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  1. the driver was a diabetic. he fell asleep at the wheel and was hitting both sides of the guard rail the doors are bent in from the long side mirrors the front end is gone and fiberglass damage all around from guard rails when i get to it ill post some pics its not worth it, although id have loved to save it, believe me id prefer the 87 over my 82 but its not worth the repairs, the owner just wanted it gone it was rotting in his driveway.
  2. thank you Jdemaris and stevo for replying to my message. I thought the ebrake cables are attached to the axle? i looked underneath and cant really tell where i could remove them.I would prefer to use the original cables as suppose to tampering with the original and slap the longer cable with the 5 lug axle back onto the wrecked 87. Jdemaris if you may can you help me by guiding me where exactly i need to look for by removing the ebrake cable.The 87 also has 6 lug fronts and i want to do the swap as well but this is tricky since i dont know what exactly should i swap over or not. can i just use the rotors and brakes? they look much bigger. and this will also just make me need one 6 lug spare tire if i do this swap. both sunraders are 18ft. thank you again for those taking the time to reply .
  3. Hello everybody, its been a while since i posted anything on the site since my images where not being uploaded but long story short i formated my p,c and the images should work now.I recently purchased a totaled 87 sunrader with 6 lug rear full floating axle with airbags for $500. i jumped on the deal and drove it home even though the front end was a mess(driver fell sleep at the wheel). we replaced the rear axle ontop my 82 and it drives fine the shocks had to be mounted differently since it would not fit right and the brackets were altered aswell. it drives fine from what i can see and with airbags its much smoother. my only concern is the 87 e-brake cable seems to be much longer then the original 82 1/2 ton axle and it feel even though i have tightened the cable to its max its not getting tension when i pull on the ebrake and i feel its only partially engaging the brakes if at all. other then this it feels fine but i would like to know from anyone that has done this swap before to tell me what to look for and if theres anything else i can do to make the ebake cable get tension i did mount all the brackets for the cable not sure what else im missing ...ill upload photos as soon as i can..thank you all.
  4. this is really nice work and i like the gloss on the plywood, i too used fiberglass resin on the restroom floor area seemed like there was some there already , i tried to upload photos again with the stupid error message so im going to just take all the advice i can from you guys and each step i do ask for ideas or send pictures via private messages through emails...thank you for taking the time to write me a message to help me with this build . regardless i will still take photos at some point upload the build...thank you all.
  5. thank you all for you're support and advice..corbin as always you are real in detail with your responses i appreciate that ..i have been doing some slow progress on the sunrader and its coming along it did put down a new floor and secured it in just some screws more along the side would secure real well and some screws just didnt want to grip on to anything also used liquid nails then switched to 3 x loctite i saw it does better results and i want to confirm that indeed it does. i also made new framing around the windows and stained the wood with deck sealant for water protection if any were to seep through i will take more photos of the progress and will try to post them up ...thanks again for the encouraging words everyone<3.
  6. if i have posted to many photos and went over what i'm allowed how do i erase my old ones? so i can upload new ones i don't see any options to erase in my media
  7. You can upload up to Uploading is not allowed of files (Max. single file size: 32MB)
  8. Error This upload failed i started the thread with several photos. i have been resizing my photos thats not the issue it just wont upload i dont know why.i cant send photos via private messages either and the other day i replied to a message with pictures perfectly.i dont believe its on my end, i dont know.
  9. i am trying to upload pictures from the progress i have made and i keep getting an error when i try to upload images anyone know whats going on?
  10. no idea the flooring was this simple i will definitely slab another 1/2" board on top Linda thank you for showing me that booklet it really helped me see how this shell was put together. do you think staining it and coating it with fiberglass resin is good or is it just overkill? i expect this to make the floor somewhat weatherproof at least give it another 15-20 years.
  11. I dont plan to mess with the bathroom board only going to sand down,seal and resin for reinforcement i dont want a loose connection to the black water tank or the shower drain if you see here the carpet line is where the bathroom sits so that area will just be original it really doesnt look bad im just picky i guess. anyways any pointers or ANY advice will help thanks for looking..
  12. thank you Montana chinook for at least taking the time to reply, i had much time to debate what approach i would like to take and i don't think i want to disturb the stock floor i might just leave it worse. i'm thinking about just adding a board down on top and bolt it down to reinforce the original one and use wood seal and fiberglass resin to weatherproof it. this is the most likely step i'm going to take if i don't get any help i'm anxious to make this thing my second home and i don't want to cut corners i want to do it right hopefully last another 30 years.
  13. 32 VIEWS and 0 replies we will keep our fingers crossed hoping that somebody cares.
  14. Hello Everyone, i recently purchased a Toyota sunrader to take out camping and decided to restore it to its best possible condition.So i started tearing everything out and once i got to the bare floor i noticed a little sag from the entry way to the bathroom area .before taking a skill saw to the floor for replacement i decided to read about this fiberglass shell before making any decisions on how to approach this step. later i noticed a separation from the wood in the rear and have no clue how this may of happened or how to repair since it's in the rear with the fiberglass any help from you veterans would help immensely. i am a new user and would like to ask for any help from people restoring their rigs "sunraders" in particular since i own a 18' 82 toyota sunrader This sagging is only from the entrance way it no longer sags in the sink or dining area but there is a line or crack running across or im not sure if its another board they laid down during assembly.Again thank you for taking the time to read my post and feel free to help me in any way that you can on how to approach the floor or any other area you may have knowlege in. thanks again.
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