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  1. Thanks for asking. There was that moment in the cab when I hesitant about turning the key. It fired right up and runs very well. I was surprised at how well it ran and seemed to have more power. I asked about it and then did a Google, it seems that adjusting valves will restore power that has been lost as the valves go out of adjustment. I have not taken a trip in it yet, just ran it up and down the interstate a few miles. I do not keep tract of my mpg, so cannot check but I would not be surprised if it goes up a bit. This is one job I do not want to do again.
  2. jjrbus

    Mirror Upgrade

    Mine had a piece of square aluminum tubing for an extension on the passenger side. I removed it and tweaked the mirrors a bit and all was fine. Must be the model and types of arms that makes a difference?
  3. jjrbus

    Mirror Upgrade

    There are You Tube videos on adjusting mirrors, may help if you have the correct mirrors. There are many thousands of these things running around with no mirror issues.
  4. It will not make any difference for me as I highly doubt I will ever do this again, would be nice to be able to help someone else out. So if someone is reading this thread and getting frustrated with the shim tool, try filing the end flat or grinding down the thickness.
  5. Thanks Dan appreciated, but still leaves me wondering what is going on. My tool measured where I did not grind it down is the same thickness. I bought the Power Built brand for under $30.
  6. jjrbus

    Holding tanks

    I have the ability and knowledge to fix my gauges, I don't bother. After a bit you develop a sense of the status of the tanks. Need to check the fresh tank, shine a flashligh on it, will show the level if it is an opaque tank. Check black tank, turn off water and shine flashlight in toilet. Need to check grey tank, have not got that one figured out yet!
  7. Thanks for the response. After grinding the tool down I went from total frustration to poping them out on the first or second try, night and day. In the video in this post it is shown putting the tool on the left hand side or cove side of the bucket, I could still not do that after grinding the tool.
  8. You likely did not buy cheap Ebay tools, may be the reason you had no issues. When I Google valve adjustment 3VZE there are quite a few that insist it is easier to remove the cams. I strongly suspect it is the cheap poorly formed tools that is the issue. I have asked and cannot find anyone in this area to compare tools.
  9. Trying to get the shim removal tool to stay on the bucket was next to impossible, 25, 30 attempts on each shim. Finally get the shim held down, pull the shim and if it touched the tool, the tool would pop out or might pop out without being touched! Watching people on videos putting tool in and pulling shim out with no issues, then reading about how the tools were big time savers, or people were pulling the cams to do the job as it was easier. Either I was doing something very wrong or there was something wrong with the tool.. Grinding the tool down did 2 things, it thinned the tool, then I had to clean up the edge of the tool that sits on the bucket with a file, So now I am curious if pricier tools are thinner or if sharpening the edge that did the trick.
  10. Thanks for the response, interested in the thickness of your tool, mine is not thin when compared to the width of the bucket. My tool measures 0.063 before I ground it down, 0.051 thickness after grinding. The one I have looks like it is stamped out of sheet metal. Actually measuring this is surprising I thought I took off more.
  11. I don't remember the numbers on my conversion but it was over 40. The AC pros told me to leave it alone and not try to add any refrigerant.
  12. You got closer to high specs than I did. I think if I had not done this in metric I might have been able to fudge on the shims a bit, I now see that on one shim the clearance difference was only .00047 NOw to satisfy my curiosity if you still have the shim hold down tool could you measure the thickness of it? On a side note I did use my harbor freight digital calipers, using a non metric micrometer was not going to work.
  13. Seen some writeups and videos on the web, all doing on bench or #3 cyl, the easy one! Well here is #6, in the real world, everything went well till this point. I used 3 tools for the rest but there is no room to work around #6, wires and hoses are in the way and the engine lift bracket needs to come off. There is not enough room for the tools, so I got the angle grinder out and chopped them down to a usable length. I was able to use 1/2 the clamp type tool and get the short wedge type tool in place to get the cut down bucket hold down tool in position. The bucket tool cannot be seen when it is in place and if it is a bit out of position it will block the shim from coming out. #6 was still a bit frustrating as nothing wants to cooperate. Compressed air pop'ed the shims out on all but #6, it had to be pried out. Safety glasses are a must on this job as everything is under pressure and wants to spring out of place. I rotated the engine by hand a couple turns and remeasured all clearence's 1. .010 .254mm 2. .012 .305mm 3. .011 .279mm 4. .010 .254mm 5. .012 .305mm 6. .011 .279
  14. #$%^&#@ Valve bucket too! I found holding the bucket down and removing the shim very frustrating, 25, 30 attempts, start to pull the shim out and zing, the tool pops out. To the point of getting ready to pull the cams to get the job done. I am reading and watching video's about this, a guy doing it on a bench in a shop is not real world example. I looked the situation over and decided that the cheap Ebay valve bucket tool is too thick and the edge that sits on the bucket is not flat enough with a good edge. So decide to grind it down as I cannot possibly makes things worse. https://www.ebay.com/bhp/toyota-valve-tool I ground about 1/3 of the thickness off the tool and carefully filed the end that sits against the bucket, to produce a nice square edge. I started with a 1/3 thinking I could always take more off and/or throw it on the roof! IT WORKED! If you saw me pulling shims out you would think I was an old time Toy mechanic that had done this 100's of times💃 In the photo I highlighted in black the area I removed material from and where I filed, I tried to remove the same amount from each side of the tool. Also as it was the 7th day I tried calling the Toyota dealer about my parts, 6 times I called, hung up on, put on hold and forgotten about. Eventually got through to parts and was told my parts were ready for pickup, wonder how long they had been sitting there waiting for me to call?