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  1. hunkaman

    Essential accessories

    I have found leveling blocks a must. maybe off topic of "essentials". I also take a 10' x 10' pop up since I have no attached awning. provides protection from rain, sun etc. it is not an expensive one, about $60.00 on sale from HF, also from HF, I carry a poly tarp and some bungee straps. maybe some difference of opinions on this, but I use the RV toilet paper only. this is only my third year owning a toya MH, I find that the process of what I take is always evolving. I started with a standard drip coffee pot, I now have a small (4 cup ) model, similar to the ones you find in motel rooms. saves a lot of space and weight. just one example, as you gain more experience, you learn. lot of great tips and ideas I have adopted from the "old timers" here. good luck. happy camping. joe from dover.
  2. hunkaman

    Essential accessories

    beer. joe from dover
  3. hunkaman

    1986 Wanderlust Project - Wanda

    I can tell that was a TON of work. thanks for the pics, they really help as a resource for future "rebuilders", the pics also confirm what a great job you did. good luck, best wishes and hang in there. joe from dover.
  4. the lexan poly carb material I am familiar with is formable with heat. joe from dover.
  5. yes it is as good as advertised. working in a retail and commercial cabinet shop, I have used lexan poly carb sheets in making high end display cases. it will adapt to many uses that previously only glass was considered. has many additional benefits as well. (I.E. bendable.) joe from dover.
  6. look great. really nice. joe from dover.
  7. hunkaman

    Need some tips!

    depends on how much you want to invest in time and money, as with everything. you could put a fiberglass patch on the inside to cover holes, then use "bondo", or a product ( sorry the name escapes me at the moment) that applies like bondo but is actually metal rather than plastic or whatever bondo is, it sands the same and is paintable. available at auto body supply stores. the rotten wood should be easily replaced from inside. complete agreement with fred, stay away from silicone. use rv specific caulk, and seam products. good luck with the rebuild. keep us posted. joe from dover.
  8. Hunkman!  Thank you for getting back to me.  I appreciate any help I can get.  The problem with the lock was the original was 1 in.  I had to go to 11/8 in and used the original cam.  It worked.  With the door handle, I wasn't sure exactly what I am missing.  Will have to see if I can get a picture from another warrior that has one.  Thanks.  I'm sure I will have more questions.

  9. hunkaman

    Newbie with questions

    hi and welcome. the locks you are trying to locate can be found at rv supply stores. such as camping world. also look online. another choice is to find cabinet locks, 3/4 to 1 inch dia. hole with straight or off set striker. trying to find some replacement parts ( door handle ) can be challenging. some of these parts are not available new, and you may have to find used, or innovate. the plumbing may or may not have by pass valves to the hot water tank and the pump. by pass valves typically make winterizing easier. posting pictures of the areas of concern really helps. good luck. joe from dover.
  10. hunkaman

    New to RVing and Toyota Dolphin

    i believe the valve adjustment is at 60k intervals. you will find this forum a blessing. any question has probably been asked here already, but feel free to ask away. all the people here are helpful and some are very knowledgeable, the "been there, done that", experience is through out any topic. welcome and good luck. joe from dover.
  11. please post pics after install. i admire your problem solving AND saving a bunch of money. great work. joe from dover
  12. is the price of $118.00 each or a pair ?? could not tell from link posted. thanks. joe from dover.
  13. While cruising CL, found a 92 warrior "DL". I have a 92 warrior. was wondering what the difference was between a warrior and a warrior DL. tried to google info for a DL model, and could not find anything. the CL listing had interior and exterior pics. the interior appeared the same as my warrior other than different color scheme for upholstery , carpet, etc. the exterior had the graphics that identified the model as a "DL". also my rig has the exterior shower option located on the very back of the rig, above the tail light assembly (pass. side), the DL has the shower hatch on the passenger side near the rear. the only other noted difference is the wheels are chrome and the front bumper is chrome as well. was just curious as to any info on this model. I am always surprised when I come across a "new" model of these really cool rigs. anyone out there have one of the DL's ?? or know about them???. thanks. joe from dover.
  14. hunkaman

    Boondocking anyone?

    yes, mark and I went to the AEP land together in my Winnie, shortly after I purchased the rig. . our trip was a wet one, rained from the time we left my house, all the way there and while we there. we finally gave up hope of dry weather , said enough is enough and returned to my house the same day. not a good first trip for my Winnie. but I plan to return this year, now that I am more familiar with my rig and have had time to become more experienced. like you I camp during the week to avoid the crowds. AEP, is free and there are "resident" campers at certain areas that act as "hosts" that offer info, maps of the area , etc. there are many small fishing lakes and ponds, some areas have swimming lakes and picnic shelters, but mostly it is primitive camping with no hook ups for water or electric, or dump stations. I live about 30 minutes south of canton, good luck and welcome to the group. joe from dover.
  15. FRP aka fiberglass reinforced plastic, is used for interior applications. it is combustible therefore I would reconsider using it behind wood stoves. as far as exterior use, plastic can degrade when exposed to ultraviolet light. there is a product others have used I believe it is called "filon" for the exterior of their rigs. joe from dover.