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  1. Thank you all for your input. I guess I will use a flashlight.
  2. I have a 1987 Sunrader. The tank level indicator wires have been cut at each tank, the water pump and battery indicator are still workin. Does any one know if there just one wire coming from each tank?
  3. Thank you Linda I will see if the shock bushings will work
  4. Anyone know where to get bushings 1987 sunrader
  5. Did you do anything at the waik thru section to keep it from sagging at night?
  6. Has anyone put a one piece memory foam mattress for the bed above the cab. I have a Toyota Sunrader 1987 18ft I am considering it.
  7. How does the condensation drain from the ac unit? Is there a drain that runs out the bottom of the rv or does it just run off the roof?
  8. Ok. So on the upper unit under the cover. Thank you Bob
  9. Also what about propane, battery, refrigerator, stove, plumbing, tanks, mold, leaks?
  10. Just bought an 87 Sunrader a couple months ago. As long as it has the 6 lugs the rear axle should be good. Good luck to you
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