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  1. I also found an airlift "7200" wireless leveling controller dual system priced at $374.00 on amazon. the airlist wireless "7400"EZ is priced at $519.95 the airlift load lifter 5000 air bag kit is $293.76 on amazon. joe from dover.
  2. hi derek. i am not smart enough to "share a link" the way you probably would, but i can tell you how i got there ! i googled T-100 INSTRUMENT CLUSTER, when the line popped up T-100 CLUSTER REMOVAL, i clicked on that. then the YotaTech forun block (?) came up and i scrolled down to i think the last line which read, "sr5 gauge cluster swap. how to with pics. 04-08-2009." when i clicked on that it brought me to the toyotatech page with that topic. topic title on the yotatech page was "toyota 4 runner 1984-1995 how to swap gauge cluster. date of topic 02-09-2016 10:13am. don't know if this helps, hope it does because the yotatech thread was really helpful for someone that has no knowledge of this stuff, that someone being me. lol. joe from dover.
  3. hey there, i am also replacing my original. 3-t air bags with the air lift 5000. i want to price the "wireless one"" option. are these at all napa stores ??? thanks. joe from dover.
  4. i found a yotatech thread that covered all my questions and provided an in depth (with lots of photos) step by step swap procedure. thanks for all your help everyone. i have the electronic driven cluster on order. who knows maybe will get swapped soon. LOL. and i do have a very nice cable driven cluster for sale!!. thanks again to all. joe from dover.
  5. hi linda, thanks for the reply. i will contact the link provided thanks very much. joe from dover
  6. ednelson100, thanks for the reply. you have just answered one of the major questions i had. i can now assume buying a cluster that came from a 3.4v6 will work just fine. thank you so much. and the 4wd vs. 2wd issue is probably not relevant. i am trying to ask questions to cover any possible conflict, before purchasing another cluster only to find for some reason IT will not work. been there, done that LOL. thanks again. much appreciated. i would really like to accomplish this project this year, before camping season is here. joe from dover
  7. update: i have been in contact with a seller from the great state of texas that has a nice cluster. the only hitch at the moment is the seller cannot recall if the cluster came from a 3.0v6 or the 3.4v6. does anyone know if the larger 3.4 would make a difference since i have the 3.0 ??? while i am here, another question to throw out there. does it matter if the donor cluster came from a 4wd ?? thanks in advance. joe from dover.
  8. hi again. still working on getting the cluster swap done. with derek's suggestion, i appears my rig does not have a cable driven speedo. i followed derek's advice , and no speedometer cable showed as an available part, although a speed sensor did. so, the cluster i bought last year will not work since it is a cable driven cluster. i have spent many eye straining hours at the computer trying to find a compatible cluster. i have found two or three that will work for me with the exception that they are from a manual shift donor vehicle, thus does not have the pndrl which i would prefer. does anyone know where i can locate the cluster i need??? requirements : 3.0 v6. automatic trans. 2 wheel drive. and NON cable driven speedo. must be an electronic speedo. t-100 or 4runners, from 92 to 95 i believe are swap friendly. any help with this is extremely appreciated. thanks. joe from dover. p.s. to derek- thank you for your tip.
  9. hey there. been following your build. great job. thanks so much for sharing. your rig is awesome. i am almost 70 years old, but can still appreciate a cool rig and all the talent, time and money it took to get "cool". again , what a great job. joe from dover.
  11. happy new year all. another place i found that has dump stations is the county fairgrounds. i live less than a mile from our fairgrounds, here in dover, ohio. i also store my rig at the fairgrounds from nov. to april, indoor storage. the fairgrounds rent storage space in the buildings over the winter. i do not know if other states do this, but it may be worth checking out. there is 24/7/365 access to my fairground dump station. it cost three dollars, no attendant, pay on the honor system via drop box. it is also another source for short stay camping as there are water and electric hook ups. these hook ups are typically used for the various food vendors during our week long county fair in early sept. i am curious if this is common in other states. just thought i would throw this out there. joe from dover.
  12. hello all. as of now i am back to square one with this cluster swap issue. here is what has transpired . i bought what i thought was the correct cluster. the cluster i bought is a CABLE driven speedometer. my mechanic told me i need an electronic driven speedometer cluster. how can i determine with 100 percent accuracy that i do indeed need a non cable speedo type cluster? is there someplace/link i could enter my VIN and get the correct info regarding this issue? i basically have all winter to research this, just would like some help in where to start. my mechanic is very knowledgeable, but anyone can make a mistake. could this be a situation where some cabs had both speedo versions in the same model year, mine being a 1992 , 3.0L , 6 cyl, auto trans. if i do need a electronic type speedo, is this type of cluster more rare and hard to find? thanks for any info, opinion, or help with this . joe from dover.
  13. i recently returned from 5 days at hhsp. this was my third time. just be prepared for unlevel parking sites. and spotty cell reception. i will return again for the natural beauty, and have plenty of leveling blocks, lol. joe from dover.
  14. hi there. i put kyb on my warrior last year. went to shockwarehouse.com price was half of the coveted bilstein. free shipping. no regrets and have more $$ for beer. joe from dover.
  15. ok, thank you again for your help. i am a little nerve wacky about this, having never attempted something like this before. will be a happy day when i post that it is done and working as expected. thanks again, i need all the help i can get, and then some. joe from dover.
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