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  1. Hey Dave we were referring to the hitch you added and wondering what happened to you?

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    2. jjrbus


      Thanks for the response, never cared much for work, so finally gave it up:D

    3. mtdave2


       I'd sure like to. Chasing good railroad jobs has lost its luster. I'm ready to retire and just wrench on things.

    4. jjrbus


      I got lucky and only worked for 2 companys over the years, the Erie Lackawana and then the Delaware and Hudson.  When the Erie went into Conrail I was able to bid on a D&H job and stayed there till I got put out to pasture.


  2. mtdave2

    Moving to shreveport la

    If anyone lives in the area, we are planning on doing some camping...and naturally taking on stup I'd projects on the rv. I need some rv friends close!
  3. Hi Dave nice welding on the frame rail and hitch. I see you use a mig welder. Have you got gas hooked to the welder for gas shield welding? I have a small Linkin welder #120 for mig welding without the gas. Wish my welds looked as good. I am in the process of replacing my frame extention on my 18' Sunrader.

    1. mtdave2


      Thanks, yeah I have mixed gas hooked up. 

  4. mtdave2

    Dolphin in the snow.. thing is a tank

    lol! yeah I guess it is really not fair. This dolphin has a lexus v8 in it.
  5. mtdave2

    Dolphin in the snow.. thing is a tank

    I am with you, it is the weight mostly, and good tires. Don't worry about salt, non here in golden. that is really a thing from your area. even Montana doesn't use salt!
  6. mtdave2

    Dolphin in the snow.. thing is a tank

    nothing to be scared of really, it is back streets at low speeds. not that i am the worlds best driver but when you grow up driving in the snow you do get good at it. I took my drivers test at 15, driving an old rwd station wagon, in a blizzard! it is really not hard, just a few things you must learn that is all.
  7. We got some snow in Denver, after i dug out i decided to fire up the dolphin and see if would back out to the street in the snow. Thing is a beast! I drove around a bit and tried to get stuck. I finally succeeded but it took burying it almost up to the hood lol. too much fun.
  8. mtdave2

    Shocks For My Sunrader 85

    i vote bilstean too. Put them on my rig, VERY happy so far. Easy install too.
  9. mtdave2

    Generator For My 1989 Itasca Spirit

    ill be darn, May have to get me 2 of those! hum though by they time i buy 2, i could find a good used onan..
  10. mtdave2

    Generator For My 1989 Itasca Spirit

    I am also thinking about this issue. I now have no cab a/c because of motor swap, and I like ac. I have a roof ac that would work great at cooling the whole rig, but I need to power it. I own 2 honda eu2000i units but again where to you mount them, and you have to pull start them. I could build a box that would hold both, rig up a fuel system and mount to to the rear. I would much rather have a on board rig that fit in one of the side compartments with a push button start. I plan on using the ac alot!.
  11. mtdave2

    OUCH! My Head...

    this one is an oldie but man it is still true. I have to warn everyone. there has got to be a way to make some visual cue. almost want to paint the bottom side of the cabover the yellow and black stripes with warning wrote on it. lol man, gota be something. old lady about knocks herself out every time we go some place.
  12. mtdave2

    1990 V6 Sunrader Shorty On Ebay

    talk about a great rig for a lexus v8!!
  13. mtdave2

    Dolphin Cover for Winter

    I know this is old, but I have the exact same question.
  14. ready to start the first dry fit of the motor.
  15. they are not bolt in, but they are close! Im thinking ill have to make little brackets to get it to fit. I will keep posting updates.. the v6 is out of the rv, so cant weight it.