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    I certainly have quite a few interests... Guitar,music/festivals,traveling,eating fantastic food w/ good company, learning anything new about anything. That's the short list.

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    1976 Toyota Chinook- I'll get some pics up soon, currently she is in the shop getting some preliminary inspections/work done. I bought this for $2,000. The guy was asking $2,900 but it definitely needs some work. From what I can tell I have my work cut out for me, I plan to document my restore. I am not a mechanic but certainly a problem solver and somewhat mechanically inclined. Should be fun!
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  1. Howdy folks! New member here just dropping in to say hi and post a few pics of what will be keeping me busy+broke for the next several months I suspect. After stumbling across a CL ad here in Indy I immeadiately became enarmoured with these Chinooks! I really had my heart set on a Chinook Newport or Omega model but had no luck finding one close. This was available locally just 10 mins from my house and I got him down to $2,000 from $2,900 which to me seems like a steal! I know it's going to need a lot of work and this will be my first time doing anything like this so I am hoping to document this not only to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge all of you offer but also to help others who are in a position like me later down the road. For now she is at the shop getting some preliminary inspection work done, I'll upload fresh pics once she is home in my driveway and a plan of attack for getting her tip-top. Can't wait to get to work on her! Any suggestions on a name? I always name my vehicles(93 gmc sonoma= Old Betsy) (06' 1200 custom hd sporster=Stella). Can't wait to get to work on this baby! Sorry the pics are small but I'm too lazy to re-size them right now, next ones will be better, show off under the hood etc..
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