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  1. No, we will not be attending. how are you?
  2. Gee, you had smoke at GP too. We had heavy smoke even here in Parksville, Vancouver Island. A terrible thing to see so much of the western coast burning up! Mosy of the smoke here came from mainland B.C. We did a have a few fires here but not nearly as bad. Nanaimo Lakes was the worst and longest lasting. Now we're getting cooler than normal temps, and rain. Hope you folks got home and everything is back to normal with no smoke. Give our regards to Gunn Ron & Suzanne, Toy-Rig
  3. Might have been ZEP. Dont recall, but its left a real mess. Have one side cleaned off, but another side with days of eork left. For a guy slmost eighty, it aint easy! doesnt appear tobe ZEP, which lists on internet cleaner. Wasnt a red jug, but white
  4. A few years back, we applied a water based acrylic product (name forgotten) to our 92 Warrier, Toy-Rig. It was beautiful, veryshiny. Unfortunately since then, the product has worn off resulting in unsightly spots. Using a lot of elbow grease, Vim and a rough sponge, gradually we have managed to get one side looking almost good. Does anyone have a better idea how to get panels on good shape, without all this repeated work?
  5. Hi, Darrel,

    Toy-Rig here. Suzanne and Ron, Parksville, Vancouver Island. Still planning on 'camping' in Toy-Rig this summer, maybe less due to health concerns.

    Woild be nice if you plan to come up here this year. Saw you finally made it to Alaska!

    sorry to hear about your brother!

    how is Gunn? Give her our regards.

    hope to hear from you soon.

    Oh,   By the way we have moved down off the hill and have a new phone.

    if you want, you can e-mail me at tuareg1936@icloud.com for details


  6. This is Sue and Ron, by the way

  7. Can you send us your regular e-mail as I cannot find where I wrote it down last year. Figures.

  8. Just looked at the forecast for that weekend. It looks bad now also. Going anyway.
  9. Okay, 18 to 20 it is. We'll try to get something in the same vicinity. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  10. So, what's it to be, 18 to 20' or 11 to 13? Are we losing interest folks? Have fun on you cruise, YVR. Don't forget your mittens!
  11. What a shame! How is your brother doing, Darrel?
  12. We would like to completely replace those ugly dirty taillight housings (is that what they're called?) The replacements should include the working inside too. Like the wiring and bulbs etc. We've been experiencing brake light problems. The right side was fixed with a new pigtail. Now the left side isn't working. Can we replace the whole shebang?
  13. Sept. 11,12,13 sounds great! Hoping for a good 'crowd' - all the old favs and some new people too!
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