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  1. May I suggest a sticky with a list of ‘mechanical’ things to be checked or replaced outright when getting a used Toy. (I’m not including camper items / appliances, etc). It would be nice if it could also serve as a quick reference / resource list for the more common maintenance requirements. The forum contains a wealth of information, but being a new Toy owner, it is a little daunting trying to get info on simpler items, while wishing to avoid being a nuisance ‘duplicate’ poster with previously addressed questions. After trawling for a few hrs, this is a list I have made. I will endeavor to make it a ‘living’ document by adding any suggestions / recommendations / omissions FLUIDS: Replace all fluids - Flush coolant system. When selecting a coolant...stick with the GOOD STUFF - Transmission: If you drained it and let it set, the converter will slowly drain into the pan until it gets below the bottom of the front pump. There is a lot of oil hiding in there. The dry fill is somewhere around 9 qts. One recommendation is to drain and fill 3 x, drain and fill and drive around and then drain and fill. - Change the engine oil. Mineral oil: recommendation: Shell Rotella 15W-40 - T Triple Protection (high ZDDP additive package for metal-wear protection). Mixed response on Synthetics. - Oil Filter Replacement: Filters for Toyota trucks come in at least three size ranges. Standard is 2.9" OD by 3.4" high. Next is 3.6": OD by 5.1"high, and then there is a two-quart version that is 3.6"OD by 7" high. Amsoil published a lot of tests about their filters, the Amsoil "always won" but Mobile 1 and Hastings finished 2nd or 3rd depending on the test. Amsoil now sells Hastings as a cost saver filter. If you do a lot of start and stop type driving, then a high quality stock sized filter is your choice. If you spend more time driving then a larger one (middle sized) is the ticket as the larger size lets the oil flow through filter medium slower. Plus there is a small cooling effect due to the larger housing. - Change the air filter. To avoid mice, try using hardware cloth. Plastic screen is restrictive to air flow. Mice can't chew through ¼” hardware cloth. http://www.oreillyau...C0068&ppt=C0009 Shoes: 10” X 2 3/16 (254 mm X 56 mm) CENTRIC 11105230, CARLSON Part # A523, BENDIX Part # RS523, WAGNER Part # PAB523, NAPA TS523 O’Reilly's carries a shoe that will fit. http://www.oreillyau...03353&ppt=C0068 Hold-down kit: BENDIX Part # H7215DP, RAYBESTOS Part # H171332, AUTOSPECIALTY / KELSEY-HAYES Part # HK2209, ACDELCO Part # 18K628, WAGNER Part # H17133, NAPA UP 2273 Wheel cylinder: 7/8” bore BENDIX Part # 33919, RAYBESTOS Part # WC37654, AMERICAN REMANUFACTURERS INC. Part # 78422707, ACDELCO Part # 18E244, WAGNER Part # WC110923, DORMAN Part # W37654, AUTOSPECIALTY / KELSEY-HAYES Part # W56707, NAPA ATM P9466 Outer wheel-axle-seal: 1.625” OD , 1.35” shaft size, .35” wide L & S AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS Part # 7113911, BECK/ARNLEY Part # 0523184, NATIONAL Part # 710076, TIMKEN Part # 710076, SKF Part # 13911, VICTOR REINZ Part # 66527, NAPA NOS 13911 Inner wheel seal: 3.35” OD, 2.4” shaft size, .31” thick. BECK/ARNLEY Part # 0522680, L & S AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS Part # 7124635 , PRECISION AUTOMOTIVE Part # 226285, NATIONAL Part # 226285, SKF Part # 24635, TIMKEN Part # 226285, NAPA ATM 2117203 , NAPA NOS 24635 Proper length hold-down pins: 2 1/8” NAPA UP 80706 BELTS/HOSES: - Change all belts. - Replace the hoses, especially the "hidden" hose under the alternator - Vacuum Hoses: There is a kit for the 22RE. http://www.lceperfor...k-p/1072442.htm You don't need everything it comes with. Majority of the vacuum hose is 3mm. Buy something 12ft of 3mm vacuum hose. The 3mm fits snug and the silicone is a nice upgrade. http://www.summitrac...terial/silicone Alternatively http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/B009PYDPRM A lot of the major parts stores have it also Attached Files Timing belt replacement chart.pdf 482.92KBTIRES: Front at 40 and the rear at 45 psi. Much discussion on this Learn about tire size and load range also to make sure they are the right tires Learn to read a DOT date code http://www.tirebuyer...es#.VMge2y6M63I Recent thread on tires: http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=7398 Metric tire sizes with the missing "middle" number have been around since the late 1950s. When that middle number is left out - it means it's an "82 % height to width" ratio. If the tire were an 185/75-14" instead - it would have a "75%" aspect ratio. 185R-14"C means 82%. Toyota cab & chassis rigs sold to RV makers for use as motorhomes with dual rear wheels call for 185R-14" C tires with a minimum of a 6 ply rating for the rear. For the front Toyota calls for 185R-14" C tires with an 8 ply rating. RV makers can call for something even better, but not worse to meet Toyota standards. OTHER See if you have a transmission cooler if you have an automatic tranny Check the furnace and a/c unit Clean and straighten radiator fins, you will be surprised how much junk accumulates there RV salvage yard search engine http://car-part.com/
  2. Generator Question (Again!)

