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  1. Side mirrors, only 1 is convex?

    This may be the mirror you need, if it looks right, wait for a 2nd opinion before ordering. Or you could add a larger or combo mirror. https://www.millsupply.com/velvac-white-plastic-mirror-head-convex-glass-wi-704177.php?p=6677
  2. Unless at high altitude or Death Valley hot a 2000 watt Honda should run a 7100 btu roof air with no problems. Does it work well on shore power and only cause issues when running with the genset? Popping the fuse, which fuse the shore power 30 amp breaker or the AC breaker or do you actually have fuses?
  3. But if you live in countries other than the US there are much better roof air available. Dometic makes a 1.8 Kw roof air that is about 6,000 btu along with very efficient inverter roof airs. Not only efficient but quite. I believe they also have a 4000 btu equivalent in Australia. Don't look forward to this tech coming to the US. https://www.dometic.com/en-au/au/products/climate/air-conditioners/air-conditioners-for-rvs
  4. Of the ones I have seen on the net that had an overheating issue that was not getting fixed, none have reported back that is was plugged cooling passages or Magic Fix it in a can that caused the issue. I suspect it is. The last I heard Sherry despite the money and time put into hers had not gotten her over heating issue fixed. I think you are right, first can did not work, lets use 10 more : )
  5. I have had ordered parts disappear into the abyss, part of living in the modern world and nothing to get upset about. Unless sitting on the side of the road waiting for the new widget. Then mysteriously after a few months the item shows up and acts like nothing has happened?
  6. In my short time here on the forum the checklist has remained about the same. Most of what is on the list is good info. But the worst problem I have seen is overheating. Most overheating can be remidied with normal repairs. On occasion someone will get the unfixable problem! Many parts will be replaced $$$$$$ different mechanics will be consulted and countless posts on the internet. Electric fans will be added, custom radiators, lovered hoods, power flushing, burping, parts will be re replaced, radiator upgraded. One lady whom the last I heard even tried a misting system and did not fix the issue. While this is rare, I am guessing the cooling passages in the block have been blocked with head sealant or radiator repair. I have seen this 4 times in the last 3 years so for me personally if I were to look at a Toy today and it showed any signs of over heating I would walk away. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/8460-1991-v6-30-3vz-e-overheating-please-help/
  7. My mistake, I read the post and assumed cab air, someday I will learn, just not today.
  8. When I started on my AC I had a tiny bit of AC knowledge. I checked many You tube videos on trouble shooting and repairing AC and with the help of the members of the forum was able to get my AC up and running. Bit of explanation, I replaced the entire AC system, everything and converted to 134a. $$$$
  9. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    I am with Fred on this one, I have tried the silicone removers and they are a waste of money. If the caulk is not silicone then paint thinner will do a great job on removing it. I wet a paper towel with thinner and lay it on the caulk covered with plastic wrap on side walls I tape the towel and plastic in place to let it soak for some time, will come off easy (not silicone) If it is silicone the thinner will act as a lubricant making the removal easier, still very hard. If you are lucky the person that slopped the caulk on did not bother to clean first, which helps alot! I use a variety of scrappers depending on where the caulk is, including plastic razor blades. My front window was so slopped up with caulk I removed it to clean and reseal, it was a real mess, similar to yours.
  10. Not all 5 lug will fail, ya feeling lucky? In S America you should be able to get the labor to replace cheap. No idea of availability of axles there?
  11. I still need a refrigerator. Help.

    If buying used carefully inspect the door gasket, new ones are not cheap.
  12. 93 Sea Breeze V6 auto. I had an underpowered RV once so the 4 cyl was not an option! 4 cyl may also come with some axle and spare tire issues that I did not want to deal with. I paid $5000 which was way too much, needed tires, cab AC did not work, parts of the inside were crappy. The ones around for $3000 had rot and rust, the ones for $10,000 needed work also. But it was stored covered and it had no rot, was a Florida vehicle with no rust. Have put at least $3000 into it since and too many hours.
  13. Your right. I spent, actually wasted a year looking for a Rialta, which led me to believe they were not such a good idea. I then started looking for a Toyota about 3 years ago and since then the ones available has went down and price has went up. The same advice still applies, fall, winter is a good time to buy, right before summer is a good time to sell and bad time to buy.. If you find one you like and the price is right, it is likely going to sell quick.
  14. Service manual

  15. Framework in a 1992 Itasca Spirit??

    For me RV repair shops are the last place to go and an act of desperation, Camping World seems to get the worse reviews. I do not see aluminum frame listed in your micro Spirit?? http://winnebagoind.com/resources/brochure/1990/90-Spirit-bro.pdf There are a 1000 you tube videos to help you repair.