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  1. Yeah, pressure is what determines the amount of up/down the bags will allow—30psi is the lowest you should go with the AirLift setup, but most of us use around 50-60, I believe.
  2. Got the passenger side bag finished up this afternoon. I would estimate the job at about 1-2hrs, for most of us (always dependent on skills/tools/Murphy). Just as an FYI, I realized this time around that you do not need to loosen/remove the axle u-bolts in order to remove the air-bag (see photo). Some bright mind left just enough room to loosen the bottom two mounting bolts—they're fiddly, especially the rear-ward bolt with a brake line right in front of it, but it can be done with a box wrench and makes the whole thing much simpler.
  3. Update on my Air Bag thread: I noticed my original passenger-side air-bag was looking pretty rough, just before we headed out to New Mexico last month. But, it was still holding pressure consistently, so I rolled the dice and things turned out okay. Anyway, when I got back I emailed a photo of the bag's condition to Customer Service, explaining that it looked pretty nigh to death, etc. and that its sibling had gone the way of all men last year... Air-Lift asked no questions, just sent a quick confirmation and got a new bag + hardware shipped out the next day. Terrific service! Round Two begins...
  4. I didn't see a drain hole anywhere on either unit, while I had the lenses off. What would that indicate exactly? So, I also reached out to Bargman tech support, and here's what I got... "Thank you for contacting Tech Support. You are correct, the lights should mirror each other. Starting from the outside, you should have 2 (TWO)-double contact sockets, with a single contact socket, to the inside. The passenger’s side is correct, the driver’s side is not. If I can be anymore help, please let me know." ^ That response was plenty confusing because, while it confirmed that each fixture should mirror the other, he's saying that the passenger side is correct, not the driver's. I thought it was the other way around.
  5. defrag4 confirmed that the Dorman 522-651 worked fine on his '91 Itasca in this thread:
  6. What about just replacing the whole thing? That's what I'm planning to do on mine, upper and lower. Those bushings seem like a pain to deal with, and the new control arms have 'em already. Upper: Dorman 522-651
  7. I haven't had a chance yet to watch for errant sparks under the hood, but I did notice that the rough idle improved as we neared home. Seems like some of the gas sold as "regular" in NM is only 85 or 86 octane, while 87 is the standard back home—that's what I normally use. Possible a tank or two of low octane fuel could've impacted the idle? TRIP SUMMARY Made it home last night, safe and sound! The old 320RB Warrior did very well, once again, and we thoroughly enjoyed some amazing scenery, interesting sights, and delicious food in-and-around Santa Fe. All of the motorhome systems worked fine, including the furnace (thank God), and that amazing little truck just kept going and going. Here are a few trip stats, followed by a few average photos (sorry, I'm the one driving all the time!). Miles traveled: ~1,800 Elevation changes: 1,500 ft to 7,500 ft above sea level Best fuel economy: 15.97 mpg (downhill, leaving Santa Fe) Worst fuel economy: 10.47 mpg (battling strong headwinds on lousy secondary roads across the plains of Oklahoma's Panhandle; never could use OD) Average fuel economy: 12.2 mpg Passengers: two good-sized humans + 80 lbs of dog(s) Hottest weather: 80º (OK) Coldest weather: 35º (KS) Favorite animal spotted: Pronghorn Antelope (lots of 'em!) Favorite scenery: snowcapped Rocky Mountains Favorite attraction: International Folk Art Museum Campgrounds with open/working bathhouses in late March: almost none (how did I not know this would be the case?) Hairs left on the back of my right hand, after briefly checking to see if the furnace was exhausting correctly: next to none Breakdowns and/or blowouts: ZERO
  8. Here’s a great option: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G2BX64W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_0aINCbTW9X0AQ Another good alternative: https://www.tires-easy.com/185-14/hankook-tires/ra18/tirecode/2001939 It’s an important decision but doesn’t need to be complicated. You’re looking for a size, 185R14, and a load rating of C or D. If you do that, you’re gonna be fine.
  9. Valve adjustment was done a few thousand ago. Also did plugs, wires, cap and rotor within same timeframe. I’ll look into the tps too, thanks!
  10. I have a pump just like the one mentioned, and I don’t think there’s any way to connect a separate chuck to it. Is that what you were suggesting?
  11. Averaged 12.3 mpg on the way out here with the old 3VZE (just passed 90K), so I feel pretty good about that mileage, given the circumstances. Engine temp wasn’t a problem, since it was only high 50s out, and I took it pretty slow. I am noticing a bit of a rough idle now at stoplights. Sounds like it is probably “missing” a bit here and there. Could altitude cause that? Any other likely scenarios?
  12. So far, so good! We’ll be in Santa Fe in a few hrs. Headwind and steady, slight uphill kept us to about 56mph all day yesterday (with OD). I haven’t checked mpg yet... Kansas roads were quite good. OK not so good, when we cut through the Panhandle, as expected.
  13. That is what I am saying, yes. Two pins in the socket for double filament and one pin for single filament bulbs. The driver side and passenger side units should be mirror images but are not. Everything looks stock and untampered.
  14. Troubleshooting some intermittent bulb issues on the original old, triple-lens tail lights on the Warrior (Bargman 30-84-013). Photo attached is not my rig, but has same tail lights. Sockets don't make great contact anymore and while I was working on that problem, I noticed that the Bargman units are not symmetrical in terms of their socket types. What I mean by that is, driver's side sockets are double filament || single filament || single filament BUT the passenger's side sockets are single filament || double filament || double filament It seems like the passenger side center light (amber turn signal) should be a single filament socket like the driver's side... but it is definitely not. Anybody have any insight on this? I sleep better when things make sense.
  15. Appreciate the advice. We're allowing a lot of time to get there, and ambient temp should be in the high 50s, which I'm hoping will ease the strain on the drivetrain. Based on this elevation info (a great link that someone recently posted on the forum), it is clearly a long uphill climb from Cheney, KS to Santa Fe, but the steepest angle on that whole trip is just under 3º.
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