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  1. It's not too hard but there is always more you will find once you start taking it apart. Basic carpentry skills are all that is required. I did a major interior renovation on a 1981 diesel. If it weren't a rare diesel the cost would have outweighed the benefit. This is something you need to decide when purchasing. Rot equals time. Materials are not going to be much but add in a few months of work and you will need to decide if it is a good deal or not. http://www.toymike.com/diesel/pics/D-reno/interior.html There's always a little bit of final work to keep the water from coming back in http://www.toymike.com/diesel/pics/D-reno/roof.html
  2. turtle

    1989 Seabreeze black tank and fitting

    I'd suggest Vaseline or a NON hardening silicone lube (not sealer). Not something permanent like pipe/thread compound. See if there is a pool supply store near you. They sell a blue grease for rubber o-ring gaskets in pool circulation components. It is water proof and does not harden Someone is going to want to take it apart someday. Maybe not you and maybe not for a while but sooner or later someone will want to replace or re-route things. If yours starts to leak you can always shove a fernco over the connection and tighten down the clamps until the leak stops (not to much as you don't want to crack either part) .
  3. turtle

    Sunrader coach

    Use a razor knife (straight and hooked blade) and cut it close if you can't "yank" it out from under the door frame. What are you planning to put down in place of the carpet? Cork? vinyl? More carpet?
  4. turtle

    Converter Replacement

    Oye..... I've done 2 replacements since that one. Now I do not even have a converter as my charging and AC/DC/xfer is handled by a Xantrex 2 KW unit. Uber sweet.
  5. turtle

    Board Upgrade In The Near Future

    I was going to offer my help and expertise in all things web related. I don't wish to post my email address as in 19 +/- years on the web none of my addresses have ever been harvested. Greg can contact me though my helpdesk system after which I can get his and he can get my email address so that we can discuss his options. https://www.gothosting.biz/helpdesk.cfm I rarely come on here as the forum software is just too painful to use but I can help if he is contemplating a change. Mike (turtle)
  6. "Man Cave on Wheels" from our drive through West Virginia
  7. Yea, DO NOT circle bin the old reflect-o-lites. They are worth their weight in gold as the triples have not been made for the past 15 YEARS and all of the NOS are long gone everywhere. Not sure how I missed this thread........ I did a rebuild on the old reflect-o-lites on my 1981 and used LED bulbs inside of the originals. I had the triple SURFACE mounts which have been out of production for OVER 20 years. Had to cannibalize 2 dual light NOS reflect-o-lites to get mine working again http://www.toymike.com/diesel/pics/Rear_Lights/ On my 1991 Sunrader I kept the stock Bargman triples but rewired everything like I did on the 81 diesel with twin brake/park lights and a center turn. Moved the backup lights to the poo bumper using trailer light housings BEST thing I ever did for rear visibility to others on the road http://www.toymike.com/sunrader/pics/backup_lights/
  8. turtle

    Time To Sell Her

    Everyone needs two... one for each foot http://www.toymike.com/diesel/pics/toyhouseScaffolding.jpg
  9. Never had an issue using the proper sized vent. I did raise the roof using glass on one Toyota RV but it was a choice not necessity. If you want to use the vent you purchased used off of craigs list instead of getting the proper one that will fit, you can make a riser out of some pressure treated, screw it into the roof, and cover it with eternabond tape (white or silver). This would be a cheap way to go if you don't want to get the proper vent for your application. Personally I would not modify the RV, I would get the correct sized vent and install it normally
  10. turtle

    Is This Overpriced?

    $15k for 50k miles seems on the higher end of reasonable. these are getting older and finding a creampuff is becoming a longer process. I looked for 3 years solid to find my 1991 V-6 shorty (18') Sunrader and when I did find it it was 3k miles away on the left coast. It had just under 30k miles, one owner (+ one flipper), garage kept, the epitome of what a cream puff should be. I was after 1 model year, one body style, and one manufacturer. Not many 91 shorties made as they closed shop mid year 1991. I don't want to say what I paid for it but it was tall money. I've put a lot of $$ into modifications to the suspension and other parts (2kw inverter, genset, custom other things too like custom ECU programing, free flow air intake, and rear end re-gearing). AND... I built a garage to keep only the Sunrader in.... ( well and the lawn mower)
  11. I went with A column mounted gages (oil preasure, water temp and trans temp). I could not find a columm shift SR5 cluster
  12. As WHM said, most all will pull their signal from the coil. If you want higher revs and slower speeds you need to swap out your rear end gearing. Stock is more than likely going to be 4.10:1 (there are some exceptions but not many) I have always used 4.56:1 in my toyota RVs (well the two I have owned). If you change your rear end gearing you need to get a speedo ratio adaptor to match the speedo to the new gearing so that you are seeing the actual MPH in the speedo In my V-6 shorty this gives me an interstate crusing speed of 70-75 in over drive with the RPMs around 3200- 3400. I prefer the smaller US and state highways and staying around 55-60 which clocks in around 2600 -2800 rpm BUT I can BOGGIE when I need to
  13. turtle

    It's A Bouncing Baby .... Sunrader!

    Gotta post photos!!!!!!!! It is THE LAW
  14. Post the make and model #. there were many brands and styles of furnaces used and over the years many "others" have been retrofitted so without knowing what you have it is impossible to help.