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  1. Nice job, When I added my rack I mounted it directly to the frame also.
  2. The straight poop on Macerators

    We use the same thick multi ply septic safe tissue in the Toy that we use at home with no issues.
  3. Not sure what roof molding is? Other than that sounds good. I see no reason to use lap sealant and EPDM, but that is my opinion and how I would do it. After reading on this for some time if I wanted to coat my roof (aluminum) I would use a DTM direct to metal paint. Then do the normal sealing. My roof is in great condition with no pitting.
  4. Oxidation of fiberglass on Sunrader

    I was a bit skeptical of the Zep and Barkeepers friends hype. I am in the process of cleaning up my Toy and the Barkeepers does an impressive job, even cleans up the caulk. It is a bit of work, so I am only doing a section at a time. If you do try the Barkeepers it takes a thorough rinsing and wear gloves, it sucks the oil out of skin. The Zep is a huge improvement.
  5. Toyota Hiace Help

    Alt 156 £ Now you should have the pound key
  6. Looking at an '85 Sunrader

    After a couple years on these forums, I have learned there are many things to check and the uninitiated will miss several. Some will be a bit expensive and a good lesson, but not the end of the world. The #1 absolute worst horror story is overheating! Very hard to diagnose and the suggestions start on how to fix, new thermostat, radiator, bigger radiator, custom radiator, water pump, fan clutch, fan, electric fan and still no cure. Many $$$$$$$ are wasted. I seen this happen twice last year. The culprit is the head gasket, radiator repair in a can will clog cooling passages in block. Very hard to diagnose and an expensive repair. Not common but if there is any indication of overheating I would walk away. It could be something simple or a frustrating expensive fix.
  7. 19 gallon fuel tank?

    Unlikely that the hitch was factory installed. When approaching grade/entrance,exit take the grade at an angle, will solve most bottoming out. Some entrance/exits need to be avoided. At times I have to drive around the block to approach at an angle, it is not a car!
  8. I went through life replacing OE hose clamps, with the screw type stainless clamps with no thought. Then I found out the OE type clamps keep a constant pressure on the hose.
  9. Not sure what you are doing but wiggle wood is an option. I have had some success using 5.2mm luan from Home Depot/Lowes. Surprising how much it will bend with some patience.
  10. Driver cab heating

    This is my AC evaporator from my 93 Sea Breeze. It is not a nest, the evaporator is packed with debris. You don't have AC you say, then your heater core may look like this! This may be a worse case scenario, but most people do not open them up to see.
  11. Sunrader Fiberglass Maintenance

    I'm doing my Toy a little at a time. I started with the aluminum over the cab and just finished the fiberglass shell around the cab. The Barkeepers friend and Zep does a very impressive job. This will take some time as I am really sloooow and am cleaning up old caulk and resealing before I clean and wax. Be a couple months before I am done.
  12. No I meant Zerk, I have never learned to speak metric!
  13. There are many You Tube videos on this, You Tube can be your new friend to help learn your way around the RV, don't watch just one video, some people are great at making videos but know little about the subject. Some add Zerk fittings to the dump valves and grease them. You also want to sanitize your fresh water system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_XdgPJH-D8
  14. Houston flood took my toyhome

    I have been seeing big #'s for salvage Toy's, one guy claimed that V6 were going for $3000 salvage. Seems too high but never know.
  15. Great got that out of the way! It is common for one side to take higher psi than the other to level coach. I have not heard of bags needed to settle in?? I am only guessing but suspect that the right spring is weak unless there is a lot of excess weight on the left side. Mostly hear 10 to 20 psi difference.