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  1. Glad to hear about your progress. So... pictures would be a big help, in terms of anyone informing your decision, although it's ultimately a judgement call you'll have to make. But, to be on the safe side, I would lean towards: don't take the project any further, until you've got the RV in a place where you can park it permanently, until the job is completed. I mean, what do you really gain by continuing to tear into the cabover area now, if you don't have access to the tools you'll need to finish it - ? (If you do need to drive it somewhere at this point, I would take it slow and keep off the highways.)
  2. Parts

    What she meant: you keep talking about "camper parts" when you are really looking for Toyota truck parts. Totally different subject, different part sources for cab/chassis versus camper/coach. Really, you're probably going to need a lot of both if you plan on keeping the motorhome for any length of time. (And Linda knows how to find both.)
  3. Here's the city water inlet photo... pretty straightforward installation, although much easier with another set of hands. I used my own (beefy) stainless steel screws because I'm tired of everything rusting.
  4. @LittleShack... maybe you've already seen this, but I went through much the same kind of repair a few years back in my (similar) 91 Warrior, and it's held up very well. Lot of photos, and some good ideas and tips from others in that thread, too: http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/8424-soaked-rotting/
  5. Just noting here, for fellow Warrior owners: I recently replaced the city water inlet with Valterra A010177LFV (check valve broke on the original; don't know how it lasted this long). The required cutout for the Valterra was identical, paint color was close, flange was exact same width, and even the three screw holes lined up perfectly! I like the metal construction on the new inlet, and it's very helpful that they include the butyl sealing material, new screws, teflon tape, etc. I'll post up a photo sometime, if I remember to take one... http://a.co/giLsBl4
  6. Screened Entry Room

    Great, thanks for the suggestions. I'm hoping to find something that will fit snugly against the coach wall, over and around the RV entrance door. Not in a big rush on this... thanks again for the ideas.
  7. Screened Entry Room

    Anybody had success with a screened canopy/room that would fit snugly up against RV, but still allow entry to coach? Just thinking of ways to add some space, make longer vacations a little saner.
  8. WiFi on the Road update

    Strange that it's made to connect via OBD; maybe just so it doesn't use up the limited 12v lighter ports in most vehicles? The ATT website quoted me $25/mo for their top Mobley service plan just now, with a 5GB data limit (drops to very slow speed after that, suitable for email, but not much else). Since we browse and do email over our phones, the only thing I'd really use a hotspot for is media/movies on the road, which would blow through that 5GB limit very fast (like 2 movies!). So, not a game-changer for us... maybe useful if your phone plan has zero data, however.
  9. I prefer the OE type too, but parts stores never seem to have 'em!
  10. Going to check this out next week....

    I second this ^ and would add: timing belt
  11. Propane system problems

    Whenever my Hydro Flame has been unused for a long time, it takes up to a few cycles of on-off-wait-5-mins before it will finally start blowing hot...
  12. Wood replacment

    Terrific tool for any/all woodworking. You just can't imagine all the places where that thing will come in very handy, until you have one... just make sure to adjust the jig (and the screw length) correctly for different material widths.
  13. Newbie requesting advice

    Agreed. I think it's unrealistic (near impossible) at this point in time to find an old toyo rig with zero water damage.
  14. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    Yep, I use an older-model iPhone to stream Netflix/Amazon to the TV, so it should work for you. You'll just need the correct adapter for the phone-to-HDMI connection, depending on your model (research before buying!).