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  1. Header and new exhaust have made it louder, but it's a "cool" sounding louder. It's not bad in my humble opinion. People who know cars turn heads and look because they know my set-up is not stock. Haven't run it on a longer trip yet, so I don't know if I'm going to eventually go crazy with the louder drone of the system. It is totally new from engine to tailpipe. Header, new Magnaflow CAT, 2.25" all the way back. New resonator. New Magnaflow muffler. Chrome tip. Maybe someday I'll upload a video with a sound byte for people to see and hear.
  2. Got my spark plug wire separator (loom) kit installed.
  3. Got my new exhaust system installed!!!! Shop did a great job. Complete with header, new CAT, 2.25" tubing all the way through and a Magnaflow muffler. Sounds great. Throttle response just keeps getting better. I can accelerate up hills! Tomorrow I try to install the RV cam.
  4. Sorry about the picture problem. I think I fixed it. Check the first posting again. I'll add a link to a youtube video clip that is pretty much what I did. The extra HP and gas mileage is from easier breathability due to a dual cone filter, way shorter intake tubing and intake tubing that is much larger in diameter. All of this allows for more air to get to the engine with less restriction. I have done this with every vehicle I've owned for the past 20 years and because of the improved results, I will do it with every future gas vehicle that I buy in the future.
  5. I did some research to try to find out how to improve horsepower and gas mileage. I've tried several modifications so far and the horsepower gains have been excellent. I'll get back to you on the gas mileage.... The first major mod I attempted was the one I saw on the internet involving the moving of the battery to the driver's side and moving the MAF to where the battery used to be. Here's my mostly stock set-up. Compare this to the swap.(I also added a new radiator, new tranny cooler, etc....