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  1. Darn your right! second time in this century I have been wrong. I had to push the pump away from the block to get the new belt on! Went through a few belts. Now have a NAPA Premium XL 25-9480 that fit. Not a lot of adjustment there, almost like the pump pulley is the wrong size!
  2. I did not read this whole post. Experimenting with mine I found that separating the exhaust from the warmed cooling air raised the temperature of the generator. I do not recall how much as it was some time ago, but enough to cause concern and I scrapped the idea. Does not make any sense but that is what happened. I have about 40 pictures of the temp gauge when experimenting but no idea which is which??
  3. I have seen auxillary gas tanks for generators on some RV's, not common. Holiday Rambler and I think Lesharo are 2.
  4. This rings a bell, someone, not me was having an issue with the V6 PS pump belt. I would never miss something that simple! One of those you gotta be kidding me moments and hope no one was looking. Try moving the pump away from the block, I think that was it??
  5. Here is one made of wood! There is no link and Photo Bucket has ruined the pictures. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNtvEg0a8PqycKSEw0m5gS62qOH7Lr28aCPYRUY1E-5KTHHiYHm_zAhZz7_xbYciQ/photo/AF1QipMFjuJnlNf-3Uyys6grNIMCp-Nz4HTZQQWdsbhP?key=YTZrWHhLU0VrOWFnakV4el9jMXJodi1ISVItaGFR
  6. Honda also says must be no closer than X amount of feet from wall. Here is the quiet box Honda sells in Asia for the 2200 equivilent, not available in US.
  7. I need to remember tho check the spare when I get going, I only have a few inchs clearance.
  8. I am sure the exhaust came from National like that. You can cut a circle piece of cardboard and see it it will fit there with the exhaust pipe moved to the driver side exit. I might have been able to but some things were just too close.
  9. 4 years on the forum and have never seen anyone check the valves on a V6 Toyota RV that did not need adjusting! The RV unlike a pickup running around empty most of the time is carrying 6000 + pounds and burning through lots of gas when ever it is moving. Have seen quite a few heads redone because the valves were burnt. So do the PM or run them till they burn??
  10. Hi

    Thank you for the photos of your spare Tire solution. Trying to understand I have Few questions:

    1. The metal frame you designed, is welded to the chassis ??

    2. How do you maneuver heavy tire up and down as it is quite heavy.


    Thank you.



    1. jjrbus


      I do not want to be welding under the RV so is bolted in.  There is a lip on the front cross member that it sits on and is bolted.  The thickness of the material on the rear cross piece is fairly thin so definitely do not want to weld on that.


      In the driveway I maneuver the tire with some wood and a floor jack.  I am looking for something to attach that one side of the tire can be set on and then lift the other end.  Or some simple lift or lever. Keeping in mind I have not had to use a spare tire in years so not way up on the priority's list.


        In the meantime I have ERS so will let someone younger than me do the heavy lifting. 

    2. V6 Seabreeze 92

      V6 Seabreeze 92

      Thank you for the explanation.


      I was also looking to copy my 86 VW Westfalia camper Spare tire set up. it is hindged on one side latches on the opposite side as you push it up.



  11. I have a 94 Sea Breeze and needed to get the spare off the rear. It was easier to cobble a spare tire carrier together than move things to utilize the original spare location.
  12. No nothing about a 4 cyl. The service manual for my 93 says to replace the 02 sensor at 80k and the dealer will do it for free! When my mpg dropped noticeably I could find nothing wrong! When I tested the 02 sensor it passed but I noticed it was very slow to react compared to the videos I was watching, referred to lazy 02 sensor. I detest throwing parts at a problem but had nothing to loose I threw some parts at it, 02 sensor, fan clutch and thermostat. Should have done 1 at a time and tested, but mpg is back up now.
  13. Disclaimer NOT A MECHANIC. After hours on the net with some really good toy people and not able to fix a no start situation and being told numerous times it was not the ECU. Out of desperation I sent the ECU in for testing. A week and $170 later, installed fixed ECU and fired right up. Fortunately mine died in it's parking spot next to the house. Rebuilt ECU are $$$$$$ should be able to find a place online that will test yours for you. I did mine 4 years ago and no longer have info. I was told that faults in the system can damage ECU, I do not know that to be a fact, so tr
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