    Well I pulled the trigger on the camp power onan 2.8 for $200 - I pick it up in Houston next week when I'm there on business. I also happened to come across 2 Honeywell 2000i Inverter generators with less than 50 hrs a piece on them - $400 for both, and less than 15 miles from me. The Honeywell's both are in excellent shape (look new), both started straight away and powered appropriately. The owner knew his business (always had made sure the carbs were completely drained before any prolonged period of non-use, clearly kept up maintenance, etc). So.... I now have 3 gen sets (!) for $600, which was my initial budget for finding one. Now on to the connection project - temporarily using the Honeywell before sorting out the Onan.
  3. Generator Question (Again!)

    Many thanks for all the info. The closest I've found is a 'camp power' 2.8 that is apparently in good shape and in running order. My research shows that its the same genset as the microlite, minus the muffler. There is a muffler kit available, but it seems to be an under-mount affair, which seems a little strange when considering mounting. At $200 asking price, it seems I have a little wiggle room in terms of maybe having to acquire a few parts. I'm 'fairly' mechanically adept and am not squeamish about taking on a challenge. With it seemingly more-or-less the same gen, I'm thinking the electrical should be relatively similar. Any thoughts?
  4. Generator Question (Again!)

    Hi all, First post here, although I've been a guest lurker for a while. Finally picked up my 'new' 87 Odyssey today, so first time proud owner and newly fledged member of the Toy motorhome family. I've spent a while researching the vehicle and it certainly fits the bill for my requirements - I feel comfortable with the purchase, price and condition. And so on to the list of changes, desires and general time-vampire projects... First up is the need for a generator. The vehicle did at one time have an onan, it has the starter switch / setup inside the home and everything 'pre-plumbed'. Just no generator in the bay, which is located at the back of the cabin (rear bath / shower set up in the home). Now, there are two onan 4.0 rv gensets available locally - one an '82 and another later model emerald electric start. Both apparently in good running order, and for about the same price ($500 ish). First question, - will these fit / work for the vehicle, or are they too big / heavy and overkill? I have been able to get specs but no dimensions - the genset is also quite heavy at 215lbs. Anyone put such a large genset in? Most of the threads mention the lighter 2.8 units, and despite quite a bit of searching, I can't find anything on a 4.0 I really do need a generator, as quite a few of our proposed destinations require self containment, and TX summers require A/C. I'd prefer to use the bay rather than an external unit set up. Any and all help would be most appreciated, along with your patience in dealing with yet another newbie and the anticipated plethora of questions to follow. (Having said that, I promise to commit to doing my bit of 'thread searching' before posting questions - the wealth of info here is awe-inspiring!) Many thanks again for your help, one & all - I'm looking forward to participating!