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  1. My 93 Sea Breeze needed TLC, so I did everything, the Pro Thane kit, all new steering components, tie rod ends and such, KYB shocks, front end alignment and it went from wandering all over the road to slot car! All the bushings were from sorta ok to absolutely destroyed. I would use Energy Suspension instead of Prothane if I did it again, the regular kit does not have the right parts for the 1 ton. at least Energy Suspension says it is not for the one ton, instead of being in the middle of a job and finding out I did not have the right parts!
  2. Ouch! The dual rear wheel ECM are hard to find. We had a discussion about this one time and the consensus was that other ECM's would work. I have only heard of 1 person saying they had done it. The only thing that I can think of that might be an issue is cable drive speedometer vs electronic. The electronic speedometer sends a signal to the ECM which might cause an issue, I am only guessing at this. I do not know what years were cable vs electronic? Googled part # this came up https://store.allcomputerresources.com/1991-toyota-truck-89661-35560-pcm-ecm-ecu-engine-computer.html
  3. Google Toyota ECM rebuilders, brings up a long list of possibilities.
  4. Can't be fixed? Hmmm, there are various ECM rebuilders online, 3 years ago I sent mine to I think Chicago to be repaired and have read about others sending to various places. Sorry do not remember names. Slightly different #, I think yours has a cable driven speedometer vs my electronic drive speedometer.
  5. I seem to recall the pull handle shaft being threaded for the handle, so makes sense that the gate valve end is threaded also. So pulling on the bolt might open the valve. Just don't try it in the driveway!
  6. I used to be anal about inflating duallys to the exact same pressure. Almost bought a dual head inflator so both tires would be the same. Then I got a 4 tire pressure monitor and found that the pressures are all over the chart, the tire in the sun vs the one that is shaded can be way higher! The tires on the shaded side are always lower psi than the ones in the sun. The monitor did alert me of a leaking inner dual on a trip, which I would not have noticed, so maybe saved me a tire? Cheap monitor system lasted me about a year. 65 psi may be generally accepted somewhere but not on my Toy. Tire place put 65 psi in mine and on the way home thought I was going to jar my teeth loose or hurt my back, like riding on bowling balls! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-gPwNZgDGA
  7. Is this the right part # for the left hand 86 90942-01009? Tempting to order one just to see what happens : )
  8. I have not seen anyone have any luck finding l hand studs and nuts. To make this adventure way more fun, if the wheels are from an 86 to my understanding they will have 6 hand holes instead of three and will require a flanged nut instead of a cone shaped nut. One owner went back to the junk yard where he bought the wheels to pick up the nuts he left behind. Toy's use the Acorn/tapered cone seat and the 86 will use something like the mag seat nut. I think Derek had some part #'s on this?
  9. Maybe it was MtDave he have a V8. I have had mine up to 80 and do not care for the way it handles, 70 seems about tops without white knuckles.
  10. Does not get much activity. I looked at a couple I know. Horizon coach review in 2006 praises Ally, a top notch Detroit diesel mechanic, but I think he is retired now? If I had to send somebody to a RV repair place, I would send them to Horner in Punta Gorda. But I see the owner retired and the new guy got one negative review. I would hate to be in a position to have to recommend a shop, actually now with a negative review on Horners I would not recommend any shop! If I had to hire my work done I would sell my toy, maintenance and repairs would be far more than the toy is worth!
  11. The Camping World at Ft Myers has all poor reviews, about what I would think. Interesting, thanks for posting.
  12. I find RV building is pretty much generic with little difference between brands. So any video you watch will help. Toyota specific is always nice but not critical.
  13. CAUTION air bags are a small volume of air and are easy to over inflate, tread carefully. There is no correct pressure for air bags. Most are 20 psi minimum and 90 psi maximum. Less than 20 psi can damage most bags, there are bags that have stops. I would guess over 90 will blow them up. I have not experimented with that yet. The one thing they do well is isolate the cabin from vibrations. so less psi is better. The purpose of the bags is to level the RV front to rear and side to side. The psi will vary depending on the condition of the suspension and weight distribution. It is not uncommon for one bag to have more or less air than the other one. Mine are about 10 psi different. A rule of thumb is when the headlights are aimed properly it is the correct pressure. Caution must be exercised when filling bags as they are small and can be over pressurized quickly! I do add air to my bags when leaving blacktop for more clearance and also use them at times to level coach when parked. Most find 50 psi is a good starting point to make adjustments. I found a lot of misinformation on bags so made a copy and paste, which I add to when needed.
  14. There is much confusion on this subject. Earlier Toy homes may have been fitted with a 7000 or 8000 btu roof air. A 2000 watt generator will run them with ease. My Honda 2000 will not start my 11000 btu roof air without a hard start capacitor. With a hard start it will not start and run the 11k unit dependably in hot weather. So first you need to know how many btu your roof air is.
  15. I ask at a local NAPA store they usually know who does what and who the good guys are!
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