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  1. Well if i can keep my foot out of it, I have gotten 18 but perhaps i could do better if it wasnt loaded down. Id love to see a post if you do the swap!
  2. Thanks Nam, It was a fun project. it is still not totally done, there are a couple small things to figure out but it is very usable. 3 drives to Texas proves it works! my life has changed a bit for a while. I took a job in Calgary Canada, and i left all my stuff in Texas. I do plan on building a shop in Texas so everything is set up when i want to take a little break from work and go tinker on things. for the next few years, I am without a shop or even tools! unless i make a friend here in Calgary i won't be wrenching. I would recommend that everyone does a project like this one time. To really understand what goes into it, you have to do it yourself!
  3. Hey Dave we were referring to the hitch you added and wondering what happened to you?

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    2. jjrbus


      Thanks for the response, never cared much for work, so finally gave it up:D

    3. mtdave2


       I'd sure like to. Chasing good railroad jobs has lost its luster. I'm ready to retire and just wrench on things.

    4. jjrbus


      I got lucky and only worked for 2 companys over the years, the Erie Lackawana and then the Delaware and Hudson.  When the Erie went into Conrail I was able to bid on a D&H job and stayed there till I got put out to pasture.


  4. Moving to shreveport la

    If anyone lives in the area, we are planning on doing some camping...and naturally taking on stup I'd projects on the rv. I need some rv friends close!
  5. yeah, there are a few low hour used hondas on craigs list. Just have not made up my mind. I spent time and money on the box for the dual hondas....could sell it i guess.. not sure!
  6. having the same issue as you with the heat. the elevation is killing me as well! used it a few times with both gens running and the back door open, worked great. no time to fiddle with it...perhaps soon. I am half thinking of just getting a 3k unit and making a cage for it and call it good.
  7. Well that is a good warning. I had some threaded bar, so why not add a backup? should hold it in place with a nut and washer. one more step to remove but not that big of a deal. Ill remember to shoot some wd40 or somethig in the cable housing when I rotate the tires.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Z7NXMWS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 in case you are wondering what cable carrier i used. I did have to extend the size of the piece that fits in the hole, was a bit too small for my liking.
  9. Finally got around to doing some work on the rv. built the bracket for the spare, all I have to do is weld it in between the frames. not too bad for an hours work, but not holding my breath until it is installed and working.
  10. my newer gen ran the ac on high for over an hour. the old one about 20 mins then tripped. not sure why yet. I need a switch that I can use both forms of ac power, i am sure they make automatic ones for boats and rvs. Once that is in place I think I will have a good set up. I will still carry both gens for now. perhaps in the future a honda 3000 would be the way to go.
  11. think I may have figured out the issue. I had forgotten that I have not connected the rv power cable that I have run back to the box to the inverter. So the cable is plugged into the standard cable. so I have a double length of cable. That should have some amp drop. hope that is the issue... I rewired it so my much shorter cable that runs to the box is wired into the breakers. Seems to work fine now, though I think I have an issue with my older generator. newer one ran everything fine, older one had a few hiccups. I will look into that later. The temp outside is in the 90s now. I will go do a test see what happens.
  12. 3.5% for each 1,000 feet Figuring a ball park actual amps of these gens at 13 amps? I have 2 so 26 amps. the loss of efficiency 3.5% for each 1000 ft of elevation above 500, so I'm at 5600 so round down and subtract the 500 ft, and call it 5000. 3.5 x 5 + 17.5% reduction. call it 20% for the hell of it. so subtract 5.2 amps still give me 19.8 amps.... why can it not run a 9.5 amp draw?
  13. Well, as is normal with my luck, odd things going on. I fired up one gen and started up the ac. It was showin 103 out on the side of the camper in direct sun, 97 inside. all was great, about 20 minutes later I heard the gen bog and went to check. The ac was just barely blowing air, i switched to fan and everything worked great, back to ac and it bogged and very little air. So I figured with my 5600 feet of elevation and a hot day it was too much for one gen. I fired up the second one. same dam thing happened! I was surprised by this.It even blew my main breaker a couple of times. I decided to run it off my extension cord so i could put the amp meter on the white wire. nothing on in the coach it ran about 0.36 amps. if I am doing it right, the start up on the ac is about 9.4 amps, then it settles down at 2.2 amps or so. It blew the breaker in the coach, and on my surge protector in the garage, so I had to turn everything off, reset the breakers, start with the fan and work to the ac. it seems to run with no issues plugged into the wall. really disappointed here.