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  1. I need a driver side wheel wheel molding for my 93 Sea Breeze and have found one, the seller has all the molding/skirts both sides and rear bumper and wants to sell the entire set. Shipping of course will be a bit high. They are looking for an offer and I have no idea what it is worth. Anyone want to guesstimate what a reasonable value is?
  2. The markings on mine were not readable till I had the bags out, different bag they were the double convoluted.
  3. Upgrading the Foolies

    Did not know you were a member here Larry! My work is done here, so I will go play with my toy
  4. Upgrading the Foolies

    Sorry about your problem, good you are OK. One of the FB members in Vermont has a 6 lug for sale, with no rims for $500. He is a mechanic so may be able to help you out. I believe he is located in Orleans if that is any help. Let me know.
  5. Don't know where you are or what the soil conditions are. In Florida when it has not rained in a bit and I need room in the driveway I park my Toy on the lawn with no noticeable issues. Of course I do not have a Better Homes and Gardens award winning lawn! Try backing the wheels on the grass a few feet and see what happens, if it sinks or leaves a depression you will only have a small area to repair, it will not hurt the grass itself. I would not drive over a septic tank if there is one.
  6. I kept my class A behind a friends barn and when backing out there was a slight grade, darn rear end slid right down the hill and into a soft area, sunk to the frame, no way to get a tow truck to it! I used bunch of stuff to get it out including sheets of 3/4" plywood. This was a 30,000 lb motorhome and turned 3/4" plywood to kindling wood. A rather tedious process, moving a few hundred feet 8 feet at a time, but worked. I would guess that with a 6000 lb toy 1/2" plywood would be sufficient and is what I would buy if I wanted to do the same thing with mine. I would buy plywood not flake board! Also do not plan any projects for the plywood afterward it may not hold up too well
  7. Portable generator question

    It is in all the manufacturers specs as LRA, locked rotor amps. Notice the much hyped low draw Polar Cub has a higher amp draw than the Coleman power saver! My older 11k btu Brisk air model # 57912.602 with a LRA of 48.3 amp will not run dependably with my Honda 2000.
  8. Portable generator question

    Before you spend the money on the Honda, Google running a RV roof air with a Honda 2000.
  9. Looks good! At $15k you are still not into it for the 1st year depreciation on a new one......and you would not have had all that fun and met all these super cool people.
  10. Sunrader Fiberglass Maintenance

    I just started my 93 Sea Breeze with the Bartenders Friend, I am seriously impressed with how well it cleans and will be doing a bit at a time. Gloves seem to be a must with it as it really drys the skin out.
  11. Coleman AC Won't Work

    There I go wrong again!
  12. Coleman AC Won't Work

    Furnace fan oil, I don't believe it is available anymore? I took a look on the web and 20 weight non detergent motor oil is recommended or 3in1 oil in the blue can only.
  13. Start with reading your tire date codes, no sense replacing tires that are only a couple years old that just need balancing. Also do not want to be driving on tires that are over 7 years old, including the rear tires, can be dangerous or expensive. When replacing tires it is also time to look at valve stems, to ease inflation..
  14. Coleman AC Won't Work

    There is a slight possibility that the circuit breaker for the AC is bad.