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  1. Internet seems to think that Aisin is the original supplier to Toyota. I have learned the hard way when getting new parts to carefully compare the old part to new to make sure they are the same. The water pump on my 93 had the Toyota name in the casting, I could see where it was ground off on the Aisin replacement! Wish I had taken a picture.
  2. You are almost at the suggested 80,000 mile O2 sensor replacement. My 94 Sea Breeze owners manual says Toyota will replace it labor and parts no cost to you! Have not heard of anyone having it done, but it is in black and white in the owners manual! Pg 157.
  3. I also had an issue with the plastic in the replacement roof vent I bought, lasted about a year and then disintegrated. I replaced that with metal.. If I had bought the lens off Ebay I would figure it was fake. But no, bought on Amazon.
  4. Some things in life annoy me, I bought the Specialty Recreation lens and it lasted about a year and then literally fell apart. Plastic is suppose to last a 1000 years in the environment, well Specialty Recreation has developed a miracle plastic. Total waste of money!
  5. Interesting, with the cable vs electronic speedometer it would make me cautious. I would ask at Yota tech. https://www.yotatech.com/forums/f116/ I think 91 was still cable drive?
  6. Ouch, sorry. Old vehicles like ours always have issues and require $$$$ and time. I remind myself on occasion, no matter how much I spend on my Toy it is less than the first 2 year depreciation on a new one. Depreciation is money in the black tank, where I stand a good chance of recovering a good part of what I put in my toy.
  7. Sillycon the bane of used RV buyers. Unfortunately the term silicone is used as a generic term for caulk. Even after removing what looks like all the silicone there is still a residue that nothing will stick to. If I am going to recaulk an area I sand it to mechanically remove as much of the caulk as possible to avoid failure.
  8. I have had KYB on for over 3 years and no complaints.
  9. 20 years ago I was talked into buying a Weber Baby Q. It has been used 2-3 times a week for the last 20 years, still looks good and have never replaced a part! Bit large for a Toy.
  10. As near as I can tell, V6 motors that are not maintained will have problems. If the valves are not adjusted at the recommended 60,000 miles they will eventually burn up. People that maintain the V6 report 200,000 to 300,000 miles with no major issues. Valve adjustment is a bit expensive and many do not do it. I have yet to hear anyone say they checked the valves at 60,000 mile and they did not need adjusting.
  11. ????? Too wet around here to see if I have one on Toy.
  12. You made me go look! The lights on a 93 are on the bottom right of the cluster and with a bright light I can just make out the letters A T. I have never heard of anyone saying my AT temp light came on what should I do? Wonder where the signal comes from or if it even works??
  13. Bought the one from specialty recreation. Waste of money, looks good but deteriorated and fell apart in less than a year! Others have said same thing.
  14. I looked at my 93 V6, the area where the At light would be shows 4 lights, including cruise control, driving pattern and overdrive, none of them come on at start up to check. the overdrive and cruise control lights function properly. I believe the driving pattern is for 4 wheel drive? Book also shows trip meter and reset nob on cluster, I do not have those.
  15. Where are all our mechanic guys In their Toys trying to figure out where the light is!
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