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  1. I think 13,500 btu is way too big for a Toyota RV and would not buy that much btu. Hard start cap may or not work with a small generator and definitely not reliably. I do have a hard start cap in my 8000 btu window AC with my Honda 2000 and it makes a noticeable difference. I have been watching these for a few years and cannot recommend as I do not have one, on the other hand from what I have read if I had an issue would buy one. I have yet to see a negative review on a properly installed one. https://www.microair.net/collections/easystart-soft-starters/products/easystart-364-3-ton-single-phase-soft-starter-for-air-conditioners?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItdi9ysv25wIVA6SzCh230gThEAQYASABEgKGiPD_BwE&variant=30176048267
  2. I made up simple insulated window panels, not for cold, here in Florida the windows act as solar collectors! This is 1/2 inch insulation, simple wood frame and some material. The front window is permanently mounted and the side windows are hinged in case we want fresh air.
  3. When I did my shocks and steering stabilizer, I put on KYB shocks and the only available steering stabilizer was a Monroe. After 4 years the shocks are fine. The Monroe stabilizer has failed already, they did replace it under warranty but must say I am not impressed with Monroe quality!
  4. My tank spent it's life in Florida and is clean on the outside. Inside is rusted.
  5. Some carry them some do not, personal choice. I have not used a spare in decades, opps, I have. The day I brought my Toy home I had a blowout and road service changed for me. Almost home when the thing blew, not just a flat a catastrophic failure, no tools nothing, but the spare was good. Recently was reading a thread on another RV forum and guy with no spare was provided one by emergency road service for FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS! $120 anyplace else. His is a common size tire, readily available, unlike our size which is hard to find. So I carry a patch kit, compressor and a spare.
  6. Difficult one to respond to. Not being able to look at it in person I would assume there is rot. You will not know how much rot till it is opened up. Having repaired is difficult to estimate as we do not know how much rot there is nor where you will get it done. I would figure in the thousands to be safe. I do not recall anyone posting what they payed to have work like that done. DIY is the same elusive answer, I have done rot repair but do not know your skill level or resources. I have seen many people that knew very little, had few tools and poor places to work do the repairs. Depends on your level of enthusiasm and willingness to try. Go to You tube type in RV rot repair, look at a bunch of videos and determine if it is something you want to tackle. If I had to pay to have that done I would spend the money on a better unit, unless they payed me to haul it off. Not to be misconstrued as expert or professional advice only my opinion, which is worth what you are paying for it.
  7. My rule of thumb is anything that is critical to operation or difficult to get to I only use OE, Aisin or Denso. I have read about counterfeit OE parts on Ebay so will no longer use them as a source. Head gasket, timing belt those types of jobs would take me days and it is not worth saving a few dollars and have to redo it. Recently replaced the fan clutch with after market, much cheaper, it is right there easy to access, available everywhere so why not save a few bucks. It sounded funny, how it could sound funny is beyond me. So I returned it and installed an Aisin and now happy with it. Aisin and Denso are Toyota suppliers.
  8. I have noticed the best way for impressive MPG is to lie about what you get. Be careful if you go over 15 mpg with a V6, no one that has been around long will believe you.
  9. IIRC there are 2 O2 sensors on the Kalifornia models? The 02 sensor is a maintenance item and my 93 Toyota manual says Toyota will replace it for free at 80,000 miles on the V6.
  10. Tough sell for a one off custom, I know I am looking for something now and I am not going to buy one that some unknown guy chopped up and put a different motor in! If you do decide to sell, link this thread so they can see the time and effort that was put into getting it right. I know it would sway my opinion. Are you Mt Dave on the RV forums? Good luck.
  11. https://rvrefrigeration.com/ No more guessing if coils are plugged.
  12. If the traditional fixes do not work there is likely a vent pipe problem, cracked, broken, loose pipe. There are only 2 ways to find them that I know of. One is to block off all drains and fill the system with water from the roof and look for leak. The other is a smoke test. You can google plumbing smoke test to see how to DIY one.
  13. Sea Foam was originally marketed for out board engines, thus the Sea Foam name.
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