase. I wish you well. and welcome to the forum. if you do buy a rig, you will find this forum a wealth of knowledge from the many talented, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful souls who are here to share. I was a newbie a couple of years ago, the forum provided a fast track education for me in all things toya mh. good luck. joe from dover.
  4. 1983 Toyota Dolphin water damage

    not wishing to discourage you, that said, be prepared for a very labor intensive project. all to often once you begin you find that the damage is far more extensive than you may have thought. if time, and skill set is something you have, you can save a ton of $$$ by doing the repair/replace yourself. there are several posts on the forum from owners who have done a roof replacement and or major repair I encourage you to view those posts before you begin your project. if you have to have a rv shop do repairs it will cost dearly. good luck. joe from dover.
  5. hey linda, you stole my respose / or...great minds think alike ? LOL. joe from dover.
  6. littleshack, I would appreciate very much if you could ask the service people where you are getting your HG replaced, if when doing a HG, replacement is a valve adjustment part of the process of replacing the HG ? I also have a 92, mine had the HG, done about 1998 with 28k miles on it, it has been generally advised to have the valves adjusted at 60k. I currently have about 57k, soooo, if I knew that the valves were adjusted at the time of the HG, I could assume, (in my case) I wouldn't need to worry about the valve adjustment for many, many, more miles. if valve adjustment is NOT usual and customary during a HG replacement, I will have the valve adjustment scheduled in the next 3k miles or so. thanks in advance for your help with my question. joe from dover.
  7. Where to find new curtains

    just google "RV CURTAINS", there are multiple sites to explore. hardware, tracks, clips , etc., I found a place to buy the sew in clips for my window tracks as well as the long track that the divider or privacy curtain hangs from for the overhead bunk area. not expensive at all. hope this helps. joe from dover.
  8. Hey there sonny, there are stain blocker primer paints. one brand is KILZ and another is BIN. I have used kilz many times with great results. hope this helps. joe from dover.
  9. Mr. Heater?

    HEY THERE, mr. heaters use propane canisters. I would be far more comfortable ( no pun intended), with a ceramic electric heater. the one I have has a built in safety feature that shuts the heater off if it somehow would fall over. the propane heaters all suck oxygen and cause condensation. that is why the warning labels state to use in well ventilated areas.i am aware that some roof top ac units had as an option, an electric heat panel , which, although not a furnace, does provide a heat source. my 92 Winnie does not have this option but is prewired for easy installation of one. hope this helps. joe from dover.
  10. my 92 Winnie gets on average 12.5 mpg. I kept track diligently and the best I ever got was 14 mpg with rig completely empty . on a 1200 mile round trip after every fill up I would do the math and it was always 12 to 13 mpg. I quit checking. I have no idea where some of the posted (18 to 20 mpg ) come from. I do not engage my overdrive. unless you are on interstate 10 in Arizona, there is not enough long flat stretches of road to gain much from OD. my opinion. but I do have plenty of power. I can set the cruise at 65 and it will run beautifully. all the above mentioned suggestions are spot on, tire pressure, tune up, etc. but my thoughts are you get what you get and 12.5 mpg is not all that bad considering the amount of weight you are pushing down the road. joe from dover.
  11. Sunrader Fiberglass Maintenance

    try using the zep product. zepped my fiberglas Winnie this summer and was very happy with results. joe from dover
  12. Fuel gauge no workie, '81 Mini-Cruiser

    hey there minicruiser, welcome to the group. my friend has a 86 Minnie Winnie. the fuel gauge did not work when he bought it. he went to the local Toyota dealer parts department, got the Toyota part number, and had it shipped to his friend's shop and installed. I think he paid about $90.00 for the new part. hope this helps, BTW, may I ask where in the buckeye state you are. ? I am in dover, south of canton. happy for another toya owner in ohio. best wishes, joe from dover.
  13. Tri-mark dead bolt lock

    even more info. found the exact blank key match. from guess who, "WINNEBAGO INDUSTRIES", Winnebago part number 101145-01-700. tir-mark still makes the same deadbolt assembly, and Winnebago still uses them. the current version is tri-mark dead bolt assembly part number 11840-02. cost $72.25 plus about $5.00 shipping. the cost for three blank keys is $10.50, plus $5.00 shipping. I bought 3 blanks just in case dean would need more than one to create the new master key. thanks to all. joe from dover.
  14. Tri-mark dead bolt lock

    a little more info......here in dover, we do have a REAL locksmith. 3rd generation family business. I have been a customer for 30yrs. I previously owned rental properties and often was at dean's for keys, locksets, etc. went to dean's yesterday and he assured me he could produce a key, if he had a blank, which he did not have at his shop, that is why I searched, and found blanks at TRI-MARK'S web site. can not definitively state that the dead bolt I have was original to the motorhome, but it appears to be. I have installed scores of locksets and dead bolts for residential doors and this unit is definitely not a residential unit. I suppose my best bet is to just order the blanks on tri-marks site and hope for the best. as far as cost, the blanks are less than $5.00, and if I have the blank dean will make the key for another $5.00. once he has a master to duplicate he charges $1.00 to cut additional keys. thanks for replies. joe from dover