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  1. jjrbus

    Ecu help

    3 years ago, don't remember. Do a Google search.
  2. jjrbus

    Ecu help

    I gave up looking for an ECU for my 94 V6 and sent it in for diagnosing and repair. $ 180 I think?
  3. jjrbus

    18 MPG Fully Loaded?

    I don't think I could get 18 with my V6 coming down out of the mountains with a tailwind!
  4. jjrbus

    18 MPG Fully Loaded?

    Yes or it is the only V6 in the country that gets 18. I notice there are different kinds of people who get high mileage. Some are delusional and could pass a lie detector test on inflated mpg claims. Some are very poor at math and some are just liars who think everyone is stupid enough to believe them. Any way you look at it you cannot trust anything else they say.
  5. jjrbus


    What it says on the box or part means nothing! They can fake anything. Because something is made in China does not automatically make it of poor quality, made in Japan does not insure high quality. Did the Denso rep physically inspect the radiator?
  6. jjrbus


    Sorry about your bad luck on this. I am always skeptical about buying parts from Ebay and Amazon. This is a far bigger problem than people realize, there is no way to tell if the part is actually provided by the manufacturer stamped on the box. https://www.wardsauto.com/industry/chinese-police-seize-thousands-fake-toyota-parts https://www.local10.com/consumer/call-christina/feds-warn-of-counterfeit-auto-parts
  7. jjrbus

    New to group and......

    If one can of snake oil does not fix it 5 should do the trick!
  8. jjrbus

    New to group and......

    There are countless things to be checked and most with time and money are fixable. Tire age age is a biggy, tires that look good ready to explode on the way home! Google how to read DOT codes and check for dry rot. I would replace tires of unknown history at 6 years old. The absolute worst problem I have seen over the years is overheating problems. People have bought Toys and they start with a thermostat, then a water pump, new radiator, new fan clutch, change to electric fan, then a fancy multi core radiator on and on throwing good money after bad. Overheating can be difficult to diagnose and may be a simple fix or a nightmare! It is often head gasket sealer or magic radiator fix that has plugged the cooling cores in the motor. This is rare, I have seen 4 in the last 3 years, but for me personally if I saw any signs of overheating I would walk away.
  9. jjrbus

    Why a Toyota??

    I towed a Ford Windstar van, it was used as a shed! There is only so much room in a 35' motorhome, needed all the extra space I could get.
  10. jjrbus

    Why a Toyota??

    All personal choices, with even a small class A and toad I could not back into some of the parking spots that I easily fit in. After full timing for a few years in a class A I found the toad can get to be a real pain! Sure would be nice to have larger tanks!
  11. jjrbus

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    Gosh not my day, I had two telemarketers hang up on me today and now this. 🤣
  12. jjrbus

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    You show up on a forum with pictures of RV's in another country and appear to have no inventory in the US. You are also very sketchy about details such as price or what has to be done to make them US legal. No list of satisfied buyers willing to give reference. We see scam ads for Toyota RV's and hear horror story's from buyers on a regular basis in the US. I think Derek is asking all the right questions!
  13. jjrbus

    Storage options.....

    I used a airport hanger my first winter with a class A. That was 1999, might be a bit different with security today?
  14. jjrbus

    tire valve stem extenders

    For the OE Toyota type metal valve stems the straight foot inflator is needed. I carry a small compressor with me.
  15. jjrbus


    An issue of getting an extra year out of tires is if one of them has a catastrophic failure, it can do a lot of damage. Taking out brake lines, wheel wells, sidewalls, holding tanks, fuel tank etc. Personally I would go more than 6 years with tires I had bought new, that had not been run with low pressure or sat someplace flat for long time or just sat and had not been used. Tires with unknown history 6 years max! Some have luck finding tire prices online and then try to get local dealers to price match.