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  1. Smashed Window in Coach

    Hi guys....some jerk smashed the glass in my window right behind the couch..is that someting a auto glazer would have or do i bring it to an actual window shop? Or do i need to go to surplus shop...
  2. Tiling Shower Pan?

    You mean the fixtures in the bathroom arent yellow? I always thought that was the original color...lol
  3. Electric Bike Conversion

    Cool scooter...how about the old peddle bikes with engines..what were they called??
  4. Looking to purchase generator

    I actually tested the yamaha , champion , and honda all side by side (all 2000). Only the honda was able to run my 13.5 AC. The others died when the AC compressor kicked in. My suspicion is higher torque. The honda has the highest engine displacement among the three......
  5. WME...Thanks a bunch
  6. I noticed the fiberglass on my over the cab section seems like its very thin or i can actually see the fiberglass. I guess the wind just wears it down.. Any good recomendations on putting some protection on it?
  7. I got an aluminum rear carrier, and then found this collapsible bag from cabela. The bag might need a little more more work, but the whole concept kinda works fine. I think maybe adding those magnetic rear lights to either the bumper or the carrier..oh well ..the project continues..
  8. I got an aluminum rear folding carrier and then found a bag with a semi frame from Cabela..needs some work , but i think will work. The tailights may need some sort of modification but im thinking just buying the magnetic ones and then hook it up to the existing...
  9. My 2000 honda runs my 13.5 AC . I never thought about the back till i rode there. It does get hot. I was thinking of adding a secondary evap unit ( split system) to my cab ac..but in the end , easier to just do what everyone said and just run a gen on the rear carrier. One guy built a pretty good gen mount system in the utility box . It would probably run out in 4 hours but thats about the same time the toyohome will run out too....
  10. Collapsible Rear Carrier

    Does anybody know if anybody makes a rear carrier box (like the utility boxes) but it collapses. I want to put a folding aluminum carrier on the back with a collapsible carrier box so I can just put everything up when not in use.
  11. Pull Out Couch - Is it bolted down or not

    Mine is a jack knife too... I'm not sure what you mean when you say it bolts at the hinge. Do you have a picture??
  12. Hi Guys, Does anybody know if the pull out couch (or lay down couch ) is fastened to anything. I just noticed that you can take the whole thing out and it is actually laying on my shore line power cord. I tried to find the holes that maybe the lag screws fell out off but no luck, It also seems the front panel of the couch box is coming loose. Any help appreciated.
  13. PSA - EBay Sunrader

    How much you guys think for a 84 sunrader 140k , been sitting for maybe 6 years..
  14. Hitch receiver for 1992 Warrior?

    probably 300 for the scooter and carrier.. Probably added 30 to 40 lbs too for changing the bumper. Maybe 25 lbs on the front hitch total.
  15. How much for a 1993 Toyota Warrior - good condition?

    10k to 12k. Expect to find some stuff. Even is none, you will start your own projects .. Maybe 2k to 3k so budget in 15K