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  1. Good to know. Thanks for the knowledge Maineah!
  2. Rookie question, if I may. If you are driving down the road and the pilot blows out on your fridge, can there be an excess of propane leaking into the coach that can cause problems? I cannot find a shut off valve to the fridge so I wondered about that. Thanks.
  3. Hello everybody. We recently purchased our '92 Warrior so I am doing something almost daily. For the past several days I have been trying to locate the lp leak(s). Replaced the valve and tightened down the regulator inlet so that fixed 2. The leak gauge still shows something somewhere though. Anyways. Today I replaced the chassis battery terminals and made a tray so the battery will actually meet the hold down and stay in place. Not sure I will get to do anything tomorrow as I need to replace the brakes on my '89 4Runner. Happy RVing!
  4. Thanks Nam. I appreciate it. We enjoyed our trip this weekend. Just have a couple bugs to fix then we will be set! I haven't had any problems with the windows. Just the rearmost window that I cannot see traffic behind me out of. I look forward to learning from this group and contributing where I can!
  5. Hi, my name is Nick. I just signed up with the forum as I finally became the proud owner of a 1992 Warrior. My family and I were on vacation a couple weeks ago and on the way back we bought the Winnie. I paid $8K and it is in great shape with 30K miles on it after our 900mi trip home in it. I am still trying to figure everything out on it, but we are going on our true maiden voyage tomorrow. I've seen similar here in CO with 60K+mi going for $10K to $14K. I haven't seen a Gulfstream for sale though, but everything seems to be basically the same. (If that statement is blasphemy in the Toyota RV world, I apologize. I am a long time Toyota supporter, but new to the RVs.) :oD Good luck Fred. Sorry I wasn't able to offer anything of value.
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