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  1. Front shocks in place now!! One of the most tedious "easy" jobs that I have ever done. Those bottom bolts just did not want to go in right. Also, the KYBs had a slightly different bolt slot on the bottom of the shocks. I was not comfortable just using the old hardware. I added one size larger washer to each one. I hope that it holds ok. Oh yeah, had to grind the top of the old shock of on the passenger side. The flat ended stud broke in my hands. Nothing is ever is as easy as it is imagined to be. 😁 It doesn't ride like a Cadillac...But it does ride like a big, underpowered box on wheel with brand spanking new shocks! I am happy.
  2. Notice that the old shocks will not even try to extend. Completely shot.
  3. Clearance lights complete. IF I do anything else on the cab over I will make up a scaffold. I had to perform aerobatics to keep from denting the hood. Also, the UPS guy brought my rear shocks -KYBs and I installed them today. Before picture of clearance and After. After of rear shock and a pic of the spent KYBs that were on it. Onwards to front shock (if they ever get here) and new tires and inspection. Plus a mountain of small items.
  4. The box has not given me a moments trouble as far as dragging. Myrtle Beach, SC Ocean Lakes. My rear end sits high if the air bags are inflated correctly. I am more worried about the shocks on the front. I feel too much from the road. I installed a new steering dampener but I would like a little more shock dampening. The shocks are original equipment. They look good but I bet they gave up the ghost a long time ago.
  5. In the last week we have been busy readying the Winnie for our trip in September. New tailpipe, New cupholders for the galley table (the new ones were 3/16" bigger than the old ones-jigsaw time), New fiberglass backed vinyl for the galley and for the bathroom (Who thought that carpet was a good idea for the bathroom in the first place?), AND New rear clearance lights (leds). I did not have enough daylight to install the front lights tonight. Next on the agenda: Front clearance lights, New KYB shocks, Installation of 4 new Hankook RA18 tires and reinstallation of toilet with new gasket to the black tank. I know that there is something else that I am supposed to do but it slips my mind. A few pics. You know the old saying...It didn't happen without pictures...
  6. donttreadonme

    RV toilet crappy design

    I think that is what we will do. I will continue to investigate a potty that makes sense to me. Don't have time to mess around a lot with this as we are going to Ocean Lakes for 10 days in 6 weeks. I have "long way to go and a short time to get there".
  7. donttreadonme

    RV toilet crappy design

    My valve is a ball valve. It just does not make sense to me. How can you ever keep it clean? There will always be a residue in the body of the toilet. The "residue" should be in the black tank.
  8. donttreadonme

    RV toilet crappy design

    I have a potty question for all you potty experts. 😉Little background...I pulled the Thetford Model AM IV HI toilet out of our rig today to replace the original (yuck) carpeting in the bathroom. I was really surprised when I flipped the throne over and realized that their was a big cavity inside the toilet. I had always thought that there was a tube from the toilet valve that led directly into the black tank. How can this design fly? There are nooks and crannies and places for all kinds of nasty things to hang around in! Yuck.My question is this....Is there any RV toilet that is configured to NOT have a cavity between the toilet flush valve and black tank but to, instead, have a tube that connects the valve and black tank?
  9. I tried the code and it would not recognize it. I also talked with the guy at ShockWarehouse and he said the since the shocks have a rebate then he couldn't give a code. In another life I would have engaged him in a bad manner but I am trying to "speak a little sweeter and forgive a little more" so he did not feel my wrath. There is more than one way to skin a cat...Stay tuned.
  10. KYB has a $40 rebate for Gas-Adjust shocks. Makes it a sweet deal. I plan to order a set of KYB Gas-Adjust tomorrow for the Warrior. Best price is shockwarehouse.com (thanks linda s) They have a thing on their site that says they might extend an additional discount if you belong to a truck or RV forum. I contacted them to see if they would and how much? Will let the group know if they, in fact, do extend an additional discount. $142.68 minus $40 rebate makes it $102.68 without any additional discount. (Might even find a discount code on Retailemenot.com...Will have to see..) http://www.shockwarehouse.com/news/pdf/KYB-Feeling-is-Believing-Fall-2017.pdf
  11. The story continues...Waiting on the next installment.
  12. This looks like a great start. I have a 1992 Winnie Warrior and plan to do this project in the coming year. I had also seen the other tutorials on fixing the sag problem and I was also concerned about using aluminum structural supports as were done in the other tutorials. I know that aluminum is lightweight but it deflects terribly. It is great that you are isolating the two dissimilar metals. If you do not (I know from experience) the less noble metal will rust at an accelerated rate due to galvanic reaction. I would use stainless steel fasteners for attachment. The last thing you need is for the fasteners to fail. The key is to paint any and all parts of the black steel so that oxidation cannot get a foothold. This is the start to a great tutorial. I look forward to the rest of the project! Thanks!
  13. Linda S, Those are fantastic prices on shocks! I checked a couple of my "go to" places and I could not beat that price! Probably do the front first then the rear.
  14. Thanks to all who commented. I assume that the shocks should be a heavier duty shock than what a person would use on a regular Toyota pick up?