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  1. jjrbus

    towing limits 92 warrior

    The GCVW (gross combined vehicle weight) of 89 and up dual rear wheel, V6 Toys is 8500 lbs. So with the rig loaded up and ready to go you weight it. Subtract that weight from the 8500 lbs and that is what is available for towing. There are state laws regarding auxiliary brakes and it varies by state. Some web searching is needed to figure it all out. I would not tow with my Toy because of the wheel base to length ratio.
  2. jjrbus

    First time buyers looking for advice

    Some good advice here. My favorite is the AC does not work and just needs a bit of a charge. If the AC needs a charge it is broken and the expense of fixing can be very high, like up to a $1000 or more. Tires have lots of tread, ok and they are 10 years old ready to blow at any second, another $600 and up expense. I personally would replace a tire of unknown history at 5 years and just read of a 4 year old tire failing. Lack of use is bad for tires! https://www.tirebuyer.com/education/how-to-determine-the-age-of-your-tires The worst offender is over heating, could be a simple fix like a thermostat or may require complete rebuilding of motor. Hard to diagnose and loaded with misinformation on how to go about diagnosing and repair. For me personally any sign of overheating and I would walk away unless the price was reduced by the cost of an engine rebuild! The main culprit on this is DIY head gasket and radiator additives clogging the system. Of course this is my opinion and worth what you are paying for it!
  3. jjrbus

    Purchase 1991 Odessey?

    While there are 1001 things that need to be checked, in my opinion over heating is #1 worst issue. With rebuilt motor you should be ok there. Long drive after buying and tires would be my main concern. Seller says there is lots of thread on the Maypop tires. But they are 10 years old, dry rotted and may pop any second. Sitting for long periods of time is very bad for tires. https://www.tirebuyer.com/education/how-to-determine-the-age-of-your-tires If the tires are over 3 years old, look up how to inspect for dry rot or have tires inspected at a tire shop. We just had a member lose a 4 year old tire, that had sat for the 4 years. What is the big deal with getting a flat? They can disintegrate and do lots of damage to RV! I would replace tires of unknown history at 5 years old!
  4. jjrbus


    Let's see if this shows up or if the Gremlins get it.
  5. jjrbus

    Coach Battery

  6. jjrbus

    18 MPG Fully Loaded?

    Most people with a V6 who seem reasonable report in the 12-13 area over many tanks of gas. Sometimes under 10 going into the mountains with a headwind and and up to 15 under good conditions. I know going up into the Rockies I could almost see the gauge moving down and was checking the GPS for the next gas station! I don't know what the mpg was but it was very poor!
  7. Look on Google and You Tube for repairing RV rot, you will find many posts and videos on repairing. Also search this forum.
  8. jjrbus

    Ecu help

    On my 94 V6 I tested everything that could produce a bad signal 3 times, looked at every wire that could be chaffed. Read countless posts on the net relating to no start situation most of whom said it is never the ECU! Out of frustration threw in the towel and sent the ECU for diagnosis and it was the problem.
  9. jjrbus

    18 MPG Fully Loaded?

    I'll try it with the engine off next time, but not very optimistic.
  10. jjrbus

    Ecu help

    3 years ago, don't remember. Do a Google search.
  11. jjrbus

    Ecu help

    I gave up looking for an ECU for my 94 V6 and sent it in for diagnosing and repair. $ 180 I think?
  12. jjrbus

    18 MPG Fully Loaded?

    I don't think I could get 18 with my V6 coming down out of the mountains with a tailwind!
  13. jjrbus

    18 MPG Fully Loaded?

    Yes or it is the only V6 in the country that gets 18. I notice there are different kinds of people who get high mileage. Some are delusional and could pass a lie detector test on inflated mpg claims. Some are very poor at math and some are just liars who think everyone is stupid enough to believe them. Any way you look at it you cannot trust anything else they say.
  14. jjrbus


    What it says on the box or part means nothing! They can fake anything. Because something is made in China does not automatically make it of poor quality, made in Japan does not insure high quality. Did the Denso rep physically inspect the radiator?
  15. jjrbus


    Sorry about your bad luck on this. I am always skeptical about buying parts from Ebay and Amazon. This is a far bigger problem than people realize, there is no way to tell if the part is actually provided by the manufacturer stamped on the box. https://www.wardsauto.com/industry/chinese-police-seize-thousands-fake-toyota-parts https://www.local10.com/consumer/call-christina/feds-warn-of-counterfeit-auto-parts