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  1. jjrbus

    Storage options.....

    I used a airport hanger my first winter with a class A. That was 1999, might be a bit different with security today?
  2. jjrbus

    tire valve stem extenders

    For the OE Toyota type metal valve stems the straight foot inflator is needed. I carry a small compressor with me.
  3. jjrbus


    An issue of getting an extra year out of tires is if one of them has a catastrophic failure, it can do a lot of damage. Taking out brake lines, wheel wells, sidewalls, holding tanks, fuel tank etc. Personally I would go more than 6 years with tires I had bought new, that had not been run with low pressure or sat someplace flat for long time or just sat and had not been used. Tires with unknown history 6 years max! Some have luck finding tire prices online and then try to get local dealers to price match.
  4. jjrbus

    Source of Overhead Cab Leak Found

    I saw the same thing on my Sea Breeze 93. When I seal a window I normally use butyl tape and nothing else. because of the soft/flexible corners I also used caulk around the entire outside of the window frame. There were no signs of water intrusion and nothing rotten. There also was not anything to firm up the flex. I would guess some caulk and foam could be put in and trimmed?? Pressure testing of an RV can be done, either commercially or DIY, Google for info.
  5. jjrbus

    new roof needed

    Do a Google on Toyota RV roof repair, Toyota RV roof replacement, Toyota RV new roof etc and you will find a bit of info. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42nA0hRxA-E
  6. jjrbus

    Mirror Upgrade

    Mine had a piece of square aluminum tubing for an extension on the passenger side. I removed it and tweaked the mirrors a bit and all was fine. Must be the model and types of arms that makes a difference?
  7. jjrbus

    Mirror Upgrade

    There are You Tube videos on adjusting mirrors, may help if you have the correct mirrors. There are many thousands of these things running around with no mirror issues.
  8. I looked at the options on buying used or rebuilding. Used may be from a Toy with 300,000 miles that was flooded with salt water in Key West FL during a hurricane, so a re builder with a good rep seemed like the better option..
  9. jjrbus

    window wedge gaskets

    Often referred to as glazing bead. It does not seal the window but locks the glass in the frame. Finding the right shape and size is difficult. Here is one source. http://www.rvwindow.com/RV_Products_List.aspx?CategoryID=197
  10. jjrbus

    Metal roof

    My aluminum roof is in great shape. I have redid everything on the roof and if I wanted to coat it I would use a quality paint , Sherwin Williams or similar and use a DTM, direct to metal white paint. For the time being I see no reason to coat a perfectly good roof.
  11. jjrbus

    1986 Wanderlust Project - Wanda

    For the framing pine or fir is fine with me, white oak if it is available and cheap would be better. Dry rot is a fungus, so google killing dry rot and I would treat the new wood with antifreeze after gluing. I have bent what they call 1/4" 5.2mm luan into a tight radius with no ill effects. The locally available luan may have a lot of oil in it so is best to seal well before trying to add a finish too it. The left and right sides in this picture is what I bent the luan to fit. Not impossible but not easy either, will take some grunting. I see no reason to use butyl tape on a window and add caulk also. I did caulk around the front window and marker lights after resealing it as they really do not belong there. Good luck.
  12. jjrbus

    1986 Sunrader 21ft. Help

    Newish tires, I don't think so. And the weights on that one rear tire, ridiculous amount of weights. Most consider 7 years old as replacement time for tires. Tires of unknown history I recommend 6. Hard to recommend price, hard to find one for sale. One of the worse things that can happen to a Toy is overheating, but if you are planning on a new engine, not an issue. https://www.google.com/search?q=tire+age&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1
  13. jjrbus

    Side mirrors, only 1 is convex?

    This may be the mirror you need, if it looks right, wait for a 2nd opinion before ordering. Or you could add a larger or combo mirror. https://www.millsupply.com/velvac-white-plastic-mirror-head-convex-glass-wi-704177.php?p=6677
  14. Of the ones I have seen on the net that had an overheating issue that was not getting fixed, none have reported back that is was plugged cooling passages or Magic Fix it in a can that caused the issue. I suspect it is. The last I heard Sherry despite the money and time put into hers had not gotten her over heating issue fixed. I think you are right, first can did not work, lets use 10 more : )
  15. In my short time here on the forum the checklist has remained about the same. Most of what is on the list is good info. But the worst problem I have seen is overheating. Most overheating can be remidied with normal repairs. On occasion someone will get the unfixable problem! Many parts will be replaced $$$$$$ different mechanics will be consulted and countless posts on the internet. Electric fans will be added, custom radiators, lovered hoods, power flushing, burping, parts will be re replaced, radiator upgraded. One lady whom the last I heard even tried a misting system and did not fix the issue. While this is rare, I am guessing the cooling passages in the block have been blocked with head sealant or radiator repair. I have seen this 4 times in the last 3 years so for me personally if I were to look at a Toy today and it showed any signs of over heating I would walk away. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/8460-1991-v6-30-3vz-e-overheating-please-help/