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  1. Pretty cool, like the patio! ? Trying to get the moped off the front and clean up the back. Really don't want to get a trailer.
  2. Thanks for the tips guys!! Trying to get it off the rear wall and out of the way for a better cargo setup.
  3. I have heard of people relocating the spare tire under the coach but can't find anything on here. Anyone have previous experience to share or advice?
  4. Thanks yep found it at a gas/ plumbing supplier. $13. It has reverse threads if that's what you mean and yep well aware. Thanks:)
  5. Hey all, couldn't find anything in the forum. Hoping someone knows how I would go about replacing the brass fitting for the propane tank. The past 30 years of use have worn it down to the point of (yes I know not good, but it's at last resort stage) using vise grips. The nut is getting worn to nothing and is a ticking clock to trouble at this point.
  6. Awesome! Gonna do our best to make it this year? Looks much better than Mt right now.
  7. What about ocean shores WA? Quinault casino has RV sites $10 a night in the summer might be able to organize a group situation with them although I know they don't do reservations. Or at least a rally on the beach. We drove on the beach no problem, within reason, and lots of room! Can park over night technically but "can't sleep" I think for tide reasons.
  8. Hey everyone! So how about this? There is a youtuber rver/ camper meet up August 15-21 at Riffe Lake near Morton WA. GPS: 46.488972, -122.183313 I will be there (might be the 19th) the 20th and 21st. It would be great to not only get one rally of campers even bigger but to also squeeze in a little Toyota one at the end too! Also the 21st is the eclipse so what better time! Beautiful lake front camping, free for 7 days...
  9. Thanks for the help everyone! So Linda you have a smaller yotahome? Thanks for the tips, I will have to think it over. Thanks Mark, yea I have a 21ft that we (girlfriend, dog, and I) live in so it is very much over loaded:) It is a pretty bouncy ride (like an old Buick) and think braking would improve with a more rigid shock like the Bilstiens.
  10. I'm looking on doing the same. Great shocks, had them on my jacked up 4runner! Great prices too wow! So which are the fronts and rears? My fronts need them first the almost 30 year old original ones are bleeding out pretty good. Anyone have a link to a good how to guide? Never changed shocks before.
  11. Hey awesome! I'm near Hoodsport. How long you going to be around? We could do a micro meet up at a park or something. I work at a campground but the group sites are booked every weekend until Sept.
  12. I agree. Guessing there are some FB pages worth reaching out to. I don't have it so cant help with that. Assumed all yoterhomes were welcome for that reason. If you wanted to do a Chinook only thing that will need a lot of planning, outreach, and much more time I think.
  13. Hi Judy! I was thinking about trying to get one going out here (possibly for the eclipse?) as well without much interest or reply. We are living about 1 hour north west of Olympia on the 101 for the summer would be awesome to get something going! Is anyone else interested??? Not much of a rally just two rigs haha. That Chinook looks sweet, they are such cool rigs congrats! I work at a campground so I could organize a large group camp site possibly depending when (maybe august?) and how many want to join/ contribute. Open to having it somewhere else besides where I work though:) You can just send me a PM if ya want to try and get this going! -Jack
  14. Anyone in the PNW want to Rally? I hear it will be best in Oregon. I'm in the Olympic Peninsula, hear it should be ok here but better down there. I would love to work on one out here if anyone is the the area/ wants to help!
  15. Thanks for all the responses everyone! Quickly backing out on the toad car idea the more I think about the everyday issue. Also I hear you cant back up with toads? Also surprised to hear a geo metro is 1800 lbs, my guess was around 900 haha. That much weight wouldn't work, for long anyway my brakes hate me enough already being home for 2 people, all our crap, and an 80 pound dog. A very small trailer might be the direction I go or just a rack on the front for a small motorcycle or scooter. Being able to fit in one parking spot and being able to get to more secluded camps is a tough trade off.
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